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26 Oct at 6 PM

Expats in Asia about to feel the cold winds of Brexit

British expats in Asia may believe they’re safe from the devastating future effects of Brexit, but its tentacles are due to reach across the world as regards finance. The Asian powerhouse cities are thousands of miles from the British Isles, but UK expats’ finances will still be hit hard by Brexit. At present, the political stance in...
26 Oct at 6 PM

Long stay expats in France see many changes

UK expats who’ve lived in France for many years have seen both positive and negative changes in their lifestyles. One of France’s major attractions for expats is that changes take far longer than in other countries, although all accept change is inevitable. Fortunately, most changes which have taken place of the past several decades...
26 Oct at 6 PM

Taiwan becoming an Asian oasis for expats

Several recent global expat surveys have noted Taiwan is being rated highly for its provision of the good life in tranquil, verdant surroundings. The island of Taiwan is a relative newcomer to the expat world, having formerly been a well-kept secret, but its prominence in two annual expat surveys has catapulted it into being referred to...
25 Oct at 6 PM

UAE expat childrens education costs 1.5 million dirham or more

Parental costs of educating expat children through primary and international secondary levels and on to university is costing an average per child of 1,500,000 dirham (USD408,413). A recent study by an offshore insurance and investment company has revealed the heavy burden on UAE expat parents of educating their children to an...
25 Oct at 6 PM

Wealthy expats offered EU passports by Cypriot authorities

The European Parliament is furious with Cyprus for offering wealthy expats and their families fast-tracked European Union passports. The Cypriot government has just changed the requirements for their ‘citizenship by investment’ scheme, allowing wealthy expats to purchase EU passports and the right to remain for a sum of around 2.5...
25 Oct at 6 PM

Expats in Romania praise the country’s development

Massive changes in Romania during the last 15 years are much appreciated by the country’s expat community. According to long-stay expats in Romania, far-reaching developments have taken place in almost all sectors, and they’re looking forward to even more positive innovations over the next decade. Closer ties with Europe, the...
24 Oct at 6 PM

US expats hit by Merrill Lynch brokerage account closures

Following on tales of woe by USA expats on the subject of account closures by their home country banks, expat brokerage accounts at Merrill Lynch are now closed with very little notice. The famous USA wealth management firm has sent letters to a large number of their expat clients informing them that, from October 1, their brokerage...
24 Oct at 6 PM

Vietnam trebles its popularity with expats in just one year

According to a recent survey, Vietnam’s popularity as an expat-friendly destination has soared over the past year. In 2015, InterNation’s 64-country survey rated Vietnam in 35th place in its Working Abroad index. Amazingly, the 2016 result showed the Southeast Asian country in 12th place, a huge jump in just one year. In addition, all...
24 Oct at 6 PM

Offshore QROPS providers warn Brit expats over Brexit effects

Hundreds of thousands of British retirees living overseas may be at risk of changes to their QROPS after Britain leaves the EU. At the present time, the British government has revealed no strategies which would affect retirees who’ve transferred their pensions to a QROPS, but experts are warning changes might well take place. Those most...
21 Oct at 6 PM

Is property purchase a good idea for expats in China

Although apartments in China’s main cities are becoming more expensive, some expats are taking a chance on capital gains by purchasing now. The Chinese government has recently eased laws governing expat property purchase, encouraging more long-stay expats to take the plunge and buy a home. Although owning an apartment gives a feeling of...
21 Oct at 6 PM

French parliament Brexit meeting told Brit expats face cataclysmic changes

A special meeting dedicated to the effects of Brexit on British expats in France heard the UK’s divorce from the EU would have cataclysmic effects on expat rights. Members of France’s National Assembly were told Thursday that Brexit was on track to wreck the lives of tens of thousands of Britons living in the country. EU law...
21 Oct at 4 PM

Harlequin Property insolvent after scamming expats out of millions

Harlequin Property SVG, infamous amongst expats for its Caribbean and Thailand property scams, is now insolvent and has appointed a professional trustee. The company is based on St Vincent and the Grenadines, a Caribbean offshore location for many companies with doubtful legitimacy, and is the offshoot of another company with the same...
20 Oct at 6 PM

Inexpensive European cities give expat quality of life

Everything in life, including food and shelter, needs to be paid for, but expats on a budget can still get quality of life in a number of European cities. Every expat knows the ‘best things in life are free’, but the reasonable cost of living in your chosen destination isn’t as important as a friendly community. Given that, it’s...
20 Oct at 6 PM

USA still expat land of opportunity in spite of survey results

A recent survey placed the USA at a poor 30 out of 45 countries considered global destinations for expats, spurring a chorus of complaints from entrepreneurs who still consider the US is tops for business. The HSBC survey is considered as one of the most reliable guides to expat relocation, but expatriates living and working in Boston and...
20 Oct at 6 PM

Research states US expats in UK could hold deciding vote in US election

A scholarly paper recently issued by a US institute based at Oxford University revealed US expat voters in Britain could hold the key to the result of the US presidential election. The research paper, entitled ‘America’s Overseas Voters: how they could decide the US presidency in 2016’, stresses the power of overseas voters in the...
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  • "Absolutely right - already we have been receiving requests from cliets based in Italy to look at how they can 'avoid' the new regime. The Italian government is shooting itself in the foot on this one - people will relocate!" left by TaxTeddy on Changes to Italian tax regime to hit hard on expats
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