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28 Jul at 4 PM

British expats may require health insurance for treatment in homeland

Brits living abroad face the prospect of needing medical insurance to be treated back home, regardless of whether or not they have been paying into the country’s healthcare system. The UK’s Department of Health says that visitors to the country have been allowed to use a number of NHS services, but that they cost the NHS in the region...
28 Jul at 3 PM

British expat arrested for German’s killing has assault record

A British expat arrested in connection to the killing of a German man in the Spanish town of Mijas has served jail time in the UK for assault. Ross Moore, 30, was arrested and jailed after a bar fight near to his then Exmouth home in 2012. Moore, and another British man, were arrested last week following a pub brawl in La Cala de Mijas...
24 Jul at 12 PM

Expat millionaires’ date ends in legal dispute

A French oil expert and a former Japanese model have become embroiled in a legal spat after meeting on a millionaires’ dating website. Charles Miriel, 67, and Nan Itakura, 44, met on millionairematch.com and met in person for the first time in the Spanish town of Sotogrande in March. Things were all rosy at the beginning and Itakura and...
24 Jul at 9 AM

Expat Brits arrested over Spain pub killing

Spanish police have arrested two British men in connection with the killing of a German in a bar fight in the Spanish town of La Cala de Mijas. Forty-six-year-old Ingo Dewitz died in the southern Spanish resort town’s Captain’s Bar after being hit twice on the head. The two expat Brits reportedly became involved in an argument with...
23 Jul at 6 PM

No vote for Canadian expats abroad for 5 years

Canadians who have been residing overseas for over five years will not be permitted to vote in their country’s general elections in October. The Ontario Court of Appeal ruled on Monday after a 2-1 split decision that any Canadian who has lived abroad for at least five years will be barred from voting on the grounds that they are no...
23 Jul at 6 PM

Barclays to close expat accounts unless six-figure sum deposited

Expat in a number of countries face the prospect of their Barclays Bank accounts being closed down unless they have a balance of at least £100,000. The bank announced that it would close down accounts that were not worth £100,000 within a couple of months, meaning many Brits living abroad will need to deposit huge sums of money should...
22 Jul at 6 PM

Expat nurses in UK face prospect of being sent home

Increased budget cuts designed to further reduce the government budget deficit mean many foreign nurses in the UK may be sent home. To separate long-term residents and short-term workers, UK laws state that expat workers are permitted to stay and work in the country for six years. However, by the time the six-year mark comes round, they...
22 Jul at 6 PM

More than 30% of university teachers in Saudi are expats

Despite greater efforts to ensure more university teachers in Saudi Arabia are from the Gulf state, around a third of all lecturers at government institutions are expats. A recent government report showed that out of 52,617 professors and teaching assistants in colleges nationwide, 15,977 are from outside Saudi Arabia, and just 4,555 are...
21 Jul at 4 PM

Algerian ‘cat burglars’ arrested in Spain for targeting expats

Two Algerian men have been arrested in Spain and face charges of committing burglaries with some assistance from the meows of a cat. The investigation and hunt for the men started in May, after a British expat informed police that her purse had been stolen amid the sound of meows. Authorities believe that the men targeted vehicles in...
21 Jul at 4 PM

UAE considers stopping deporting expat drug users

The UAE may stop deporting expats who have been convicted of using drugs so long as they have been in the country for 15 consecutive years. A police team charged with evaluating anti-drug measures in the country made the recommendation in a report passed on to the competent authorities for a final ruling. The committee also put forward...
14 Jul at 4 PM

British expat dies in hang glider accident in France

A British man residing in France died on Sunday when his hang glider collided into trees near the eastern town of Dole. The forty-nine-year-old expat’s hang glider crashed to the ground after hitting the trees, with initial investigations stating that a “bad landing” was the cause of death. Reports state that he crashed into tree...
14 Jul at 4 PM

Australian expat in UAE jailed for Facebook post

An Australian woman living in Abu Dhabi has been jailed for posting “bad words” on Facebook. Thirty-nine-year-old Jodi Magi uploaded a photo on the social media site that she had taken of a vehicle taking up two disabled parking spaces in front her apartment in the UAE capital. The licence number was blanked out and no identifiable...
13 Jul at 3 PM

Expat journalist Joan Davies passes away in Spain

British expat journalist Joan Davies who had lived in Spain for around 50 years has died at the age of 85. Davies, who along with her husband, Gerry, was the co-founder of the Malaga-based English language newspaper Sur, passed away on Tuesday at her home in the Costa de Sol town of Benalmadena. The highly-respected journalist was born...
13 Jul at 12 PM

Malaga has Spain’s cheapest beer

Malaga serves the cheapest beer in Spain, revealed a recent survey, spelling good news for the large number of expats that reside in the southern city. With the average price of a beer being just €1.56, the Andalucian city is also the fourth cheapest city out of the 75 surveyed worldwide. The rankings, which were listed by Go-Euro...
11 Jul at 2 PM

Spain-based expat publishes book about doing business with Fidel Castro

An expat author in the southern Spanish province of Granada has published his memoires about doing business in Cuba at a time when he was working alongside Fidel Castro. French-born Michel Villand revealed that the pair were so close that Castro was even a guest of honour when he opened his bakery chain – Pain de Paris – after arriving...
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