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31 Oct at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

New Zealander Expat Living in Finland - Interview with Melanie

Melanie and Jonathan are New Zealanders who moved to Helsinki, Finland in April 2014 with their three-year old son. After a very long journey to the other side of the world they realised just how far from home they were. Although Finland is not so different to NZ in some ways, there are plenty of things that remind them daily how different...
29 Oct at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

Canadian Expat Living in Turkey - Interview with Christopher

Christopher is a twenty-something year old Canadian who finds himself living in the historic city of Istanbul. Teaching is his profession, but writing is no less a passion in his life, as evidenced by the large, diverse portfolio of work that can be found on his blog. Not to mention, Chris has been published in several esteemed magazines in...
27 Oct at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

American Expat Living in Saudi Arabia - Interview with Jennie

Jennie has visited over 49 countries and lived on four different continents. She is currently living in Saudi Arabia and working as an English Teacher. Jennie's expat blog is called Me and My Abaya (see listing here) The Rainbow Roundabout at the Khobar CornishHere's the interview with Jennie... Where are you originally from? Aurora,...
24 Oct at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

British Expat Living in Greece - Interview with Susan Athanasakou

Susan met her Greek husband nearly forty years ago when he was at university in England. When he finished his studies she accompanied him on his return to Greece,where they are still living today. Susan loves to spend her time on the beach, always has two or three books on the go and tries to keep up with the gardening while looking after...
22 Oct at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

Irish Expat Living in Czech Republic Interview with James

James is a 29 year old Irish man currently living in the Czech town of Pardubice. Before moving to the Czech Republic he worked in retail in Dublin. He has a degree in Journalism from Dublin City University and is a passionate photographer. He started his blog soon after moving to Pardubice in order to document life as an expat in the Czech...
20 Oct at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

British Expat Living in New Zealand Interview with Lynn

Lynn and her partner Tom are Brits who moved to Aoteoroa almost 7 years ago. Proud to now be New Zealand citizens, they have fully embraced life in The Land of the Long White Cloud. After learning to sail and buying a yacht called Pink Diamond they are now venturing outside their comfort zone and looking forward to retirement and the coming...
17 Oct at 12 PMFeatured Expat Interview

Canadian Expat Living in Costa Rica - Interview with Liisa

Liisa is a Canadian writer and author. She began her writing career specializing in the health sector, but as her life evolved, she began writing about being a location independent family living abroad with kids. These days, Liisa lives in Tamarindo, Costa Rica with her husband and two boys ages 7 and 9. Liisa's expat blog is called Family...
3 Oct at 10 AMFeatured Expat Interview

American Expat Living in Argentina - Interview with Stephanie

Stephanie is a U.S. expat who found her heart in Argentina. She is a lover of life, a mother and wife, and the founder of Spanish in Rosario, a Spanish language school located in her current city, Rosario, Argentina. Stephanie's expat blog is called Expatriates in Rosario (see listing here) Me at the entrance of Spanish in Rosario.Here's...
1 Oct at 4 PMFeatured Expat Interview

Filipino Expat Living in USA - Interview with Erika

Erika (a.k.a. Eky) is a prodigal blogger who started writing on multiple online journals during the late 90's. It is her love for design and technology that fueled her passion towards Web Designing and Development. As a graduate of the University of the Philippines, Diliman with a degree in European Languages and a minor in Tourism, she...
29 Sep at 9 AMLocal Expert Series

Transportation Options When Moving to Dubai UAE

Moving to any new country involves a lot of decision making and contemplating where to live, how you will find a job and in what way you will navigate your new city, are just a few. One of the most important decisions for us was where to live in Dubai, because it was inextricably linked to me being able to navigate our new home. I don’t...
18 Sep at 2 PMFeatured Expat Interview

American Expat Living in Germany - Interview with Kari

Kari Martindale is a writer who blogs about her everyday debacles bumbling around Germany, posts the whereabouts of her hat, and generally laughs at life at karilogue.com. She is now working on "Some Guy’s Hat", a project that will take her to the 29 sites pinned to an old hat she picked up at a flea market in the Black Forest. Kari...
17 Sep at 2 PMLocal Expert Series

Finding Work in Dubai - UAE Expat Jobs and Employment

I think finding a job in Dubai was probably in the top 5 of to do list. Sure I wanted to be a tourist for a while but after a few days reality set in and a lot of research ensued. Being an expat brings with it some challenges in terms of employment.  As expats, we move because we're incredibly lucky to have been given the opportunity to...
10 Sep at 7 PMLocal Expert Series

Finding Somewhere to Live in Dubai - Expat Property

Finding somewhere to live, aside from your visa processes, is probably one of the most important parts of your move to Dubai. Maybe your partner will have arrived before you and have found somewhere to live already. Or maybe your employer is providing accommodation as part of your contract, in which case you're lucky. Maybe you will live in...
9 Sep at 10 AMFeatured Expat Interview

American Expat Living in New Zealand - Interview with Rhonda

Rhonda Albom is an American Expat living in New Zealand. She is a travel photographer, blogger and homeschool mum. Living north of Auckland, Rhonda enjoys summer yacht racing, coffee, writing, hiking and she leads a group young Girl Guides. When possible, along with her hubby and two teen girls, they travel New Zealand and the World....
4 Sep at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

French Expat Living in Hong Kong - Interview with Saz

Saz is in her mid twenties and is a mix of three different cultures all in one person. She has lived in three different countries and likes to think that this has made her very adaptable person. But being an expat, one can never be adaptable enough! She’s sarcastic like the British, she complains like the French and she eats like the...
3 Sep at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

American Expat Living in Switzerland - Interview with Margaret

Margaret is an American who fell in love with a Peruvian man and ended up following him to Zurich, Switzerland, where she now does her best to make a home. Her background is in research science, but in Switzerland she now spends her time teaching English, crafting, writing, and baking. Margaret's expat blog is called Destination: Macaron...
2 Sep at 4 PMLocal Expert Series

Obtaining the Emirates ID Card - New Expat in Dubai

Every person entering and residing in the United Arab Emirates must obtain a Emirates ID card as part of their immigration process. It will become one of those fundamental identity documents during your time in the UAE, which you must always carry with you and is required for everything, from hiring a car, getting a bank account to visiting...
27 Aug at 10 AMFeatured Expat Interview

British Expat Living in Italy - Interview with Sue

Sue moved to Le Marche in Italy from London in the UK in May 2013 after falling in love with the country during a holiday. Sue has a passion for the new and exciting and has thrown herself into her new lifestyle head first. In her blog, www.movetoitaly.wordpress.com she gives an enthusiastic and entertaining account of the highs and lows of...
26 Aug at 11 AMLocal Expert Series

More About the Medical Examination in Dubai - New Expat Perspective

The medical examination is a fundamental part of the immigration process in Dubai and is required to obtain a full residence visa in the United Arab Emirates. While many people may be put off, nervous or even scared about a medical examination in a new country, it is a quick and easy process. The immigration process in the United Arab...
20 Aug at 2 PMLocal Expert Series

The Immigration Process When Becoming an Expat in Dubai

My immigration process to fully-fledged legal resident was rather pain free in hindsight, although I can't promise yours will be too. I have heard mixed accounts from fellow expats here in Dubai, but my best advice is to be prepared; have copies of everything, a million passport photographs and be patient. So I arrived in Dubai...
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