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  • Maple Danish
    A Canadian Nut in the Land of Eclairs. One Canadian author's radical sabbatical.Writing, parenthood, theatre, role-playing, spirituality, polyamory, coffee, beer, comics, books, and the endless maddening miracle of change.
  • Les Petits a Paris
    An expat blog about life in Paris, travels around the globe and beautiful photographs to inspire you.
  • Curious Provence
    Food, markets, local festivals and finds in Provence, Southern France from the perspective of an anglo abroad.
    MAPLE + MACARON is a lifestyle blog about Jules, a Canadian girl living in Cannes, France with her French husband and the adventure of her learning the language, indulging in French food and experiencing the beauty of the South of France.
  • Canadian Expat Mom
    Trying to assimilate into a foreign country is no easy task! Over the past four years of our adventure, some bizarre things have gone on in our lives. Join me for a laugh as I share the craziness that is my life as an Expat Mom.

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Latest News Relating to France or Canada

  • Expat retirees in France can expect a longer life
    A recent study has confirmed the French are living longer than those in most other countries, making it the perfect destination for expat retirees. According to a French study of life expectancy...
  • LibDem leader Farron calls for MPs for Brit expats in Europe
    The leader of the Liberal Democrat political party is urging increased parliamentary representation for the 1.2 million British expatriates living in EU member states. LibDem leader Tim Farron is...
  • EU demands lifetime protection for all expats rights
    The EU is demanding a lifetime guarantee of rights for all expats affected by Brexit. The demand was made as part of the EU’s negotiation directives, and is focused on the rights and status of...
  • Taking your dog with you when relocating
    Relocating expats whose dogs are a precious part of their lives need not be nervous about the process, as many world countries will make both of them welcome. Expats with much-loved dogs could be...
  • Buying your expat dream home in Canada
    Canada is a popular choice for expats from across the world, with many deciding to buy a home rather than rent. For new expat arrivals in Canada, buying a home is a long-term, cost effective...
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