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If you are looking to connect with American expats in New Zealand, then this page brings together all the latest expat blogs New Zealand written by American bloggers, any interviews, articles and news items we have here at

Latest Blogs by American Expats Living in New Zealand

  • A Little More Southern
    Southern belle married to a Kiwi blogging about life as an American expat in New Zealand.
  • Adventures of the Brown Kiwi's
    Blog about our lives as expats and raising a little boy in New Zealand
  • Amongst the Kiwis: An American PhD Student in New Zealand
    Observations about Christchurch and New Zealand from an American PhD student at the University of Canterbury
  • SurfSeaYou+Me
    A young couple from California documenting our ocean adventures as we move from Southern California USA to New Zealand in August 2015. We love to travel, surf, and explore!
  • beckoning balance
    blog about migrating from US to New Zealand, balance, nature, adjustment to a new way of living and maintaining connections

Latest Expat Interviews/ Articles

Latest News Relating to New Zealand or Usa

  • UK expats in USA shock horror at Brexit disaster
    Although Brits living and working across the pond are unlikely to be directly affected by Britain’s leaving the EU, they’re shocked and horrified at the result and the chaos that’s...
  • Postal voting scandal ignites worldwide expat fury
    Following a report in the Independent newspaper last Thursday, an increasing number of British expats involved in the postal votes scandal are calling for a second referendum. Expats living in EU...
  • Oz and Kiwi expats kidnapped in Nigeria
    A group of Australian and New Zealander expats working in Nigeria have been kidnapped at gunpoint by militants whilst being driven to work at a mine in Cross River State near Calabar City. One...
  • Could votes by UK expats in Oz swing the referendum
    Tomorrow’s the day the long-term future of the UK is decided, with the million or more UK expats living in Australia possibly able to swing the vote to Remain. British passport holders living in...
  • Beating bureaucratic challenges as an expat in the USA
    Expats heading for a new life in the USA face a good number of bureaucratic challenges, but taking advice from those who’ve gone before is the best way to deal with officialdom. The USA is one...
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