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If you are looking to connect with Danish expats in USA, then this page brings together all the latest expat blogs USA written by Danish bloggers, any interviews, articles and news items we have here at ExpatsBlog.com.

Latest Blogs by Danish Expats Living in USA

  • Mama In The Now - Empowering moms.
    Hejsa! I am a Danish American mama to four boys! I report live from the trenches of motherhood, surrounded by life, love, laughter and lots of Legos!

Latest Expat Interviews/ Articles

  • French Expat Living in USA - Interview with Stéphanie
    Stefe,she's French and she lives in Chicago USA. She's a little crazy because she moved there with her husband and her cat while she was 7 months pregnant. The start was a little chaotic, finding a...
  • Interview With Ania - American Diplomat's Wife
    Ania Krasniewska went to school to study diplomacy but took up a career in business consulting, and married a business consultant who took up diplomacy. She is mother to one diplo-tot, and writes...

Latest News Relating to USA or Denmark

  • Brit expats in the USA facing ethical choices
    Is now the time for UK expats living and working in the USA to depart in disgust? British expatriate professionals living and working in the USA are facing a dilemma – staying in their jobs and...
  • UAE minister denies expat teachers are stealing Emirati jobs
    Expatriate teachers in the UAE are being accused of stealing qualified Emirati teachers’ jobs. According to the UAE’s Ministry of Education undersecretary, accusations that expatriate...
  • How to survive as an expat in China
    Undoubtedly, China is becoming more Westernised year by year, but even for expats in it for the long-haul, there’s much about their lifestyle that’s simply bizarre. Even simple tasks such as...
  • Bringing your dog to France from the USA
    France’s appeal is now even more international, as an increasing number of US citizens are giving up on the home country and moving to France along with their pets. Emigrating across continents...
  • First two Western expat women get Saudi driving licenses
    Finally, Western women as well as their Saudi equivalents can now get their driving licenses. June 24 is a day Saudi women and their Western female friends thought they’d never, ever see –...
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