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27 Jan at 6 PM

Expat celebrate Australia Day by becoming citizens

Almost 16,000 immigrants in Australia became citizens of the country on Australia Day, which was celebrated across the nation on 26 January. As ceremonies took place all across the nation, Prime Minister Tony Abbott spoke to one group of new nationals in the capital Canberra, telling them that by moving to the country they had voted with...
27 Jan at 3 PM

Former Sky worker turned fighting for her life in Caribbean

Ex-Sky TV worker Kate Clayton is fighting for her life after being involved in a car crash on the island of Grand Cayman in the Caribbean. Thirty-year-old Clayton, who moved to the Caymans in December 2013 to become a diving instructor, has been left in a coma after suffering severe injuries when she lost control of her 4x4 Jeep Wrangler...
26 Jan at 6 PM

Expat bachelors in Manama face segregation

Single foreign workers in the Bahraini capital Manama will be forced to reside in set areas because of the number of complaints received about them harassing local women and families among other things. The Capital Trustees Board came up with the proposal after expat labourers have increasingly been accused of harassment, trespassing and...
26 Jan at 2 PM

Copenhagen and Bern lead the way in expat liveability index

Copenhagen and Bern are the easiest places for Europeans to relocate to, according to a new index by ECA International. The organisation, which advises firms on posting workers on foreign assignments, evaluated more than 450 locations across the world. Among the things it evaluated were: the lifestyle on offer in a city; the availability...
23 Jan at 12 PM

Greek expats angered at voting exclusion

Greeks abroad have admitted their frustration at not being allowed to vote as the southern European nation gears up for its general elections. Electoral regulations state that expats can only cast their ballots if they return home to do so, which for many is not possible. In the Belgian capital, Brussels, there are an estimated 20,000...
23 Jan at 9 AM

Singapore tops the list of best place for expats

Singapore has once again claimed top spot in the world’s most liveable city for expats in the latest list published by ECA International. ECA International’s regional director for Asia, Lee Quane, explained that among the factors that led to Singapore taking top spot were solid infrastructure, good quality air, low crime, decent...
22 Jan at 4 PM

Canadian expat missing ‘under strange circumstances’ in Costa Rica

Police in Costa Rica are investigating the disappearance of a missing Canadian native, announced the Canadian embassy and Central American country’s Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ). Police discovered an abandoned vehicle with its roadside doors left open along Route 32 on Tuesday evening. Upon further investigation, they found that...
22 Jan at 2 PM

Expats demanding winter fuel allowance show proof of wintry conditions

Thousands of UK expats across the Europe are campaigning to ensure their winter fuel payments are not scrapped, and many have now taken to sending photos to show just how cold conditions are in the countries they live in during the winter months. Under a new government proposal, expats living in Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, France, Malta,...
22 Jan at 12 PM

Expat Sri Lankans win the right to vote

Sri Lankans living overseas will now be permitted to vote in their country’s polls in further changes made under President Maithripala’s Sirisena’s new regime. The last Sri Lankan elections were held on 8 January, but expatriates, of whom there are an estimated 1.7 million, were not allowed to cast their ballots. However, under...
22 Jan at 10 AM

New Zealand expat dies on British mountain

A New Zealand expat in the UK has been found dead on a mountain after being missing for several days. Michael Flanagan, originally from Napier in New Zealand, told hotel staff in Windermere, around 130kms north of Manchester, he was going for a walk two weeks ago and never returned. Cumbria Police confirmed they had found Mr...
20 Jan at 4 PM

Voting referendum ‘unlikely’ this year for Irish expats

A referendum on whether to allow Irish expatriates the right to vote in general elections is unlikely to take place this year, according to Minister of State for the Diaspora Jimmy Deenihan. The Cabinet was scheduled discuss holding a referendum on the matter before Christmas, but it has yet to do so, confirmed Deehinan. The minister said...
20 Jan at 3 PM

Suvarnabhumi Airport bans overcharging taxi driver after Japanese expat rant

Bangkok’s main international airport has banned a taxi driver from picking up passengers and revoked his registration with the facility after he admitted flat-charging a Japanese expatriate. The cabbie, Chaiyan Charoensopha, was told he would no longer be allowed to operate at Suvarnabhumi Airport after he refused to turn on his meter...
19 Jan at 4 PM

Iran footballers warned about posing for selfies with expatriate women in Australia

Iranian footballers have been warned about posing for selfies with female fans at the Asian Cup finals in Australia. Australia is home to around 70,000 expats from Iran, and the buzz about the three-time Asian champions playing in the country has drawn many fans, male and female, to the stadiums to cheer them on. However, in Iran,...
19 Jan at 4 PM

Saudi urges authorities to allow his regnant Indonesian wife to stay

A Saudi Arabian man has pleaded with authorities to grant his pregnant Indonesian wife a residency permit rather than deport her. Amro Muhammad Kurdi wed his wife eight years ago and the couple have one daughter. The woman, who is now seven months pregnant with their second child, has never had a residency permit for the Gulf...
16 Jan at 12 PM

Indonesia: Bahasa test to be introduced for expat workers

The Indonesian government has proposed that expatriates in the country should have to master the Bahasa language before being granted work permits. At the beginning of the year, Manpower Minister Hanif Dhakiri announced that the Test of Indonesia as a Foreign Language exam was being drawn up and that expat workers would soon be required to...
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