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  • Made in Suisse
    I am a French scientist in her late-twenties who has now been living in La Suisse for 18 months. After a short stint living in Meilen on the shore of lake Zürich Mr T and I have now taken up residence in Brugg, a small town between Basel, Bern and Zürich.

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  • Cryptocurrencies win support from China and Russia
    Expats pinning their financial hopes on digital currencies can take some encouragement from China and Russia’s begrudging acceptance of the online money. Expatriates eager to invest in...
  • US expat protest group challenges Bannon in Zurich
    An American expatriate group protesting over USA lawmakers’ lack of interest in gun control made their voices heard in Zurich during Steve Bannon’s visit. As if the visit by the ultra-right...
  • Brit applications for French citizenship soar
    British citizens living in France are queuing to get French citizenship before Brexit becomes an unwelcome reality. Since the result of the Brexit referendum, the numbers of British nationals...
  • Second home owners in France face swinging increase in property tax
    British owners of second homes in France are facing a 60 per cent increase in property taxes following reforms by the new French president. Macron’s aim is to discourage the disruption of the...
  • US expat havens in France
    France is famous for being a number on destination for British expats, but it’s now becoming equally popular with Americans since Trump was elected. The day after the US election result was...
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