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  • Tobin Expat Adventures
    An American expat working remotely from Canada
  • OSU Graduate
    I am a recent graduate of The Ohio State University. I am a new resident of Toronto, Ontario and about to start my professional life in a new city. You will be able see me look for a job, get accustomed to a new city and a new life.
  • The Dominee Huisvrouw
    An American girl married to a Canadian guy. We have lived in Canada, England, The US, & are now back in Canada... for the time being.
  • How's it going, eh?
    I will take you on a journey of my adventures, mishaps + good fortunes, as I struggle through immigration + being newly wed to a crazy, Canadian muppet. Please join me in my experiences on becoming an official Canuck!
  • The Loud Americans
    T.T.J.K.B. We were a family of 5 living in India as expats. We re-patriated back to MN. Then, we moved to Toronto Canada. This is our story and our way of keeping in touch.

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Latest News Relating to Canada or Usa

  • Expatriate record set by Americans abroad
    According to data released by the IRS last Thursday, the first quarter of 2015 saw the largest amount of expat Americans giving up their U.S citizenship compared to any previous quarter since records...
  • Benidorm wants Unesco status
    Spain’s most popular holiday destination Benidorm is vying to be granted Unesco world heritage status. After you’ve checked the date and realised it’s not 1 April and it is actually...
  • Dual citizenship to be granted to Sri Lankan expatriates
    A minister from the government said that, from Monday 23rd March, expatriate Sri Lankans would be able gain dual citizenship due to a new administrative procedure. Those able to take advantage of the...
  • Spending Power Decreases for Expat Pensioners
    According to a recent survey, two thirds of pensioners are now less financially well off compared to ten years ago. Equiniti, a pension payments firm, have looked into how pensions being paid in...
  • Expats see rise in pension income but it remains lower than a decade ago
    Retired Brits overseas are currently feeling the benefits from the pound’s strengthening, but two-thirds are not as well off as they were 10 years ago. Pension payment firm Equiniti, which deals...
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