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  • The 5 Minute Guide On How To Emigrate To Canada
    Visas There are a number of avenues for emigrants to obtain a permanent resident visa in Canada. The country is one of the most welcoming in the world, eager to accept foreigners with certain skills...

Latest News Relating to Canada or Scotland

  • Expat life in China gets tougher
    Life in China is now getting tougher for expats, with new visa rules, the rising cost of living and creeping prejudice against foreign workers. For the last decade or so, China has been seen as...
  • Long stay expats in France see many changes
    UK expats who’ve lived in France for many years have seen both positive and negative changes in their lifestyles. One of France’s major attractions for expats is that changes take far longer...
  • Expats in Romania praise the country’s development
    Massive changes in Romania during the last 15 years are much appreciated by the country’s expat community. According to long-stay expats in Romania, far-reaching developments have taken place...
  • US expats hit by Merrill Lynch brokerage account closures
    Following on tales of woe by USA expats on the subject of account closures by their home country banks, expat brokerage accounts at Merrill Lynch are now closed with very little notice. The famous...
  • Inexpensive European cities give expat quality of life
    Everything in life, including food and shelter, needs to be paid for, but expats on a budget can still get quality of life in a number of European cities. Every expat knows the ‘best things in...
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