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15 Mar at 9 AM

British Expat Living in Singapore - Interview with ispyprettyplaces

Hi I'm ispyprettyplaces, found and owner of the ispyprettyplaces blog. Since the age of 11 I've been an expat living in 4 different countries. I caught the travel bug pretty early in life and so spend as much free time as possible discovering beautiful places on our Earth. My blog is part travel blog part expat blog, unravelling the trials...
30 Sep at 9 AM

American Expat Living in Singapore - Interview with Lucy Day

Singapore is a city and a tiny island country in Southeast Asia. The culture is very Chinese but there are multiple types of Chinese heritage here, and Malay, Indian, and European heritage as well. The dominant language is English but half a dozen others are common. The country is only 50 years old and yet it's been a fantastic economic...
18 Mar at 9 AM

American Expat Living in Singapore - Interview with Kate

In April of 2015 Kate moved from the US to Singapore to take on a regional role with her company. She's a mid-level manager (roughly 14 years into her career) and has a permanent case of wanderlust. She takes time to travel frequently, but also writes about managing a local team, working across the Asia Pacific Region and life as an expat in...
13 Mar at 9 AM

Filipino Expat Living in Singapore - Interview with Honey

Honey is a medical doctor and a lifestyle blogger. She was born in the Philippines, lived her high school life in Saudi Arabia and moved to Singapore in 2012. She is a self-proclaimed travel junkie, a foodie and a bookworm. She views life as an adventure and continues to explore life's surprises together with her husband and 8-months old...
1 May at 9 AM

Danish Expat Living in Singapore - Expat Interview with Mathilde

After years of globe trekking, Mathilde finally found peace in the idyllic Danish family-setting in Copenhagen: good job, nice apartment, happy children in schools and grandparents/close friends just around the corner... But for Mathilde and her boyfriend Thomas, the idyllic life lacked that extra pinch of spice! A much talked about dream...
11 Nov at 11 AM

Finnish Expat Living in Singapore, Interview with Ang Moh Chick

Ang Moh Chick herself is a Scandinavian expat - an ‘ang moh’ (meaning a westerner) - who took a huge leap of faith and moved to Singapore. She blogs about the discovery of a new and very different country, cultural clashes, travelling and finding those small but important flavors of life – whether it’s a new café, hobby, recipe,...
9 Oct at 2 PM

From Philippines to Singapore, Expat Interview with Haidee

Haidee is presently a stay-at-home mom, a newbie blogger and a first time expat. She and her daughter moved to Singapore to permanently live with her husband who works as Studio & Design Manager. She quit her five-year-old job in Manila, transferred her daughter to a local school and started blogging her family's journey as expatriates in...
20 Sep at 10 AM

Expat Author Interview: Diary of An Expat in Singapore

Besides being an author, Dr. Jennifer Gargiulo is a university lecturer and avid blogger. Her blog Diary of An Expat in Singapore (see listing here), has been featured frequently in magazines such as Expat Living and Expat and Travel. Born in Verona, Italy, Jennifer got a degree in Philosophy at Vassar College in New York and went on to get...
10 Sep at 5 PM

Dutch Expat Living in Singapore, Interview With Karien

Karien van Ditzhuijzen was born into expat live, boarding her fist intercontinental flight at only fourteen days old. From the Middle and the Far East she moved back to Europe, tried three countries there, but found them all too cold and boring to her taste. She convinced her husband to pick up their young family and move to Singapore. There...
26 Jun at 10 AM

British Expat in Singapore - Interview With Morwenna

Morwenna was a Chief Sub Editor on women's magazines, then had a child, then went back part-time as a Sub Editor, then realised she was rubbish at cleaning up other people's writing and wanted to do her own. She enrolled on a creative writing course, did another, began writing a novel then moved to Singapore with her husband and young son,...
11 Jun at 3 PM

Do you Speak expat? Meeting Expats in Singapore

Day One: a swimming pool in a small condo in Holland Village, west Singapore. I am on my back looking at the blue, blue sky and listening to the roar of the main road just metres beyond the hedge: it is not unlike London’s Westway, I think, and the thought is briefly comforting. It is 1pm on a Thursday and most schools have gone back after...
12 Apr at 9 AM

British Expat Living in Singapore - Intervewing Nikki

Blogging as " A British Girl Abroad" Nikki moved to Lebanon on the strength of their world renowned wine, good food and weather and is now based in Singapore. As well as blogging about her new life there, "A British Girl Abroad" also contains posts from previous experiences from as far apart as Lebanon and Syria to London and Japan. This is a...
26 Mar at 9 AM

English girl living in Singapore - Interviewing Changmoh Girl

This is an interview with the girl behind the anonymous and successful Singapore life and style blog An unusual blog in that she's become so assimilated with local culture out in Singapore that she's earned herself the nickname of 'Changmoh' which stands for Chinese Angmoh (local speak for Chinese Caucasian). Huge fun, it's...
21 Nov at 9 AM

Dutch Expat in Singapore - Interview With Katrijn

Katrijn de Ronde followed in her mother’s footsteps when she took her toddler by the hand and followed her husband to the Far East isle of Singapore. The foreigner force is strong with this one – after her Asian childhood, she spent a gap year living with a Bolivian family and an exchange year studying Celtic history in Ireland. Stories...
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