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17 Oct at 9 AM

Expat Interview With Alyson Sheldrake - British Expat In Portugal

Alyson & Dave Sheldrake - from the West Country - have given up the frenzied lifestyle of full-time work in the UK to enjoy a more relaxed and creative lifestyle on the sunny Algarve. You can read about their adventures and the Algarve on their blog www.algarveblog.net. (see listing here) Their blog is full of life, colour and wonderful...
16 Oct at 9 AM

Expat Interview With Kate Bailward - British Expat In Sicily

Kate Bailward is a cat-loving, trifle-hating Englishwoman living in Sicily. In 2009 she came to Italy for a nine-month teaching contract. Now at the beginning of her fourth year here, she has given up teaching but has no plans to give up Italy any time soon. Kate's excellent expat blog is called Driving Like A Maniac; if you've ever driven in...
15 Oct at 9 AM

Expat Interview With Lisa Sadleir - British Expat In Spain

Lisa Sadleir, aka "Mum" from Family in Spain, is a very happy workaholic mum who lives in southern Spain with her husband and two beautiful children. She blogs about her Family Life In Spain. With over 20 years experience of living and working in Spain, she share experiences and essential updates, advice & assistance related to living in and...
13 Oct at 5 PM

Expat Interview With Anna Nicholas - British Expat in Mallorca

Anna Nicholas is a British author and journalist living in Mallorca in the Spanish Balearic islands. She has been living there for more than a decade with her Scottish husband Alan and son, Ollie, 15. She has written five books about rural life on the island and writes a regular blog about her experiences for Telegraph Expat. Anna has...
12 Oct at 9 AM

Expat Interview With Dianne Russell - Canadian Expat In South Africa

Dianne Russell is a Canadian who has lived and worked on three continents and finally found her home at the bottom of Africa. Her work with immigrants and visitors to Canada has spanned a period of almost 15 years, including ESL teacher and exam assessor, Canadian immigration officer and customs officer, immigrant services program...
11 Oct at 11 AM

Expat Interview With Sine Thieme - American Expat In South Africa

Sine Thieme, also known as Joburg Expat among her fellow expats and bloggers in Johannesburg, moved from Kansas to South Africa in 2010 (just in time for the Soccer World Cup) together with her husband and four children, where she's learned to look forward to "This is Africa" moments every day because they give her such great writing...
10 Oct at 9 AM

Expat Interview With Wendy Hollands - Australian Expat In France

Wendy Hollands said she'd be back in Australia in a year's time. Twelve years later, she's still telling family and friends she'll be back one day, but there are too many places she has yet to explore in the French Alps. After two years of the excesses of living in London followed by a winter in Méribel, she lived in Cambridge during...
9 Oct at 9 AM

Expat Interview With Susannah - British Expat In Mexico

Susannah was born and raised in London, England. Before she had even set foot on Mexican soil, she was deeply in love with the country. Learning about the Aztecs at age 10, she decided that she needed to visit their homeland and it felt like her home as soon as she arrived. Susannah lives in Oaxaca in Southern Mexico and travels back and...
8 Oct at 9 AM

Expat Interview With Vicki - NZ Expat In England

Vegemitevix aka Vicki Jeffels is a perennial expat, having lived in the Fijian Islands, Australia, home country New Zealand and currently the United Kingdom. Whilst thousands of Brits head Down Under each year, Vicki Jeffels swam against the stream and moved from New Zealand to the United Kingdom with her three teenage children, and various...
5 Oct at 9 AM

Expat Interview With Simona Carini - Italian Expat In California

Simona Carini moved from Northern Italy to Northern California in 1994 to live with her (now) husband. After working for four years in a biotech company, she went back to school to get a graduate degree. She has enjoyed all the experiences in her new country: working, going to school, making friends, exploring the natural beauties of...
4 Oct at 9 AM

Expat Interview With Sara Rosso - Californian Expat in Italy

Sara Rosso moved to Italy from Silicon Valley (California) in July 2003. She started her Italian adventures in Rome, relocated to Pavia, and now lives in Milan. Sara is one busy lady! Whilst having a full time job, she is also a freelance writer and photographer and yet still finds time to run her hugely successful expat blog Ms. Adventures...
3 Oct at 9 AM

Expat Interview With Maria Tumolo - Expat In England

Maria Tumolo came to England in 2001 for a working-holiday. On arriving in England, she lodged with the mum of an English friend she'd made while working as a Library Technician in a contemporary arts gallery, in Trinidad. Maria travelled a bit and her favourite city back then was Copenhagen (until she visited Venice for my 3td anniversary)....
1 Oct at 2 PM

Expat Interview With English Dad - British Expat In Russia

English dad in Moscow has travelled widely and worked some diverse jobs. Working in a gherkin pickle factory in Israel, as a body guard to the queen of Norway, as a sheep farmer and shepherd in Australia and as a pest controller in America! Not to mention travelling to Tahiti, Singapore, New Zealand, and Thailand. Originally from the UK, he...
30 Sep at 8 PM

Expat Interview With Carole - British Expat In Germany

Carole Hallett Mobbs moved from Britain to Tokyo, Japan in 2006 when their daughter was five years old and now currently lives in Berlin, Germany. Carole is well travelled, with most of her travels completed before having her daughter and done solo. They survived with assistance from more experienced expats and Carole now runs a great expat...
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