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28 May at 10 AM

Staying safe in your new expat haven

Emigrating can be an exciting lifestyle challenge for expats, but it pays to check out hidden hazards before you arrive. Whether you’re moving overseas as part of a long-held retirement plan or taking on a new job in a challenging location, it’s best to research what’s out there as regards threats to your future or even your life....
28 May at 10 AM

Expats stick with offshore banks in spite of poor rewards

A recent survey found that British expats are still making use of offshore banks rather than transferring their cash to foriegn onshore banks in overseas locations. In spite of scares such as the Icelandic bank failures and a lack of decent rates of interest on deposits, British expats living overseas seem to be sticking with their...
28 May at 10 AM

Expats in unique Spanish beachside hideaway under Brexit threat

As the countdown to June 23 continues, the ripples of concern amongst Brit expats in Spain reach out to the most British of all Costa Blanca retiree havens. 70 miles south of the brawling Brit resort of Benidorm lies a newly-developed unique beach resort dedicated to UK expats. It’s not yet on the map, nor is easily found by taxi drivers...
26 May at 6 PM

International companies send increasing numbers of employees overseas

New research has revealed the growing trend amongst international companies of sending employees on overseas assignments. The study, initiated by ECA International, covered the past 20 years’ history of overseas assignments, showing that at present there are more expats working abroad than at any time in the past. Over 50 per cent of the...
26 May at 6 PM

Result of latest Brexit Poll sends sterling exchange rate soaring

Tuesday’s Brexit poll result is bringing good news to expats living in EU member states due to its positive effect on sterling exchange rates. Expats living in favourite European retirement havens are happy to receive positive news on two fronts this week. Results of a new Brexit poll by ORB Telegraph revealed the Remain campaign is now...
26 May at 6 PM

Weird expat requests to Brit consular staff

It’s not just expats who have problems with their embassies - the FCO staff themselves have their own problems with wacky expat requests. It’s fair to say that many Brit expats feel they’re not being well served by their country’s overseas embassies and consulates, but employees in these unappreciated outposts have their problems...
25 May at 6 PM

Disenfranchised expats lose battle to win referendum voting rights

Britain’s Supreme Court yesterday ruled that expats living outside the UK for more than 15 years must remain banned from voting in the upcoming Brexit referendum. The battle’s finally over, with those who’ve lost possibly facing an unknown future without having any say in the final decision. To those who handed out the verdict, it...
25 May at 6 PM

British expats in Dubai hold Brexit referendum debate

A heated debate on the Brexit referendum took place in Dubai’s Capital Club, attended by a good number of expats working in the kingdom. The discussion demonstrated that being thousands of miles away has no effect on the strength of feelings of those who consider the UK as their true home. Strong opinions were stated by supporters of...
25 May at 6 PM

Expats in Penang crowdfund to help street food vendor hit by drunk driver

Local people and expats living in the Malaysian region of Penang rallied round to support a street food vendor whose livelihood had been wrecked by a drunk driver. Georgetown roadside food vendor Ms Ooi is one of the city’s most popular vendors for her delicious Char Koay Kak made from fried rice cakes, a Penang speciality. Tragically,...
24 May at 6 PM

Study proves expat life in retirement is great for your health

A new report seems to prove that a healthier, more active lifestyle comes naturally as part of becoming a retired expat. The decision to retire overseas is strongly influenced by the desire for a warmer climate, less stress, clean water and air, healthier and more natural food and, in most cases, a lower cost of living. Expat advisory...
24 May at 6 PM

Nigeria expat oil workers demand relocation

Increasing numbers of expatriates working in the Nigerian oil industry are putting their own safety first and demanding relocation to other, less dangerous, countries. As the attacks on international oil company installations by militant gangs increase, expat oil workers are making known their demands to be transferred to less perilous...
24 May at 6 PM

Survey shows majority of expats in Europe wish to remain EU citizens

According to research carried out by a major website aimed at UK expats, the vast majority of UK citizens living in EU countries are in favour of Britain’s staying put in the EU. The survey, carried out with a representative sample of expats in Europe, showed that 71 per cent are committed to staying in the EU. Just 23 per cent are...
23 May at 6 PM

Supreme Court last ditch chance for disenfranchised UK expat voters

Following a Court of Appeal rejection last Friday, disenfranchised UK expats who’ve lived overseas for more than 15 years are pinning their fading hopes on the Supreme Court. Friday’s Court of Appeal ruling by Lady Justice King, Lord Dyson and Lord Justice Elias upheld the original decision that British voting law did not legally...
23 May at 6 PM

Expats in Kuwait object to one hundred per cent increase in traffic fines

Expats and residents of Kuwait are unhappy about plans to increase traffic fines by as much as 100 per cent. The Ministry of Interior’s decision to double the amount of fines charged for traffic violations is causing major discontent in the expat community, with even Kuwaiti citizens asking their MPs to confront the Ministry’s...
23 May at 6 PM

Ryanair Brexit voters cheap flight offer under police investigation

Following its spectacular offer of ultra-cheap flights to the UK for expats wanting to vote ‘no’ to a Brexit, the controversial low-cost airline is under police investigation for breaching UK bribery laws. Ryanair’s advertisement stated that expats wishing to vote ‘Remain’ could fly home for just €19.99 on either 22nd or 23rd...
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