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16 Feb at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

British Expat Living in Spain - Interview with Maria

Maria is a thirty something freelance graphic & web designer. She was born in the Philippines but raised in England from the age of 10. Having had enough of the rat race and being fortunate enough to have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, Maria and her family made the decision to move to Valencia in 2012. When she's not...
7 Feb at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

German Expat Living in China - Interview with Anna

Anna is a freelance illustrator and portrait artist in her late 20s, with a passion for Martial Arts and Chinese culture. She was born in Russia, grew up in Germany and studied in the UK. She is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and graduated with a masters degree in China and International Relations from London University. Following the slogan...
5 Feb at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

American Expat Living in Italy - Interview with Sophie

Sophie moved to Italy in the fall of 2011 when her professional-hockey-player-husband signed a contract with a team in Cortina d'Ampezzo, located in the beautiful Dolomites. Ever since, Sophie and her husband have split their time between Cortina and Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where they live in the summer. While in Italy, Sophie teaches...
1 Feb at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

American Expat Living in India - Interview with Neil

Neil moved to Chennai in January 2010. He read a lot of books and did a lot of research before coming to India, but nothing could have prepared him for what he experienced trying to start his own business and then working with a mid-sized family-owned Indian company. Every time that he thought India would finally get the best of him, he was...
30 Jan at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

American Expat Living in Portugal - Interview with Joy

Joy Hanford is a Midwestern American writer and artist. When she was a little girl, she know exactly what she wanted to be when she grew up then she forgot then she remembered. She spends her week filling pages in her sketchbook with stories and adventures, and her weekends searching for dragons hiding in castle corners. Joy's expat blog is...
28 Jan at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

Singaporean Expat Living in Indonesia - Interview with Cassandra Riene

Cassandra is the writer behind Mummynista.com. She is a Fashion grad. Advertising professional. Service critic. Self-taught cook. Closet musician. Expat wife. Mother-of-two. She writes about her lifestyle, dining and family experiences in Jakarta, Indonesia. Cassandra Riene's expat blog is called Mummynista (see listing here) Here's the...
26 Jan at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

British Expat Living in Colombia - Interview with Marie

Marie is a twenty-something environmental and political scientist who is working in Colombia on food security and climate change. She enjoys travelling, exploring different cuisines and learning languages along the way. Having already lived in Colombia and Spain before, this is the first time she is taking a more long-term approach to being...
22 Jan at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

Canadian Expat Living in Italy - Interview with Jasmine

Jasmine grew up a second-generation Canadian on the Western part of Canada in Edmonton, Alberta. She is a city girl with a love of country music. A true romantic, she is an avid cook and wine drinker. She studied Italian and pharmacy at the University of Alberta and thoroughly enjoyed her community pharmacy practice after graduating in...
20 Jan at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

American Expat Living in England - Interview with Ginny

Ginny is a freelance writer from the States who currently lives in rural Kent. She fell in love with England on her first visit in 1988, as a college freshman, and kept saving her pennies to make return visits. In 1995, after completing her MA, she made her 3rd return visit on a BUNAC (British Universities North American Club) visa, and met...
22 Dec at 10 AMFeatured Expat Interview

American Expat Living in Germany - Interview with Chad

Chad and his wife Amanda have been married since 2003 and are both working professionals in the same multinational company. They love to travel and see the world. He has an industrial engineering degree from NC State University and an MBA from Queens University in Charlotte, NC USA. And, she has a PhD in Chemistry from NC State...
19 Dec at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

American Expat Living in Ireland - Interview with Colleen

Colleen just realized that this past Thanksgiving was her 11th one spent outside the United States. She has been living in Ireland since 2005. She married a Kerryman in 2007, has two children and currently lives on the Dingle Peninsula. Her family plan to move back to Maine in 2015 and are excited and nervous about a new adventure....
17 Dec at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

Portuguese Expat Living in Netherlands - Interview with Catarina

Catarina is a freelance writer living in the beautiful city of The Hague with her husband and daughter. She was born in Portugal, but spent her childhood in Africa, an experience that has shaped her life and interests. She has a B.A. in Philosophy and is also a trained teacher. Traveling, for leisure and cultural enrichment, and reading,...
15 Dec at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

American Expat Living in France - Interview with Katrin

Katrin first set foot in France in 1999 as an art history student at Southern Methodist University. After one semester abroad, she announced to her family that she had found her true calling in Paris - and set off to prove it after graduating in 2001. Four jobs, four apartments, one master's degree, one marriage, one baby, and one jump to...
12 Dec at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

Indian Expat Living in England - Interview with Manjiri

Manjiri is an Indian food blogger currently living in London. Digital Marketer by profession and food and travel blogger out of passion for food and for the love of chronicling her adventures in the kitchen and outside. She loves exploring different cuisines, writing,travelling, photography and hopes to end up someday writing books for...
10 Dec at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

American Expat Living in France - Interview with Marianne

Marianne is an American expat living abroad in France and working as an au pair. She enjoys traveling, bicycling, watching tv series, writing, yoga, and dogs. Marianne's expat blog is called Californienne ยป an American abroad (see listing here) Here's the interview with Marianne... Where are you originally from? I am originally from small...
8 Dec at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

Indonesian Expat Living in Turkey - Interview with Dian

Dian is a Mother (and housewife), an Indonesian author, blogger, ghost writer, Graphic & Web Designer, online Turkish-Language-teacher. Since April 2005, she is living in Alanya, Turkey as she married with a Turkish man. So, the now chapter of her life is Long Vacation in Alanya. Already publish a duet traveling book about "Best of Turki"...
5 Dec at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

American Expat Living in India - Interview with Amanda

Amanda is an American mom, who wanted her kids to have a chance to learn about "half" their heritage, so she left the corporate world and is now raising her kids in the Mumbai suburbs, while her husband figures out his first job in India. Amanda's expat blog is called Attached Moms (see listing here) India has growing availability of...
3 Dec at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

American Expat Living in England - Interview with Kim

Kim is an american who came to England with the United States Air Force and stayed for love. She met her English husband and now lives outside of Cambridge. She writes about all aspects of living in England from history, days out, etiquette and much more. Kim's expat blog is called American To Britain (see listing here) Guinness Storehouse-...
1 Dec at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

British Expat Living in United Arab Emirates Interview with Reeta

Reeta is a UK expat who has called the UAE home for over 4 years and counting. She started a business in the UAE just a few months before the recession arrived and introduced her to the UAE phenomena of customers absconding in the middle of the night with unpaid bills and cars abandoned in airport car parks. The years that followed...
28 Nov at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

Australian Expat Living in Scotland Interview with Mel

Packing your life in to one suitcase and moving to the other side of the world is a big step, but for Mel from travel and lifestyle blog Everything I Wished For, it was a dream come true. She swapped the sunny beaches of Queensland for the cobbled streets of historic Edinburgh. Edinburgh felt like home the moment she stepped foot in the...
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