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Latest Blogs by American Expats Living in Ireland

  • Desert To Dublin
    A blog detailing the international relocation and transition of a family of five (and two labradoodle puppies) from Tucson, Arizona, USA, to Dublin, Ireland.
  • Sidewalk Safari
    American expat living in Dublin. Full-time Googler, part-time travel blogger, "bleisure" expert. 6 yrs, 7760 miles walked, 2000 posts & still going strong!
  • Views As A Veenstra
    Expats: Mixed American & Dutch family, living in UK & Ireland. Blogging & keeping memories of our family adventures, my love of photography, D.I.Y., and exploring Europe and beyond with our two amazing kids. See the four of us grow up!
  • A Mainer in the Maharees
    A Maine girl writing from West Kerry, Ireland
  • Somewhere in Ireland
    After 10 years of talking about moving to Ireland someday, in April 2014 we did it. This blog documents our experience.

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Latest News Relating to Ireland or Usa

  • UK expats shock at worldwide Marks and Spencer closures
    Following the UK company’s decision to close its stores in China due to lack of demand, the quintessentially British retailer has now announced it will close100 stores in Europe. Known as a link...
  • The joys of expat life in Ireland
    Ireland has been a safe haven for foreign direct investments for decades, along with thousands of expat professionals and managers who find it the preferred place to live and work. In spite of...
  • Tech expats in USA fear Trump effect on visa programme
    Expats working in USA tech hubs are afraid their skilled worker visa programme may be terminated by Trump. Following Donald Trump’s mixed messages on the campaign trail concerning the USA’s...
  • British expats in Europe to be allowed to stay
    In a surprise turnaround, it seems that British expats living in EU member states are about to be granted the right to remain. Hundreds of thousands of British citizens working or retiring in EU...
  • American expats waiting on Trump promise to repeal FATCA
    Whatever US expats overseas feel about a Trump presidency, all are in unison about a rumour that the Republican is planning to get rid of the dreaded FATCA. Of all the unrealistic and mostly...
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