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France > USA
frenchbias.com Half French. Half American. Full Fun! A blog about cross-cultural living &...
India > Sweden
SwedLifestyle A free soul with creative mind. I am from India and  moved to Sweden since few...
Germany > USA
Share the Love The vision of Share the Love is to empower and support the millions of Expat...
USA > New Zealand
Adventures with Pete I was living in San Francisco when I first met Pete in 2013.4 years, 3 moves, and...
Australia > Italy
The Expat Loop A expat journey from Australia- USA- Italy and beyond!
India > Germany
Indian Girl in Germany My travels, language and cultural experiences in Deutschland.
Sweden > USA
Tenneswede We are a family of four and a black labrador about to move from northern Sweden...
USA > England
basic bon vivant An American in London sharing photos, thoughts and tips from my adventures as an...
Turkey > Australia
VegFusion I'm originally from Turkey, now living in Sydney, Australia. A published food...
USA > Italy
Expat Alexa I'm an expat teaching English in Bologna, Italy. Just months before graduate...
England > France
Lost en France Buying a house in France, moving in and life thereafter
Philippines > USA
Roam The World Two adventurers sharing their experiences and love for food around the world.
Philippines > United Arab Emirates
Ceddy's Random A blog about travel, food and random things.
USA > Australia
truth-be-travel A truthful account that covers the realistic aspects of traveling. The emotions,...
England > France
Frogs Legs for Tea The comic musings of an expat family, from the UK to the south of France. Paul is...
Germany > Jordan
Living in Jordan as Expat You are planning to move to Jordan as Expat? You live already here? You are...
USA > Germany
anika keswani We're a family of 4. Two of us (the parents) grew up in Texas, and the other two...
Canada > Australia
Wandy McNoble Down Under A Canadian teacher, wife and mother who moved to Melbourne with her husband in...
England > Portugal
A&A's Ventures A&A Ventures follows the progress of Angela and Alan as they share their...
USA > China
Happy Wanderings The content for this blog was born out of letters I wrote to stay in touch with...

Latest Blog Posts

New Zealand > Ireland
-289 seconds agoDecorating Ideas with Country Kitchen Styles Country kitchen – You may want to add or replace only several of things in your kitchen to bring it in the modern styling. If you wish to renovate your kitchen within budget, there are things you...
Germany > Czech Republic
1 hour agoPoullet Beef Burgers Something you don’t eat every day: “Poullet Beef” burgers. Is this going to be some kind of beef from a poulet? Nope. It is trhané maso z hovězího krku and therefore pulled beef. I...The...
England > France
2 hours agoFete Du Musique & HiiiiiYaaa I would say that he popped in for a chat, but he does not understand me and I do not understand him. To clarify - I do not think this is a French/English barrier - more a mumbler vs non mumbler...
USA > China
3 hours agoPBS' The Great American Read Card Catalog Reviews- WEEK 2 In Search of the End of the Sidewalk has teamed up with the Berryville, Arkansas library for this summer’s “The Great American Read” with PBS. The goal for Berryville residents is to have one...
England > Norway
3 hours agoRøisheim Hotel, Jotunheimen National Park This atmospheric former farm is the perfect place to stay when hiking in Jotunheimen or on a Sognefjellet road trip. One of the joys of driving around Norway is visiting the mountains in the summer....
USA > Argentina
3 hours agohttps://notes-fromabroad.blogspot.com/ https://notes-fromabroad.blogspot.com/
Scotland > Poland
3 hours agoCity Council Back New 'International Wrocław Events' Program Wrocław City Council have given their backing to a new series of 'International Wrocław Events', the latest of which takes place next Wednesday. The main aim of the events is to create a...
Scotland > Poland
4 hours agoPiwo Uncut: Five Beers To Try This Summer In order to bring you reviews of the most interesting and flavour packed beers currently on the go, we've teamed up with Marynka Piwo i Aperitivo, the city's best venue for craft beer and...
USA > Germany
4 hours agoPre-Natal Appointments in Germany   And just like that we are already on week 21 of pregnancy. I honestly can’t believe I’m halfway through this time of life and am just so excited to meet our little one. We had our anatomy scan...
Switzerland > France
4 hours agoWhere I feel right at home again When various events fall into place and they align perfectly with your agenda it provides the irresistible excuse to squeeze yet another little trip between a weekend away and the summer exodus...
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