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18 Aug at 6 PM

British boy drowns in Spain

A four-year-old British boy has drowned in a swimming pool at a family holiday villa in Spain. The boy is believed to have been fallen into the pool at a property in the Costa del Sol resort of Mijas, while playing with other children during a gathering hosted by his parents. A teenage boy alerted adults, with a parent attempting to...
18 Aug at 6 PM

Expat in Saudi investigated for beating infant

Police referred the case of an Arab expatriate in his twenties to the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution on the backdrop of beating up his two-month-old infant just before he tried to kill himself with a chemical substance. A 19-year-old Syrian female, the mother of the infant, was quoted as saying to a local publication that...
14 Aug at 6 PM

Maldives: 12 expat cashiers arrested

Twelve expats have been arrested in the Maldives as the island nation’s government continues its crackdown of foreigners working as cashiers. In a four-hour operation in which authorities sought to find foreigners in violation of a newly-imposed ban on them working as cashiers, 46 undocumented expats were arrested. Hassan Khaleel,...
14 Aug at 6 PM

Expat mum conquers Alps with nine-year-old son

A British mum living in France has achieved her dream of becoming a ski instructor and scaling the Alps with her young son. Single mum Tori Collins, 27, grew up in Buckinghamshire and always wanted to be a ski instructor, so four years ago decided to move to the French Alps. Now living in the resort time of Tignes with her nine-year-old...
13 Aug at 6 PM

Brit arrested in Spain over pub killing wanted in homeland

A British expat arrested in Spain in connection with the killing of a German man is wanted in the UK. Thirty-year-old Ross Moore left his homeland in December last year and moved to the Costa del Sol resort town of La Cala de Mijas Mijas. However, it is now known that he fled after being convicted of assaulting his then girlfriend outside...
13 Aug at 6 PM

British expat drowns in French lake

A British expat has drowned in a lake at a campsite in Marandan in the Isere region of southeast France. The man, 57, who is thought to have lived in the nearby town of Saint Jean en Royons, had been on an afternoon swim when he got into trouble. The lake has an area that it supervised for bathing, but campsite worker Yannick Meheust said...
11 Aug at 6 PM

UAE best destination for expat executives

The UAE has been named as the best place in the world for leading executives to relocate to, according to global research by professional online network LinkedIn. LinkedIn found the oil-rich state attracted more young talent than anywhere else in the world, with 1.89 per cent of its total workforce being added to member profiles in...
11 Aug at 6 PM

Expats in Andalucia angered by Chinese lanterns

Expats in southern Spain have been angered after around 50 Chinese lanterns landed in the countryside around Manilva following a Full Moon Party at Sabinillas. Revellers ignored the Manilva town hall’s pleas to refrain from using the lanterns, with the council even banning them on the grounds that they were a fire hazard. As the...
7 Aug at 12 PM

UAE: Indian and Pakistani expats make up a third of population in 3 emirates

Expats from Indian and Pakistan make up 37 per cent of the total population in the emirates of Dubai, Ajman and Sharjah, according to the latest statistics from market intelligence company Euromonitor International. With the combined populations of the three emirates, Indians make up 25 per cent, Pakistanis 12 per cent, Emiratis nine per...
7 Aug at 9 AM

New rules for expat husbands in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has introduced new laws for expatriates who marry local women, allowing them to remain in the country more freely. With an expat worker population of 9.2 million, the issue of foreigners marrying local women has long since been a bone of contention in Saudi Arabia, with many viewing the legal protection provided as not good...
6 Aug at 3 PM

Suspected expat pimp arrested in Costa Rica

An expatriate living in Costa Rica has been arrested during a raid on a residence suspected of pimping. The man, 40, was taken in by officers from the Office of Judicial Investigations (OIJ) after they stormed a property in the district of Plaza Viques, just south of the capital San Jose. The officers were received a tip-off about the...
6 Aug at 12 PM

British expat’s reputation in tatters after false comments on website

A British expat living in Spain has seen his reputation left in ruins after comments that were later proven to be false were not removed from the notorious website Ripoff Report. Property expert David Rowe had no idea that the US website even existed until 2012, when an anonymous poster accused him of fraud, theft, sex with prostitutes and...
5 Aug at 4 PM

Man charged over British expat rape in Bulgaria

The Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Yambol has charged a 40-year-old man in connection with the rape and murder of a 68-year-old British expatriate in the village of Malomir at the end of July. An Interior Ministry statement, which identified the accused only by his initials, I N, said that he had been repeatedly convicted of various...
5 Aug at 2 PM

Teenage girl suspected of Brit’s murder in South Africa may escape trial

A teenage girl suspected of stabbing a British expat to death in South Africa may not have to stand trial after being committed to a psychiatric hospital. Scottish pensioner Sandra Malcolm, 74, was stabbed to death in her Cape Town residence in April. Her grandson found her body. Malcolm, originally from Dundee, had been due to return home...
28 Jul at 4 PM

British expats may require health insurance for treatment in homeland

Brits living abroad face the prospect of needing medical insurance to be treated back home, regardless of whether or not they have been paying into the country’s healthcare system. The UK’s Department of Health says that visitors to the country have been allowed to use a number of NHS services, but that they cost the NHS in the region...
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