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Expatsblog.com introduce our hand-picked expat blogs directory. All blogs within this site are nominees in our annual expat blog awards. Blogs are categorised by the country/region they are now expats in (use menu on right). If you have an expat blog that deserves to feature please request inclusion here. Also read expat bloggers in their expat interviews.

Latest Blogs

Canada > Germany
Kaffee und Kuchen Tales of a travel-loving, coffee and cake-eating Canadian expat living near...
India > United Arab Emirates
Mita's Views My personal views and rants
Canada > Nicaragua
SchoePrints Stories and views from an international development professional in Granada,...
Netherlands > England
KITTY IN THE CITY How to become an Expat in 365 Days? The blog is based on real-life experiences of...
England > France
Le Mas Abicou We are Judy, Caty, and Jina, three ladies hailing from England, France (via...
USA > Malaysia
Ale Berrie Travel and Adventure, Food & Drinks, and Yoga. Ale Berrie originally began...
USA > France
Larisanjou I am an American Latina writing about self-discovery, travel, and expat life in...
USA > Ecuador
Ecuador George Preparing for retirement, moving to Ecuador, and then living in Ecuador. All the...
USA > New Zealand
The Cynical Sailor & His Salty Sidekick Travel and sailing blog about two Americans becoming full-time cruisers in New...
USA > Germany
Patience & Grace Military family living in Germany, traveling, crafting, and taking lots of photos.
USA > Turkey
Marie in Stitches Marie blogs about her expat life raising a family in Turkey.
USA > England
Beas Louise Doodles and thoughts of a 20something moving to London.
Netherlands > Croatia
Svinisce, the hidden treasure About year round daily life in and around our village in a hidden valley of...
England > Spain
SomeSeeds - London girl in Barcelona London girl in Barcelona will help you find scrumptious food places. For anyone...
Russia > Italy
Raising a Trilingual Child Daily musings and thoughts on teaching languages to children in a multilingual...
France > Australia
The Frog Blog: A Frenchman Moves from France to Australia I am dual national (French-Australian, originally from Australia), blogging about...
USA > Luxembourg
The Ts The Ts are an American family of four who moved from Oregon to Luxembourg in 2012...
Bulgaria > Netherlands
Citywordhunt Dutch Hunt for Dutch Words in Amsterdam - learning the language through the city and...
Canada > Dominica
Ti Domnik Tales Stories, articles, reflections, musings about Dominica, the Nature Island
Italy > Australia
Moving around mum see the world through my expat lens (by Mrs. Bingles)

Latest Blog Posts

USA > Japan
10 minutes agoLast Weekend I woke up around 0400 for reasons unknown. I didn’t manage to go back to sleep, so I puttered a bit online, then scraped the barnacles. In the midst of shaving, I remembered I need to buy another...
USA > Luxembourg
31 minutes agoThe North Sea: We Liked It So Much We Went Back And this time we took friends! Last week after school let out, it seemed like a fine time to head to the beach.  So we packed up our car (and Shawn’s sleek, shiny car top carrier) and headed back...
USA > Luxembourg
40 minutes agoThe Prompt - It's a Man's World The Prompt for this week is a topic and it is: It’s a man’s world   This is a topic that particularly resonates with me right now as, at this precise moment in time I am waiting for my husband...
USA > Luxembourg
51 minutes agoPredictions for next week Following on from the last entry – and due to there being no entries next week unless something truly unpredictable occurs – here are a few things to expect next week: Tuesday 29th July – EU...
USA > Spain
52 minutes agoSunrise at the End of the World- A Trip to Finisterre Finisterre, a coastal town and peninsula in Galicia, Sp […]
USA > Spain
54 minutes agoLate gratitude. Today I’m feeling contemplative.
France > England
1 hour agoTeatime with Genesis Crafty: the pancake tower Since I came back from the US, friends have been stopping by surprise, just to chat and catch up. Usually around teatime. With or without kids. Between writing, photoshooting and the summer school...
Australia > Bolivia
1 hour agoMuseo Universitario Charcas The Museo Universitario Charcas is located in a 17th century mansion and is owned and operated by the Universidad San Francisco Xavier. Museo Universitario Charcas comprises three separate...
Canada > USA
1 hour agoFriday File......................It's FLASH-MATIC! - photo courtesy of http://www.ideafinder.com/history/inventions/remotectl.htm Well, well, what do we have here? Why, it’s the world’s first wireless television remote control!  The,...
Australia > Bolivia
1 hour agoBrujas y Tijeras Spa If you’re after a bit of beauty therapy, the interestingly named Brujas y Tijeras Spa (Witches and Scissors Spa) may be just what you need. The hairdresser and beauty salon offers a range of...
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  • Svinisce, the hidden treasure (25 June)
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  • SomeSeeds - London girl in Barcelona (24 June)
  • Le Mas Abicou (23 June)
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