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  • Living the Life Fandango
    I'm a 78-year-old ex-pat American living in Spain with my beloved wife and partner, Elyn Aviva. In this blog we will address the questions about how we did it and what our lives are like living here in Spain.
  • Belleville to Barcelona
    An American girl living and teaching English in Barcelona; advice, stories, and lots of pictures to document her never-ending adventures in Spain and around Europe.
  • World Play
    From the U.S. to Phnom Penh to Barcelona, join me as I navigate life as an expat.
  • Our Juicy Life
    My husband and I are from Los Angeles, California. We moved to rural France in 2009 and now we are moving to Catalunya, Spain. The blog is about our life and adventures living in a different country.
  • Siesta en Spain - Galicia
    If you want to get to know Galicia a little bit better, are thinking about traveling or living abroad, or just want a good ol' laugh, check out my blog! I talk about my experiences teaching English and navigating my way through Vigo

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  • Expat worker in Spain shocked at son’s suitcase arrival
    The father of a Moroccan boy caught being smuggled into Spain in a suitcase has denied knowing anything about what was happening. The eight-year-old boy in question was apprehended in Cueta, an...
  • Worten electrical store angers expats with faulty goods
    One of the biggest electrical chains in Spain have angered a couple of expats after they refused to issue a refund or to replace faulty items. Both men said that the customer service was...
  • Expats US to receive YipTV OTT TV service
    You Individualised Personalised TV, otherwise known as the YipTV service, will provide access to 50 international services for a fee of US$14.99 per month on a rolling contract. This service will be...
  • Expatriate record set by Americans abroad
    According to data released by the IRS last Thursday, the first quarter of 2015 saw the largest amount of expat Americans giving up their U.S citizenship compared to any previous quarter since records...
  • Expat mothers prefer life in Spain
    Nearly half of the expat mothers living in Spain never want to return to their home country because they feel they have a better quality of living in their adopted country. conducted...
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