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  • Bright lights of America
    I have a bad habit of applying for awesome-sounding jobs in far flung corners of the world then moving there. This blog is all about my latest adventure - living in San Francisco.
  • The Unwavering Part of Me
    A blog about moving from Australia to America, learning lessons and missing home
  • It Started In LA
    A Blog about me & all things LA. These are the sights and sounds of my life here in LA, West Hollywood, Hollywood & Beverly Hills a seen by ... me xxx
  • The Expat Loop
    So to date I haven't really spoken about myself as such, but rather my expat journey. Today I would like to get personal! You know those times when your phone rings or a text comes through and it is normally - do you wan
  • The Rebecca Project
    I left a comfortable life in Sydney, Australia, in search of adventure. This is the chronicle of my San Francisco life in progess (and my current sabbatical in South East Asia), and what comes next.

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  • Are expat clubs out of fashion
    Once upon a time, if you became an expat in any one of dozens of far-flung destinations, it was almost obligatory to join at least one local expat club. Over the years, expat clubs have been seen...
  • New QROPS rulings unlikely to deter many pension savers
    Many expats and would-be expats are now worried that QROPS as an efficient, tax-friendly investment option may soon be dead in the water due to recent changes. QROPs experts are rushing to...
  • A nostalgic reminder of home for Brit expats in California
    Britons yearning for a nostalgic reminder of past glories should head for Long Beach, California for a tour around an iconic creation from a British shipyard. Living and working in the USA is...
  • Discovering Cambodia as an expat retirement hub
    Cambodia is becoming increasingly popular with would-be expats from Western countries who’ve turned their backs on the chaos, confusion and political problems back home. Starting a new life in...
  • Brexit threat to retired Briton and his Russian wife
    As the Brexit negotiations to date have shed no light on the fates of British retirees living in Europe, stories of individuals and couples caught up in the mind-numbing uncertainly are increasingly...
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