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Canada > France
Les Petits a Paris An expat blog about life in Paris, travels around the globe and beautiful...
USA > England
Girl Gone London Adventures of an American girl in the UK, covering topics including expat life,...
Mexico > Switzerland
LivinGeneva This is a personal blog about personal experiences as a Mexican in Switzerland....
England > Switzerland
SWISS ROLE Expat Life & Travel in Switzerland.I am a freelance journalist &...
Poland > Germany
BERLINSKO. Blog z Berlina. BERLINSKO is a blog written directly from Berlin, dedicated mainly to Polish...
USA > France
La Vie En C-Rose All about travel & expat life in France. I write about expat life in France,...
New Zealand > France
USA > Spain
Travelin' with the TMax Travelin' with the TMax! He is traveling Europe and the world having fun,...
England > Spain
zen kyu maestro... teacher in Spain Immersion-English primary school teacher, blogging about life inside and outside...
USA > Germany
So Long, USA! Hallo, Deutschland! My name is Danielle and I am an American living in Germany. I blog about the...
USA > France
Home - Baguettes & Bicyclettes Living in Limousin as an American in France sharing little stories, mostly my...
Australia > Belgium
Butterscotch & Chocolate A double-take on the sweet things in life: Travel. Food. Leisure.
Australia > Netherlands
Tassie Devil Abroad A girl from Tasmania, living in the Netherlands and travelling the world!
Philippines > Saudi Arabia
Stories of The Wandering Feet & Mind "Not all who wander are aimless, especially those who seek truth beyond...
Ukraine > India
indiapalette.com My blog is all about cultural experiences, travel and everyday life in India.
Philippines > Taiwan
The chronicles continue... Fun, quirky, and loaded with adventurista good vibes.
France > India
Cheese-Naan Cheese-Naan is our blog to share our trips and daily discoveries in and out of...
Canada > Thailand
The Lucky Couple 2 Canadian expats who sold their crap and moved to Thailand. Travel. Food. Making...
USA > Korea South
I Can Speak English I'm a Korean American adoptee who returned "home" to discover who I am,...
USA > Austria
Mamirocks We are two expat moms living in Austria. In our mommy blog we write in English...

Latest Blog Posts

England > Qatar
1 hour agoAnd The Winner Is... Thank you to all of you that took part in my recent Entertainer Qatar App Giveaway (and huge apologies to those of you that experienced technical difficulties when trying to apply...let's just say...
England > Qatar
1 hour agoIndiana/Florida trip, part 8 (No one mentioned that my numbering in this series stuttered. I just went back and fixed that. I think.)We finally get to Florida! My flight was late getting out of Chicago, and it was an evening...
Portugal > Turks And Caicos Islands
1 hour agofield trip to the conch farm earlier this week we went on a field trip to the conch farm. it’s the only commercial conch farm in the world and in 30 minutes we had a tour of the farm, going through the process of cultivating...
USA > Japan
1 hour agothe alley
USA > Kenya
1 hour agoThe Not-So-Foreign Experience of Getting a Haircut in Nairobi I exit the elevator of Junction Mall and step into my hair salon. The smell of nail polish and shampoo greet me, and ladies holding magazines and coffee are getting pedicures and their hair woven....
USA > Australia
1 hour agoThe Top 5 Charming Eateries in Portsmouth Portsmouth: the Waterfront City. Known as the bustling naval hub of Britain and home to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, it was once one of the most fortified cities in the world. Just 60 miles from...
USA > India
1 hour agoWhat's your Child's KGB File like? How P-20 education and Common Core is tracking your child Okay – I’m going to be a bit blunt here. I’m not anti science (we did cord blood banking!), and I’m not anti-big data (I love data, I love models! I love analytics). But I am anti data...
England > Poland
1 hour agoŁódź is not pronounced Loads Road trip! This time to Łódź...which is not pronounced Loads if that is what you were thinking. I once blew my boss's mind in the States when at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC I explained...
France > England
1 hour agoWhat to do this week-end in London: August 28-29-30-31   Week-end ahead! Here are some more cool things to enjoy in London. If you have tips we haven’t covered, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below…     ♥ That’s London, baby ♥ 1....
USA > France
2 hours agoa home of my own a haven & marl grey
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