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17 Aug at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

American Expat Living in Korea South - Interview with Lianne

Lianne is a Korean-American adoptee who only became cognizant of her Korean side in her early 20s. After graduating university and quitting her five jobs, she traveled to Asia for the first time to discover her motherland. Perspectives and values changed as her mind opened to the world of opportunities. She soon returned back to live in...
13 Aug at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

Canadian Expat Living in England - Interview with Amy

Amy is a Canadian freelancer who's recently relocated to England via Australia and Ireland, while writing an expat blog along the way at notesfromanotherland.com. She has been an expat for five years (and counting!) and she shares her candid conversations with strangers, observations of new surroundings, and overseas adventures as her and...
11 Aug at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

American Expat Living in Vietnam - Interview with Nicole

Nicole is a twenty-something English as a Foreign Language teacher. She Miley Cyrus, nutella ingested in large quantities, and reading books. One day she hopes to be a rich and successful lawyer. She has been blogging since March 2015, and loves it! Nicole's expat blog is called I Like Airplanes (see listing here) Bukansan National...
6 Aug at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

American Expat Living in Korea South - Interview with Laura

Laura is a 26-year-old American who has been living and working abroad since 2013. While participating in a travel writing program in Lima, Peru, during college, Laura instantly became interested in the prospect of traveling long-term. So, after spending far too long in a miserably menial Corporate America dungeon, she decided to pack her...
27 Jul at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

American Expat Living in Scotland - Interview with Lauren

As much as Lauren loved Chicago, she’d wanted to live abroad since her first trip to Paris at age 15. She hadn't heard of Aberdeen, Scotland before but jumped at the chance to become an expat when her husband’s company provided the opportunity. The couple, along with their dog Stella, made the jump over the pond, saying farewell to...
20 Jul at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

German Expat Living in Spain - Interview with Ina

Ina is a German expat living in Barcelona, Spain. Over the last 15 years she has been living in numerous countries: it all started with a yearlong Erasmus exchange in Grenoble, France, which probably triggered her travel bug. She has been moving around as an expat ever since: between England, France, Germany, Australia, Ireland,...
11 Jul at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

Scottish Expat Living in Hong Kong - Interview with Joanna

Joanna is a Hong Kong blogger from Scotland. When she first moved to Hong Kong, she struggled to find lots of up-to-date information about the city online, so decided to start her own blog. Joanna works in digital marketing for a large media agency in Hong Kong - a career that has taken her to Berlin, Edinburgh and now Hong Kong. Joanna's...
29 Jun at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

American Expat Living in Colombia - Interview with Danielle

Long story short, Danielle grew up in Oregon, spent five years in the U.S. Navy, met her husband and was married in San Diego, got a master's degree in library science and is now the 'accompanying family' living in Colombia while her spouse completes a 2 year work assignment. Danielle's expat blog is called No Longer Native - an expat...
26 Jun at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

American Expat Living in France - Interview with Christy

The "What Up, Swags?!" journey began when Christy Swagerty, "Swags," left California in 2011 to chase her dream of playing volleyball professionally overseas. She was signed to a team in Belgium, then moved to play in France, and hasn't looked back since! Swags and her American husband, Marc, love their expat life, learning languages,...
4 Jun at 10 AMFeatured Expat Interview

British Expat Living in Canada - Interview with Emma & Stewart

Emma And Stewart left Cambridge, England in September 2014 and headed off on a Canadian adventure. Emma had always dreamed of doing some long term travelling and working abroad seemed like the perfect solution to ensuring the money doesn't run out. Fortunately she managed to convince Stewart to come along too. So armed with their...
12 May at 10 AMFeatured Expat Interview

British Expat Living in South Africa - Interview with Lucille

Lucille has three nationalities and no home country, and as a result is slightly confused as to where exactly she is from. Born in England to Dutch and South African parents, Lucille has lived in five countries on three continents. She currently calls South Africa home (but not for long) and is raising two tri-national bilingual boys to be...
11 May at 10 AMFeatured Expat Interview

British Expat Living in USA - Interview with Caroline

Caroline is a British expat living in Austin, Texas. In March 2014 she relocated to Austin due to her husband's work bringing two young children and two cats with them. Over the past eighteen years Caroline has graduated with a BA Hons degree in Media, worked full time in Marketing roles, got married and now her main focus is raising their...
7 May at 10 AMFeatured Expat Interview

American Expat Living in Dominican Republic - Interview with Sarah

Sarah is not your typical MBA graduate - after completing her Master's, she went on to work in nonprofit development in New York City. She then moved to Santo Domingo, the capital city of the Dominican Republic to teach English. She has always liked traveling and was thrilled to have the opportunity to move abroad and really experience a...
8 Apr at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

American Expat Living in Netherlands - Interview with Lee

Lee V. writes as the expat blogger "DutchInLaw" about life in the Netherlands. She moved overseas with her family as a child and is now addicted to the "backpack life," as she calls it. As a homeschooled teenager in Western Europe, she visited other countries and studied the art, wars, and worldviews that shaped them. As a photojournalist...
2 Apr at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

Italian Expat Living in Ireland - Interview with Aurora

She left Italy many years ago, looking for a new adventure! The adventure in Ireland turned out to be a little bit different from her initial dreams. But somehow, she still pursues them, by keeping the wheel turning! Aurora's expat blog is called love isn't for everyone (see listing here) Me and AsiaHere's the interview with...
27 Mar at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

Australian Expat Living in England - Interview with Sasha

Throwing caution to the four winds, this small town Adelaide girl packed up her life so her worldly possessions consisted of two suitcases, a backpack and a banana to try her luck in big ol' London-town. Convinced she couldn't make a new life on her own on the other side of the world, she has beaten the odds: working, travelling, exploring...
20 Mar at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

German Expat Living in Canada - Interview with Kathrin

Kathrin is a freelance writer and social media expert living and working in Vancouver, BC. She currently writes for the German online magazine ligastudios.com and her personal expat blog thecuriouspretzel.wordpress.com. Prior to moving to Canada she was living in Vienna for six years after working and travelling in Australia, New Zealand...
17 Mar at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

American Expat Living in Austria - Interview with Michelle

Michelle is an American expat living in Vienna, Austria. After meeting a Bosnian-born Austrian citizen, she married and jumped on the opportunity to live in a European city. Having come from a small town in Connecticut, moving to Vienna was quite a big change, so in her blog Michelle shares not only her personal insights of what it's like...
13 Mar at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

Filipino Expat Living in Singapore - Interview with Honey

Honey is a medical doctor and a lifestyle blogger. She was born in the Philippines, lived her high school life in Saudi Arabia and moved to Singapore in 2012. She is a self-proclaimed travel junkie, a foodie and a bookworm. She views life as an adventure and continues to explore life's surprises together with her husband and 8-months old...
11 Mar at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

Singaporean Expat Living in Northern Ireland - Interview with Joanne

Joanne is Singaporean living in Belfast whose passions are food, ballet and Japan. With a background in international relations – Joanne also speaks Mandarin and Japanese – she now spends the work day staring at Excel spreadsheets in a marketing operations role. Joanne likes exploring new restaurants, dreams of meeting Neil Gaiman and...
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