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  • Stumble Abroad
    We are a family of 4 currently living in Jakarta Indonesia. I was born and raised in Mexico and constantly looking for new places to visit and live in.

Latest Expat Interviews/ Articles

  • Mexican Expat in Indonesia - Interview With Ana
    Ana Gaby is Mexican by birth and soul, American by passport and heart and Indonesian by residence permit. A former international development consultant she quit her dream job to pursue her dreams of...

Latest News Relating to Indonesia or Mexico

  • US expats in Mexico at risk from Trump policies
    American expats living in Mexico could be caught in retaliatory action by the Mexican government should Trump tax imports and remittances to pay for his wall. Three members of Mexico’s...
  • US expats in Mexico fear anti-American sentiment
    The Trump campaign’s concentration on offensive anti-Mexican rhetoric is causing long-stay US expats in the country to reconsider their futures. Around a million US citizens live south of their...
  • US expats in Mexico distancing themselves from Trump
    Life is getting more uncomfortable by the minute for US expats living in Mexico. From Trump’s first campaign rant about Mexicans and his promise to build a wall between the two countries to the...
  • Trump win scares US expats in Mexico
    US citizens living in Mexico are already fearing for their lifestyles after Trump’s victory in the presidential election. For decades, Mexico has been popular with American expats looking for a...
  • Is Mexico the answer to the post Brexit blues
    Expats facing up to the post-Brexit possibility they may not be able to stay in their chosen EU member state havens should consider alternatives such as Mexico, a favourite with US retirees for...
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