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  • Attached Moms
    American mom of two, trying out life in the far suburb of Thane - not exactly Mumbai, but not rural either. Can she keep her sanity?
  • Learning India
    I moved to Chennai in January 2010 with my wife and four suitcases. I prepared by reading a lot of good books and meeting a lot of knowledgeable people. However, nothing could have prepared me for what I experienced trying to start my own
  • Ryan McFarland's blog
    Musings on life, travel, beards, bacon, beer, and living overseas.
  • Hippie In Heels
    American Living in India permanently, although still traveling in and around Asia. Learning fun things like: how to drive in indian traffic!
  • A rush of blood to the head
    A journey from California to India in search of home

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Latest News Relating to India or Usa

  • US expats in Mexico fear anti-American sentiment
    The Trump campaign’s concentration on offensive anti-Mexican rhetoric is causing long-stay US expats in the country to reconsider their futures. Around a million US citizens live south of their...
  • UAE sends message of peace after year of world turmoil
    Christians in Abu Dhabi flocked to St Joseph’s Cathedral’s midnight mass to send a message of hope and peace to the troubled world. Tolerance, peace and hope was the Christmas Eve message from...
  • Four expat destinations best avoided
    Would-be expats face a huge choice of places to hang their hats but, in some, all is not as it seems. Getting away from the familiar and embracing the new is a challenge familiar to hundreds of...
  • Kuwaiti parliament mulls bill to reduce expat numbers by 2021
    If adopted, a draft law submitted by five members of the Kuwaiti parliament would reduce the number of expat workers in the emirate by 800,000. According to the Kuwait Times, the bill calls for a...
  • Do expats really need offshore accounts
    Even if you’ve banked with the same high-street name for decades, your banking rights as an expat might change, making you wish you’d opened an offshore account. If you’re moving to a...
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