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31 Mar at 6 PM

British couple killed in Benidorm Villa

A murder investigation has begun after a British expat couple were shot in their Benidorm villa however the issue is causing confusion in the world press. Pater and Jean Tarsey who were both 77 years old were found dead at 4.15pm on 29 March at their villa in Xalo. Guests who had come round the couple’s villa for dinner found them on...
31 Mar at 6 PM

Expatriate Staff Evacuated from Total Sites in Yemen.

Total, the major French oil company, said that all expatriate staff had been evacuated from the Saana and Kharir sites in Yemen even though these sites have not been raided by Saudi-led forces overnight against Houthi Forces. On Monday, a spokeswomen for Total told Reuters in an email that all necessary measures are being taken to ensure...
31 Mar at 9 AM

British buyer numbers in Spain set to fall if UK has European referendum

As the UK considers an exit from the EU, there is the possibility that the number of properties bought by Brits could plummet. According to a recent YouGov survey, one in three Brits think that property bought overseas is a risky investment if the UK left the EU. Finance Expert Jordan Tilley said that although recently the strength of...
31 Mar at 9 AM

Bahrain is the ‘best place for expats’

When it comes to the treatment of expat labourers, Bahrain is the best in the region according to a top diplomat. On Friday, Dr Mohan Kumar, India’s Ambassador, spoke at the embassy based in Adliya. The current joint secretary of Indian External Affairs Ministry, Alok Kumar Sinha, will replace Dr Mohan Kumar when his tenure finishes next...
28 Mar at 11 AM

The number of Spaniards living abroad doubles

From the year 2009 and 2015, the amount of Spanish people living abroad grew by 48 per cent. Recent figures show that as of the 1st January there were 2,183,043 Spaniards registered on consular lists compared with 1,471,691 six years ago. The data, which was released by the National Institute of Statistics of Madrid, must not indicate...
27 Mar at 11 AM

Maldives: Illegal transfers of expat jobs to be penalized

On Thursday, the Immigration Department in the Maldives said that expats who came to the country for specific jobs, which were then being illegally transferred for other work, would be penalized. This would also include terminating the permits of employers to bring in expats in the future. A statement released by the Immigration Department...
27 Mar at 9 AM

Adelaide best place to live for expats

An eminent British newspaper recently compiled a list of the “best places to live overseas” and concluded that Adelaide was the winner. The Sunday Times, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, gave pride of place to the “small and perfectly formed” city as the most desirable international destinations. Another contender on the list was...
26 Mar at 3 PM

British student among Germanwings victims

Paul Andrew Bramley, a 28 year old, was enrolled at César Ritz College’s hospitality and tourism course in Lucerne. According to UK officials, Mr. Bramley, originally from Hull, England was one of three British passengers flying from Barcelona to Düsseldorf on the Airbus 320. On Tuesday, the plane crashed in the mountainous area in...
26 Mar at 12 PM

Neglected paperwork could result in expats losing their state pension

Pensioners from the UK who live abroad need to keep up to date with their paperwork or they will risk losing their state pension. Expats over the age of 75 regularly receive forms sent by the Department of Work and Pensions, requesting proof that they are still alive. They only have nine months to complete these forms and return them. If the...
25 Mar at 4 PM

Singaporeans living in the UK join their nation’s mourning of Lee Kuan Yew

Soon after the doors of the Singaporean High Commission opened, expats from all over the UK gathered to pay their respects. Singaporeans, who are one of the larger expat communities in the UK, took this opportunity to remember Singapore’s first Prime Minister Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. A steady stream of diplomats and Singaporeans visited the...
25 Mar at 3 PM

Dual citizenship to be granted to Sri Lankan expatriates

A minister from the government said that, from Monday 23rd March, expatriate Sri Lankans would be able gain dual citizenship due to a new administrative procedure. Those able to take advantage of the new procedure will be those who have emigrated to Canada, the UK, the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, France and Switzerland. On Monday,...
23 Mar at 6 PM

Korean students tortured with detergent by expat teacher

An English Teacher from South Africa was fired from her job at an elementary school in South Korea after it was discovered that she had punished the children for speaking Korean during class by forcing them to drink detergent. According to Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education officials, the teacher was made to leave her job after parents...
23 Mar at 4 PM

Cuban migrants taken to Immigration Detention Centre

Last week, 37 Cuban migrants were moved to the Immigration Detention Centre after arriving in Cayman Brac. The migrants’ arrival with no food supplies and a damaged engine sparked an online debate in which the Brac MLA Hon. and House speaker, Juliana O’Connor Connolly, joined the conversation. Franz Manderson, the Deputy Governor,...
23 Mar at 4 PM

Expats Celebrated at Event in Luxembourg

With the support of the Government, a successful immigration fair was hosted in Luxembourg by the Comité de liason des association d’étrangers (CLAE). Integration was the main theme at this year’s event and the Minister for Family and Integration, Corrinne Cahen, supported the aims of the fair. She said that better integration should...
23 Mar at 2 PM

Missing Canberra teen’s father believes she is still alive in Vanuatu

A Canberra girl’s father is optimistic that she is still alive after Vanuatu was hit by a devastating cyclone. In Febraury, Zoe Marshall went to volunteer on Pentecost Island with the Lattitude organization during her gap year which she had funded herself. Since Cyclone Pam, which registered as a category 5 cyclone, hit Vanuatu last...
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  • "Absolutely right - already we have been receiving requests from cliets based in Italy to look at how they can 'avoid' the new regime. The Italian government is shooting itself in the foot on this one - people will relocate!" left by TaxTeddy on Changes to Italian tax regime to hit hard on expats
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