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Latest Blogs by American Expats Living in Saudi Arabia

  • Me and My Abaya
    Chronicles the misadventures of an English Teacher in Dammmam, Saudi Arabia
  • Foreign Girl Blog
    An American woman's journey in Saudi Arabia, learning those things about their society and mine - whether funny, maddening, baffling, inspiring, heartbreaking, or instructive - that can only be seen from the outside.
  • Butterfly in the oasis in the desert
    Life in Yanbu and back home
  • GMarie's Page
    I wondered how it would be to work abroad with a culture much different than my own. After working 19 years for the U.S Federal government (with a 4-year stint in the Navy), I applied and accepted a position in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  • Mittyology
    My personal experiences and observations of Saudi Arabia as a young American woman. I am an ESL teacher and recently married, and I am fascinated with the Arab culture.

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