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Latest Blogs by Australian Expats Living in Italy

  • Renovating Italy
    Renovation, life in italy, renovating in italy, living in italy
  • Jim & Kerry - Retirement is great!
    Retirement is great! (by Jim & Kerry)
  • Unwilling Expat
    After a decade of living in Sicily I am looking for ways of appreciating this expat existence, sharing it's difficulties and contemplating about living life away from home. Life, love and frustration from Australia to Sicily
  • Maremma Tuscany
    A blog about life in the Tuscan Maremma - a province honest in both landscape and lifestyle, promising la dolce vita and Tuscany off-the-beaten track.
  • Bell'Avventura
    An Australian Italian, over twenty-five years in Italy, but always Positano.

Latest Expat Interviews/ Articles

Latest News Relating to Italy or Australia

  • Former Dubai expats plan trip down memory lane
    Expats who helped build the businesses which brought Dubai from a desert oasis to its present cosmopolitan luxury and wealth are hoping to revisit the city by invitation. Those working in Dubai...
  • Britons make up one in every 20 Australians
    According to the latest Australian census, the country hasn’t lost its popularity as an expat destination for disenchanted UK citizens, as 5 per cent of Oz’s total population are Britons by...
  • Expats love Australia but worry about discrimination
    A recently-released social study has revealed that migrants recently arrived in Australia love their new lives but are experiencing racial discrimination. The survey, carried out by Monarsh...
  • Free EU medical care for expats to end soon
    Britons under the UK’s official retirement ages looking to emigrate to European sunshine destinations are about to lose their entitlement to free health care subsidised by the NHS. At present,...
  • Expat Brits caught out by UK war on health tourism
    A major crackdown on so-called health tourism announced yesterday by the UK government is likely to severely affect British expats who need to return to the UK for urgent medical care. Under the...
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