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Expatsblog.com introduce our hand-picked expat blogs directory. All blogs within this site are nominees in our annual expat blog awards. Blogs are categorised by the country/region they are now expats in (use menu on right). If you have an expat blog that deserves to feature please request inclusion here. Also read expat bloggers in their expat interviews.

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Italy > Ireland
love isn't for everyone A blog about being single mom between love, adventures and a cup of coffee.
USA > Netherlands
Dutch In Law Storyteller and cityhopper building an urban home in the Netherlands
Singapore > Thailand
Grubbs n Critters A working mother of two currently living in an organised chaos. Has...
Germany > Thailand
Sirinya's Thailand My blog is about everything that interests me about Thailand. My focus is on...
USA > Korea South
SWEET PICKLES & CORN Culture, Commentary, Fiction, Memoir, and Kimchi
England > Greece
Olive, Feta & Ouzo An expat, a wife and friend, with just the right blend of crazy, 4 countries in 8...
Germany > China
Home = where ur heart is Expat Blog about living in China - Shanghai.
USA > Japan
the beauty of existence American expat living in Japan - fluent in Japanese and studying Korean. Topics...
USA > United Arab Emirates
West Coast Abroad Two crazy American west coasters (it's a mindset!) who met on the east coast and...
England > Mexico
Beach Blonde Brit Life and Travels of an Expat in Mexico
Philippines > USA
Guenbt. Together & apart no more Together & apart no more
Netherlands > Spain
Living the Spanish life This blog is about my life as an expat. I am Linda, 22 years old and from the...
Netherlands > Bulgaria
Natastic Bulgaria A blog about my experiences and discoveries in Bulgaria. I'm learning the...
USA > Spain
World Play From the U.S. to Phnom Penh to Barcelona, join me as I navigate life as an expat.
USA > Korea South
24vs100 This blog tells our story as an American couple living and working in Vietnam,...
Canada > Korea South
Tales of a Travel Addict - Running from the mundane since 1985 Originally an online journal to track my experiences as a teacher in Korea, this...
Australia > England
Thrown to the four winds The life and adventures of an Adelaide girl in big ol' London town, featuring...
England > British Virgin Islands
4,128 miles Expat Mummy living in the British Virgin Islands, 4,128 miles from home. Loving...
Philippines > Singapore
Little Miss Honey A Lifestyle Blog about Living an Inspired Life Through Food, Travel, Books &...
Australia > Turkey
Ionia Guest House Starting a new life in Turkey on a small farm. We grow figs and olives, we're...

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Mexico > USA
35 minutes agoThis Week's Small Pleasures #42 I was away last weekend so I wasn’t able to share my small pleasures of that week but I will include some from last weekend and this week. 1. We went on a 4 hour road trip to Pendleton, OR...
Canada > France
54 minutes agoPhoto
Canada > France
58 minutes agoPhoto
England > Nepal
1 hour agoCees Odd Ball Photo Challenge 2015 Week 13 Driving back from visiting a community farm — in the middle of nowhere — we came upon this giant statue of a baby Buddha and had to take a photo!  He had a neon wire halo (which unfortunately...
USA > Germany
1 hour agoDoing as the Locals Do in Sardinia For reasons unknown to me now, S and I found ourselves one day in December Googling festivals in Sardinia. As it turned out, the weekend that we’d be there in January happened to be the weekend of...
Canada > France
1 hour agoPhoto
Canada > France
1 hour agoPhoto
Canada > France
1 hour agoPhoto
USA > England
1 hour agoLess trouble-probably Thanks to all the people who told me they couldn’t click through to my earlier post, “Trouble, trouble, trouble.” (I’m not going to set up a link to that, since it didn’t say much.) I...
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  • love isn't for everyone (25 March)
  • Guenbt. Together & apart no more (24 March)
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  • Living the Spanish life (23 March)
  • Grubbs n Critters (20 March)
  • Natastic Bulgaria (15 March)
  • Sirinya's Thailand (14 March)
  • World Play (14 March)
  • SWEET PICKLES & CORN (13 March)
  • 24vs100 (13 March)

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