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  • Qatar fights back with 80 country visa free scheme
    As the Gulf State diplomatic boycott of Qatar drags on with no apparent solution, the wealthy little emirate is fighting back. Qatar’s latest weapon against the economic damage being caused by...
  • Stay or Go is UK retiree dilemma
    EU member states and Spain in particular are still on the retirement agenda for UK would-be expats. Britons coming up on retirement are still favouring European destinations in spite of the...
  • UK expat retirees urged to do homework before emigrating
    Spain’s position as an all-time favourite retirement haven for older Brits seeking sunshine and sangria is still unrivalled, but France, Italy, Portugal and Far East destinations such as the...
  • New Zealand on the up as a preferred expat destination
    Traditionally, New Zealand has always welcomed large numbers of expats looking to start a new life, with British expats making up a strong percentage of its annual arrival statistics. A recent...
  • Is UK expatriation becoming less popular
    If media coverage is to be believed, the UK would seem to be emptying fast, but new research by one of Britain’s high street banks seems to show the opposite. According to a study by Lloyds...
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