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28 Nov at 3 PM

Job prospects in Australia fading for Kiwi

The number of New Zealanders heading to Australia in the search of work before heading home unsuccessful is on the rise. The Auckland Chamber of Commerce chief executive Michael Barnett said hundreds of expat Kiwis have made the journey but returned to their homeland upon discovering that the prospect of work has faded dramatically in...
28 Nov at 11 AM

Elderly British expats shot dead in France

Police in southwestern France have launched an investigation after an elderly expat couple from the UK were found shot dead by their home cleaner. Derek and Sheila Hawkins, 98 and 86, were found dead in their home in the village of Fabas on Monday in what police believe could have been a murder-suicide. The wife had been killed by two...
27 Nov at 3 PM

Pakistani expat to walk across seven emirates

A Pakistani expat in UAE has spoken of his plans to walk 350kms across the seven emirates to mark the country’s national day. Fifty-one-year-old Mohammad Malek, a Dubai-based carpenter, said he achieved the feat in 2013 and aimed to do the same again because he wanted to draw attention to the fact that the Middle Eastern country was one...
27 Nov at 11 AM

Police to question expat over Madeleine McCann disappearance

Police are to question British expat Robert Murat over the disappearance of three-year-old Madeleine McCann in Portugal in 2007. Reports from Portugal state that investigators working on the “Operation Grange” inquiry that was ordered by Prime Minister David Cameron in 2011 will speak to him as witness. Murat, 41, who Scotland Yard...
23 Nov at 2 PM

Expat Book: Lisa Sadleir and Moving to Spain With Children

We're thrilled to announce that Lisa Sadlier, winner of our Education and Integration Schools blogging competition, has just had her first book published. Congrats Lisa! So if you are thinking about moving to Spain with with your kids, check out "Moving to Spain with children" and, once you're there, start blogging and join our...
14 Nov at 2 PM

British expats in Spain warned about healthcare registration

The UK’s Department of Health has warned Spanish-based expats that they have to properly register with authorities in the country to make sure they have full protection in the state healthcare system. “Moving to Spain? Think about Healthcare!” is the <a...
14 Nov at 9 AM

Brit expat in Portugal gets 12 months for benefit fraud

A British woman living in Portugal has been handed a 12-month prison sentence after falsely claiming the benefits of her deceased mother. Maria Joao Ferreira Lucas claimed more than £73,500 by posing as her mother, who died in January 2008. Instead of informing the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) that her mother had passed away, she...
13 Nov at 2 PM

Taiwan best place for expat healthcare

Taiwan has been named the number one country in the world for expats in terms of having the cheapest and best medical facilities, according to a new survey. The research showed that almost seven in 10 expats in the east Asian country said healthcare costs them less than it did before they moved there - in comparison to the global average of...
13 Nov at 9 AM

British expats described as unsociable

British expats do not properly integrate after emigrating, according to a new survey, which says they prefer to stick to their own social groups. British expats living in United Arab Emirates and African countries are the least integrated, said the study, which was conducted by global relocation specialist Robinsons. The survey showed that...
12 Nov at 6 PM

Threat of easy access strikes fear into UK pension providers

UK pension providers are likely to see a massive increase in the number of 100 per cent drawdown applications following next April’s take-up of the new pension rules. One of the UK’s largest drawdown providers, Standard Life, fears that many thousands of pension holders will decide to take full drawdowns, swamping its call centres and...
12 Nov at 6 PM

New hunt in unsolved Maddy abduction case reveals two UK expat suspects

New investigations into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann seven years ago have identified a number of new suspects, two of whom are UK expats who were living in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz at the time. Portuguese police have declared the two Brits as formal subjects, (arguidos), and will be ordered to give DNA samples whilst...
11 Nov at 6 PM

Expat investors worldwide lose £400 million in Oz Ponzi scheme

The latest financial scandal to rock the expat world has resulted in massive losses due to the activities of commission-hungry rogue salesmen and greedy product providers. Individual losses range between many hundreds of thousands to pension pots of £100,000 or less, with the staggering total making the collapse of the unregulated LMIM...
11 Nov at 6 PM

Hong Kong expat banker lifestyles slammed after grisly murders

Expats working in Hong Kong’s famous banking and financial sector are taking flak for their hedonistic lifestyles following the gruesome murder of two Indonesian girls by one of their number. The victims, found in an upmarket condo just a short walk from the ex-colony’s red light district, were reputedly killed by Rurik Jutting, a...
10 Nov at 6 PM

UK mafia gangs investing in property purchase scams in Thailand

For decades, tropical Thailand has been a retirement haven for UK expats for its cheap cost of living and year-round sunshine, but buying a condo has always been a risky business. It’s not just the government rules on the purchase of property by foreigners which can ruin the dream, it’s the continuing off-plan property scams...
10 Nov at 6 PM

Expats in Turkey fear for safety as ISIS advances

The seemingly unstoppable advance of ISIS, (the Islamic State in Syria), is striking fear into the hearts of expats living in Southern Turkey’s coastal resorts or in larger cities where violent protests are taking place. Turkish Kurds dominate the Iraq border region, now considered a flashpoint, and many overseas residents in the...
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  • "The article is quite clear and as usual in this country ( spain) because I live in a remote area I only find things out accidently or by being surprised and fined. I don't understand how the European parliament does not act against this type of 'robo'. It is so frustrating to see a corrupt and authoritarian Spanish government get away with..." left by john porro on Spain to apply stealth tax to residents with solar power
  • "Absolutely right - already we have been receiving requests from cliets based in Italy to look at how they can 'avoid' the new regime. The Italian government is shooting itself in the foot on this one - people will relocate!" left by TaxTeddy on Changes to Italian tax regime to hit hard on expats
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