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18 Sep at 2 PMFeatured Expat Interview

American Expat Living in Germany - Interview with Kari

Kari Martindale is a writer who blogs about her everyday debacles bumbling around Germany, posts the whereabouts of her hat, and generally laughs at life at karilogue.com. She is now working on "Some Guy’s Hat", a project that will take her to the 29 sites pinned to an old hat she picked up at a flea market in the Black Forest. Kari...
17 Sep at 2 PMLocal Expert Series

Finding Work in Dubai - UAE Expat Jobs and Employment

I think finding a job in Dubai was probably in the top 5 of to do list. Sure I wanted to be a tourist for a while but after a few days reality set in and a lot of research ensued. Being an expat brings with it some challenges in terms of employment.  As expats, we move because we're incredibly lucky to have been given the opportunity to...
10 Sep at 7 PMLocal Expert Series

Finding Somewhere to Live in Dubai - Expat Property

Finding somewhere to live, aside from your visa processes, is probably one of the most important parts of your move to Dubai. Maybe your partner will have arrived before you and have found somewhere to live already. Or maybe your employer is providing accommodation as part of your contract, in which case you're lucky. Maybe you will live in...
9 Sep at 10 AMFeatured Expat Interview

American Expat Living in New Zealand - Interview with Rhonda

Rhonda Albom is an American Expat living in New Zealand. She is a travel photographer, blogger and homeschool mum. Living north of Auckland, Rhonda enjoys summer yacht racing, coffee, writing, hiking and she leads a group young Girl Guides. When possible, along with her hubby and two teen girls, they travel New Zealand and the World....
4 Sep at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

French Expat Living in Hong Kong - Interview with Saz

Saz is in her mid twenties and is a mix of three different cultures all in one person. She has lived in three different countries and likes to think that this has made her very adaptable person. But being an expat, one can never be adaptable enough! She’s sarcastic like the British, she complains like the French and she eats like the...
3 Sep at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

American Expat Living in Switzerland - Interview with Margaret

Margaret is an American who fell in love with a Peruvian man and ended up following him to Zurich, Switzerland, where she now does her best to make a home. Her background is in research science, but in Switzerland she now spends her time teaching English, crafting, writing, and baking. Margaret's expat blog is called Destination: Macaron...
2 Sep at 4 PMLocal Expert Series

Obtaining the Emirates ID Card - New Expat in Dubai

Every person entering and residing in the United Arab Emirates must obtain a Emirates ID card as part of their immigration process. It will become one of those fundamental identity documents during your time in the UAE, which you must always carry with you and is required for everything, from hiring a car, getting a bank account to visiting...
27 Aug at 10 AMFeatured Expat Interview

British Expat Living in Italy - Interview with Sue

Sue moved to Le Marche in Italy from London in the UK in May 2013 after falling in love with the country during a holiday. Sue has a passion for the new and exciting and has thrown herself into her new lifestyle head first. In her blog, www.movetoitaly.wordpress.com she gives an enthusiastic and entertaining account of the highs and lows of...
26 Aug at 11 AMLocal Expert Series

More About the Medical Examination in Dubai - New Expat Perspective

The medical examination is a fundamental part of the immigration process in Dubai and is required to obtain a full residence visa in the United Arab Emirates. While many people may be put off, nervous or even scared about a medical examination in a new country, it is a quick and easy process. The immigration process in the United Arab...
20 Aug at 2 PMLocal Expert Series

The Immigration Process When Becoming an Expat in Dubai

My immigration process to fully-fledged legal resident was rather pain free in hindsight, although I can't promise yours will be too. I have heard mixed accounts from fellow expats here in Dubai, but my best advice is to be prepared; have copies of everything, a million passport photographs and be patient. So I arrived in Dubai...
18 Aug at 11 AMFeatured Expat Interview

Canadian Expat Living in Australia - Interview with Rita

Rita is a writer, blogger and crafter. She's a French Canadian woman, born and raised in Montréal, with a Lebanese background. She speaks French and Arabic and is now learning Italian. She practiced in Canada as a criminal lawyer for four years until a trip to Italy in 2006 changed her life. She moved to Melbourne and she completed a...
13 Aug at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

American Expat Living in Botswana - Interview with Tamara

Tamara is currently a Peace Corps Local Government Capacity Building volunteer serving in Botswana. She enjoys traveling, cooking watching HBO's GIRLS and the Walking Dead. She also enjoys learning how to build Wordpress blogs. She left the hectic life as a research assistant in 2010 to work in South Korea, then Spain, and now Botswana....
12 Aug at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

South African Expat Living in Namibia - Interview with Tracey

Tracey, her husband Ryan, and cat, packed up and left the demanding city of Johannesburg, South Africa to move to the desert (Namibia) in 2013. They had been looking to move abroad and experience life in other countries so when Ryan got an opportunity to work in Windhoek they jumped at the offer. Tracey's expat blog is called Journal of a...
11 Aug at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

American Expat Living in New Zealand - Interview with Ellen & Scott

Ellen and Scott have lived overseas since 2001 - first in Scotland and then in New Zealand. They both have anthropology degrees and love to explore other cultures. When Ellen was transferred to Glasgow, it was an incredible opportunity to experience life in Scotland, as well as a great base from which to explore other countries. They...
8 Aug at 1 PMLocal Expert Series

Moving to Dubai - #5 What to Expect When Landing in Dubai

I arrived at Dubai International Airport at about 11pm. After a whole day of traveling I was pretty exhausted and was praying for a speedy exit out of the airport. I have to say first impressions were not so great; the shiny, glamorous look of Dubai does not extend to Dubai international airport although I have been told if you fly with...
6 Aug at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

Indian Expat Living in United Arab Emirates - Interview with Mita

Mita is a communications specialist who lives and breathes technology and social media. She enjoys good food, the odd tipple, good company, and a good book. She is a self-confessed TV addict. She moved to Dubai in 1989 and hasn't looked back. She runs a small boutique communications agency that, surprise, surprise, handles technology...
4 Aug at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

American Expat Living in France - Interview with Marina

Marina is a twenty-something American who now lives in Paris. She works for the education department of a museum, and she loves encouraging people to use their imaginations when looking at art. Having lived in Paris for almost four years, she has spent a lot of time scouring the city to find moments of little pleasures: quiet streets,...
29 Jul at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

Canadian Expat Living in Dominica - Interview with Gwenith

Gwen relocated to Dominica, West Indies in the late 1990's. This rainforest paradise is a tiny, lush country located between the French Overseas Departments of Guadeloupe and Martinique in the Eastern Caribbean. She moved to this self-proclaimed Nature Island, as she was suffering from severe environmental health challenges and wished to...
28 Jul at 9 AMLocal Expert Series

Moving to Dubai - #4 Organising Logistics to Becoming an Expat in Dubai

Moving to any country can be a logistical nightmare and what with a dog to move, and me in Cyprus, the logistics of moving to Dubai were pretty muddled. And then, one day, it all just fell into place. The dog left Cyprus a few days before me, heading straight for our new home in Dubai. That just left me. Instead of flying directly to...
24 Jul at 2 PMFeatured Expat Interview

Italian Expat Living in Australia - Interview with Mrs Bingles

Mrs. Bingles is a wife, a mother of three children under 7 and an expat since 2004. She has lived in the UK for 6 years where she taught MFL in a secondary school; she then moved to the Netherlands where she became a stay at home mom (SAHM) looking after her beautiful two daughters. After two years she moved with her family and their...
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