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20 Jan at 6 PM

Furious Brits in freezing Alicante demand reinstatement of winter fuel allowance

Following the dramatic big freeze and snowfalls across Southern Spain, British expat pensioners are demanding the UK government reconsider the removal of their £300 winter fuel allowance. Earlier this week, the normally sun-drenched retirement hub of Alicante was a snow-covered, freezing resort reminiscent of the worst of the UK’s...
20 Jan at 6 PM

Vietnam rated as best low cost SE Asian country for expat professionals

Vietnam and its capital Hanoi are increasingly rated as not only the cheapest Southeast Asian destination for expats, but also as a great place to grow a new career. Although the relocation process itself isn’t exactly inexpensive, once you’ve arrived to start your new life you’ll find the cost of living is far cheaper than the vast...
20 Jan at 6 PM

EU citizens in UK to fight for post Brexit residency law

A protest group formed by French expats is preparing to campaign for a new law giving protected rights to all EU expatriates in the UK. Marketing executive Nicholas Hatton is spearheading the group’s efforts to end what he calls ‘xenophobic rhetoric’ by forcing British MPs to grant permanent residency to all EU expats settled in...
19 Jan at 6 PM

Expats in sunny Spain wake up to big freeze

As the predicted big freeze finally reached Spain, UK expats in Andalucía and even the holiday island of Majorca woke up to snowy vistas reminiscent of the British winter. Although snow and sub-freezing temperatures had been predicted for a week, the heavy snowfalls across the south of Spain came as a shock to UK expats who’d relocated...
19 Jan at 6 PM

UK state pensioners in France terrified over more exchange rate falls

With the pound sterling forecast to sink even lower as the triggering of Article 50 draws nearer, Brit expats in France are fearing the worst. Theresa May’s long-awaited Brexit speech on Tuesday did nothing to allay the fears of British expats living in France on their UK state pensions. The PM’s continuing emphasis on a hard Brexit...
19 Jan at 6 PM

UK expats in Spain urge MP select committee to protect their rights

British nationals living in Spain and other EU member states have told British MPs a speedy gesture is needed to prevent their losing everything. Representatives from the Bremain in Spain group together with other campaigners for the right to remain spoke yesterday with members of a parliamentary select committee about their fears for...
18 Jan at 6 PM

Are expats in Kuwait being used as scapegoats

Since the New Kuwaiti parliament was sworn in some two months ago, its entire focus is being seen as scapegoating expats in the emirate rather than debating other concerns. Expat professionals working in Kuwait are uneasy about the seeming concentration on expat levels as against the numbers of Kuwaiti nationals. The expat author of an...
18 Jan at 6 PM

FEDs reject simplifying FATCA tax reporting for US expats

US expats in communities across the globe are unhappy about the US Treasury Department’s decision not to ease FATCA tax return reporting requirements by adopting same country exemption. One of the most burdensome requirements for US expats living abroad is the annual compulsory compliance with FATCA as regards their US tax liabilities....
18 Jan at 6 PM

US expats across Europe to hold Womens Marches against Trump

Inspired by the upcoming massive Womens’ March in Washington scheduled for the day after the inauguration, expat US citizens across Europe are holding their own versions. Spanish marches are being held in Madrid, Barcelona, Grenada and Valencia, beginning with Inauguration Day protests in Valencia and Madrid. Barcelona and Grenada’s...
17 Jan at 6 PM

Nationwide International closure narrows expats offshore bank choice

Nationwide International, the offshore branch of the well-known high street chain, will close some time in the summer. The closure of the offshore bank is certain to hit thousands of expats, as the brand is popular with retirees living overseas as well as expat workers. Shutting down of customer accounts is already in progress, giving...
17 Jan at 6 PM

EU expats in UK at risk of deliberate government hostility post Brexit

Leading immigration lawyers are sending a disturbing message suggesting possible deliberate governmental hostility to EU citizens living and working in Britain after Brexit. According to the Guardian, an immigration specialist lawyer with London firm Kingsley Napley is suggesting the possibility of a nightmare scenario for expats in the UK...
17 Jan at 6 PM

Kuwaiti MP demands special debate over increasing expat numbers

A Kuwaiti opposition MP is to demand a special debate on the demographic dangers resulting from the high level of expat numbers in the emirate. Opposition MP Abdulkarim al Kandari is collecting signatures from other MPs in order to force a debate on the so-called dangers of allowing an ever-increasing number of expats to enter the...
16 Jan at 6 PM

Student video defines expat reasons for loving Thailand

An award-winning video depicting Thai university students’ views of why expats come to Thailand is causing smiles amd a few raised eyebrows within the country’s expat community. The group of five Communication Arts students from Lampang’s Nation University won the coveted 50,000 Thai baht prize in a government-sponsored competition...
16 Jan at 6 PM

Expats watch and hope as more Brexit legal challenges are launched

Courts in Ireland and the British high court are set to hear two fresh challenges to Brexit as it's being put forward by Theresa May and her cronies. Expats are following the chaotic government manoeuvres and the various attempts to either reverse the referendum result or ameliorate its effects on their lives. The two latest challenges...
16 Jan at 6 PM

Scottish expats work to feed refugees in freezing Budapest

The severe cold weather in Europe is hitting hardest on refugees and the homeless, but a group of Scottish expats are doing their best to help. Dozens have already died in the life-threatening -19 Celsius freeze, many of whom were refugees from the Middle East or homeless Hungarians. Unable to watch the suffering without attempting to do...
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