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  • At Down Under
    My name is Viviane, a.k.a Vanille. I'm French and live in Wellington, New Zealand since 2008, with my Hungarian husband, known as Paprika.

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There are currently no expat interviews with French Expats living in this destination. Please get in touch if you would like to become a Featured Expat or contribute to our Local Expert Series...

Latest News Relating to New Zealand or France

  • Postal voting scandal ignites worldwide expat fury
    Following a report in the Independent newspaper last Thursday, an increasing number of British expats involved in the postal votes scandal are calling for a second referendum. Expats living in EU...
  • Oz and Kiwi expats kidnapped in Nigeria
    A group of Australian and New Zealander expats working in Nigeria have been kidnapped at gunpoint by militants whilst being driven to work at a mine in Cross River State near Calabar City. One...
  • Could votes by UK expats in Oz swing the referendum
    Tomorrow’s the day the long-term future of the UK is decided, with the million or more UK expats living in Australia possibly able to swing the vote to Remain. British passport holders living in...
  • Expat favourites in this global migration century
    With global migration now at an all-time high and involving huge numbers of international professionals as well as retirees, where do they come from and where do they go? Professional expats have...
  • Ireland launches campaign encouraging expats to return
    Due to the devastating effects of the 2008 financial crash in Ireland, many highly qualified IT specialists left for overseas jobs, and are now being enticed back as the country’s economy...
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