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24 Oct at 6 PM

How to avoid the fees and frustrations of conventional currency exchange

One of the most trying aspects of living overseas is currency transfer between your home country or offshore bank account and your account in your host country. Whether you’re retiring overseas, working for a company which pays salaries from the UK, freelancing, or just touring around the places you’ve always wanted to see before you...
24 Oct at 6 PM

Foreign Office urges research before choosing an overseas retirement destination

The UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is urging retirees heading for life overseas to look carefully and plan ahead before they leap. Millions of UK nationals are now aiming to relocate or retire abroad, with the tempting prospect of warmer weather and a better lifestyle the main reason for the decision. However, it seems that...
23 Oct at 6 PM

Expats in New Zealand falling foul of cold calling and overseas investment scams

Following on from reports of vastly increased numbers of financial scams in Europe, the Gulf States and Asia, today’s warning to citizens and expats by the Kiwi Financial Markets Authority (FMA) comes as no big surprise. Expats across the world are now being ripped off via an unprecedented number of financial fraudsters lurking in expat...
23 Oct at 6 PM

UAE recognition of overseas medical degrees results in more health professionals

The UAE’s new unified professional qualification requirement scheme came into force earlier this month, and has resulted in a larger pool of qualified medical professionals in Emirati hospitals. The new requirements now recognise international medical degrees from a number of countries worldwide, and are attracting experienced expat...
22 Oct at 6 PM

Survey results shock reveals pension fraudsters targeting retirement savers

The results of a recent survey prove that increasing numbers of pension liberation crooks are operating onshore and offshore, defrauding retirees confused about the new pension rules. The research, undertaken by financial firm Fidelity, revealed that 66 per cent of retirement savers are still uncertain about their rights under the new...
22 Oct at 6 PM

Mega rich give fortunes to support young entrepreneurs and the underprivileged

A recent study has revealed that wealthy philanthropists nowadays are focusing on helping new self-sustaining projects, job creation and the poverty-stricken. Around 13 per cent of the world’s wealth is held by just 0.003 of its population – the mega-rich millionaires and billionaires who monstly made their fortunes in the heady second...
21 Oct at 6 PM

Expats turn their backs on international medical insurance due to soaring costs

A recent survey revealed that 25 per cent of UK expats no longer believe that costly international medical insurance is a necessity. Factoring in the ever-increasing expense of international health insurance is a headache for all but the wealthiest of expats, wherever in the world they’ve decided to make their new homes. Overseas private...
21 Oct at 6 PM

UK Foreign Office warns expats over increasing terrorist threats

As conflicts erupt in European as well as the Middle East and Asia, the UK Foreign Office has stepped up its travel warnings to both tourists and expats. France is the number one target for the latest British authority warnings to UK residents as well as visitors to the popular tourism and expat hub. A triple warning has been issued, with...
20 Oct at 6 PM

Continuing FATCA chaos impacts long term US expats in Canada

Problems with retaining bank accounts and complying with complicated regulations are hitting hard on all US expats, but those who emigrated to Canada many years ago are experiencing the worst effects. Last February, the Canadian government finally signed on to co-operation with FATCA ruling as regards the disclosure of privately held...
20 Oct at 6 PM

Con man operating Marbella coloured diamond scam jailed for four years

A gang of fraudsters who targeted UK pensioners living along Spain’s Costa del Sol in a coloured diamond scams are now all behind bars. The gang of six, masterminded by Liverpudlian Adam Simmonds, operated a boiler room–style scam in the retirement hotspot of Marbella, hitting on unwary pensioners with offers of ‘rare’ coloured...
17 Oct at 6 PM

Survey results urge expats to be informed about financial matters

An expat survey conducted amongst new arrivals by the Bank of Canada emphasises that, wherever you decide to settle, getting money matters straight is essential. Although the survey focuses on Canada, its conclusions hold true in all expat destinations worldwide. New arrivals face similar financial challenges wherever they decide to live,...
17 Oct at 6 PM

Female expat in Spain accused of property fraud still on the run

Whilst most expat attention nowadays is focused on how to avoid financial fraud, a British expat is on the run in Spain after being accused of a long-term rental property scam. Many expats don’t realise that life in paradise can swiftly turn to life in hell, often with the assistance of seemingly trustworthy business people from their...
16 Oct at 6 PM

UK taxman changes to QROPS rules may benefit expat retirement savers

Whilst the ever-changing new UK rules regarding British pensions are confusing almost every saver and investor both on and offshore, HMRC’s recent QROPS announcement seems to bring good news for expat retirement savers. Basically, the controversial Budget reforms are now to be applied to QROPS holders as well as to those with...
16 Oct at 6 PM

Christchurch rebuild halves emigration from New Zealand South Island

Ever since the rebuild of earthquake-devastated Christchurch began, Kiwi expats have been returning to help, with nationals who’d planned to migrate also joining in the reconstruction of their much-loved city. Migration from New Zealand’s South Island has almost halved during the past two years, with locals joining with incomers from...
15 Oct at 6 PM

New QROPS opportunities for Brit expats in USA

Over the past two years, the use by US residents with UK pensions of Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pensions Schemes (QROPS) has been complicated by the IRS’s objections to the scheme. For several years after the introduction of QROPS in 2006, UK pension funds were unable to be transferred to similar US schemes, even although HRMC had...
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