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Latest Blogs by Canadian Expats Living in China

  • Travelling Mac Nichols
    Selling off most of our possessions we relocated our little family of four the the coast of the Arctic Ocean. From there the adventure began. Now our family adventure takes us to China!
  • glass of scotch
    That Adventure began in Tuktoyaktuk. Tuk, for short, is located in the Northwest Territories of Canada, on the shores of the Arctic Ocean. Since then, we find ourselves in Zhaoyuan China.
  • I Thought You Were Chinese
    I'm a Canadian expat in China who enjoys writing about culture, relationships, personal development, and of course all things Chinese!
  • Tales From Hebei
    Funny stories from my life as an expat in Hebei, China
  • Totally Impractical - Living in Shanghai
    A totally impractical guide to living and traveling in China (and bits of the rest of the world) from someone who has been doing it far too long for convincing sanity.

Latest Expat Interviews/ Articles

  • Canadian Expat Living in China - Interview with Clint
    Over 2 years ago, Clint and his family were living in Atlantic Canada. Life was was beginning to feel unfulfilled. After selling his last business, unable to find another interesting business and...
  • German Expat In China - Interview With Sonja
    Sonja is a German marketing manager who works in the sporting goods industry. Consequently she loves diving, biking, surfing, and playing golf. Sonja relocated to Shanghai in June 2011 and ever...

Latest News Relating to China or Canada

  • Expat life in China gets tougher
    Life in China is now getting tougher for expats, with new visa rules, the rising cost of living and creeping prejudice against foreign workers. For the last decade or so, China has been seen as...
  • Taiwan becoming an Asian oasis for expats
    Several recent global expat surveys have noted Taiwan is being rated highly for its provision of the good life in tranquil, verdant surroundings. The island of Taiwan is a relative newcomer to...
  • Vietnam trebles its popularity with expats in just one year
    According to a recent survey, Vietnam’s popularity as an expat-friendly destination has soared over the past year. In 2015, InterNation’s 64-country survey rated Vietnam in 35th place in its...
  • Is property purchase a good idea for expats in China
    Although apartments in China’s main cities are becoming more expensive, some expats are taking a chance on capital gains by purchasing now. The Chinese government has recently eased laws...
  • India wins out over the USA and China in expat survey
    According to a recent survey, expats living and working in India are happier than their counterparts in the USA and China. The respected HSBC survey awarded the sub-continent 26 points against 30...
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