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  • She gathers no moss
    Alexandra is currently living in Manila, The Philippines, where she is Editor of the quarterly ADBSA Newsflash magazine, as well as writing for ANZA News, the American Women’s magazine, Inklings, and the British Women’s Association magazine.
  • Living the Life Abroad
    Once Upon a Time and Happily Ever After with A Little Spice in Between.

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  • Retired US expats can live the good life on a budget
    As prices increase across the USA, more and more retirees are becoming expats enjoying a better quality of life at far less cost. Americans, it seems, aren’t great at saving for retirement. A...
  • Expat retirees should head for Dumaguete
    Would-be expat retirees looking for something different have been heading to Southeast Asia for several decades, but the Philippines has remained a well-kept secret, attracting mostly Americans to...
  • Expat investors warned against Uber boiler room fraud
    The latest investment fraud warning to expats in New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia involves two fake companies with misleading websites. Expatriates retiring, living and working in Asia...
  • Expat healthcare services in the Philippines
    Retiring to a tropical paradise is a favourite dream for older would-be expats, but what if unexpected health issues are the reality? Emigrating overseas outside North America and Europe...
  • Expat wives worst nightmare in Southeast Asia
    Of all the fears and uncertainties felt by expat wives whose husbands have dragged them to relocation in South-East Asia, the worst is losing their man to a local slant-eyed beauty. All the major...
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