Expat Top List Writing Contest March 2013

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Our long-awaited expat writing contest is finally here! Open to all 1450+ expats who have a blog listed with us, we're looking for a great top list on the country/area/city you're living in!
With prizes worth $1000, this is a contest not to be missed!

Competition details:

6 prizes totalling $1000 of Amazon Gift Vouchers!
- Our favourite wins $400.
- Our runner-up wins $200.
- One randomly picked winner (sweepstakes) wins $100
- Entry with highest number of Tweets wins $100.
- Entry with most Facebook shares & likes (combined) wins $100.
- Entry with our favourite reader comment wins $100.

How to enter:
We want you to write a Top List for the country/area/city you're now living in as an expat. We're looking for a great mix of creativity and interesting/useful information.
Examples could be "Top 10 Reasons I love being an Expat in Berlin", "Top 10 Expat Hangouts in Paris", "Top 15 Things to Know Before Moving to Australia", "Top 12 Tips for Living in London" and "Top 10 Restaurants in Dubai Recommended for Expats". The more creative the better!
You may provide a few relevant links, although these may be moderated.
You may provide relevant photos (max 5), although not required. They will be resized to 600px for the larger version and 250px for the on-page version. Please provide captions.

Quick Recap:
Your entry email should contain:
- Your author name, Twitter id (if have one) and your ExpatsBlog.com blog listing web address
- Text document (.doc/.docx/.odt/.txt formats are fine and mark where you want images to appear with caption and image no.)
- Attached images (max 5)
- Captions

Please email us your entry (with images attached) at: contests[at]expatsblog[dot]com
We'd love you to leave a quick comment below to say you're entering this contest, but not required! And perhaps a little FB like or tweet if you're feeling generous ;)

Contest Terms:
- Open to expat bloggers who have a blog listing on ExpatsBlog.com.
- One entry per author.
- Restricted to one prize per entry; in event that an entry qualifies to win 2 prizes, the greater value prize will be awarded!
- Minimum word count: 700, maximum 2000.
- Entries must be previously unpublished elsewhere.
- Entries judged by the ExpatsBlog.com team. Judging factors include usefulness of information, originality and creativity. Our favourite wins!
- Deadline for entries: 22 March 2013 22:00 GMT.
- Entries published estimated 25th March 2013 (depends on quantity of last min entries) for public reading, comments and social sharing.
- Contest concludes: 31 March 2013 21:00 GMT (with winners announced within a few days)
- Copyright remains with the author, but ExpatsBlog.com has the unrestricted right to publish the entries on this website.
- We reserve the right to refuse an entry.
- Comments will be moderated before publishing. Non-positive comments won't be published.
- Tweet/FB counts will be assessed on contest close.
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Contest Comments » There are 78 comments

Cyndie wrote 10 years ago:

Count me in!

Lindsay De Feliz wrote 10 years ago:

I will definitely be entering, although not sure yet which top 10 I will do. Should be fun

Jen Brown wrote 10 years ago:

Ok, I'm game. Now off to think about what interesting tid-bits to share about Hong Kong, quite possibly the best city in the world.

Richard Corrigan wrote 10 years ago:

Anticipating a lot of competition from the writers about France but will give it my best shot!

Larissa wrote 10 years ago:

So many possibilities! I'm in!

Federico wrote 10 years ago:

ok, sweet, I'm in! :)

Mary Jane Cryan wrote 10 years ago:

What a shame, I just published Tuscania's Top Five Sites and then read your rules.

BritParcel wrote 10 years ago:

I'm in too!

Zhu wrote 10 years ago:

Canada here, I am in! Will get that ready.

David wrote 10 years ago:

I'm in!

Ian wrote 10 years ago:

Great idea - I will be entering.

Molly wrote 10 years ago:

I writing about 7 Spanish dishes. Yummy! Exciting stuff with all the Expats writing great content. Looking forward to seeing it all live.

Sonia wrote 10 years ago:

Working on it...

Jenny @ The Ketchup War wrote 10 years ago:

I'm totally up for entering this!! There are so many wonderful things about Seoul, it'll be hard to narrow it down to just one specific list! lol! :)

Amanda wrote 10 years ago:

I look forward to sharing the many wonderful things about this great city on the Rhine (Basel).

Wondering Woman wrote 10 years ago:

Have so many ideas for this will definitely be adding something!

Christian Höferle wrote 10 years ago:

Yes, I'm interested in your contest and will try to find the time to submit an entry.

Amsterdamian wrote 10 years ago:

I'm in!

Alba Brunetti wrote 10 years ago:

Get ready for my take on beautiful İstanbul!

Claire McGill wrote 10 years ago:

Oooh, I do like lists! :0

Rick wrote 10 years ago:

It sounds like fun, I'll submit one from Rome. "Top Ten Scandals Involving Silvio Berlusconi." No, maybe not. Anyway, I'll come up with something--probably food related.

Selena wrote 10 years ago:

I will be submitting an article. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. Selena

Angela wrote 10 years ago:

I'm nearly finished with my entry! So I can't publish it on my blog until I've sent it in? A bit confused on that point... Anyway, I'm excited!

Bex wrote 10 years ago:

Hi from Athens! Working on it this weekend, will be a pleasure to enter, even just to have the opportunity to promote Athens as a city.

Rachel wrote 10 years ago:

This is exciting! I am definitely entering, lots of Ideas!..

Michelle Garrett wrote 10 years ago:

Love the idea of this contest! I'll be there! :)

Bonnie Rose wrote 10 years ago:

Look forward to participating in this!

Katie wrote 10 years ago:

count me in, thinking cap is on

Diane Baum wrote 10 years ago:

As an esl teacher for expats, can I enter about what there is for the expat to do in Michigan?

Quinn & Jonathon wrote 10 years ago:

We're starting on ours today about Nicaragua, trying to get creative! We're very excited about the contest!!

Jessica Venture wrote 10 years ago:

I'd love to do this and write about my top list of Puglia, Italy. I don't think many will be writing about this specific area so I would be obliged to have the chance.

Robin McGuire wrote 10 years ago:

Just entered this great contest. Thanks for organizing it! Now I'm off to Turkey.

Mary wrote 10 years ago:

AHHH!!! I have less that 24 hours to write this, I'm up for the challenge!

Tatiana wrote 10 years ago:

Phew! Just submitted my piece on Switzerland! I'm so looking forward to seeing all the other entries.

Mimi wrote 10 years ago:

i will be working on my entry for this competition this weekend...I already have a whole list of top things to do and see in cyprus whirling round my head; I am not sure how I am going to edit it down!

Jennyandjohninfrance wrote 10 years ago:

I am sat here thinking about my entry and not working!!!!!!! there's so many good things about France, it is going to be difficult to get just one top list

Taylor wrote 10 years ago:

I love making lists for tips/tricks for expats! Definitely entering!

Melanie Haynes wrote 10 years ago:

So many ideas for my top lists about Copenhagen - definitely entering this

Skiathian wrote 10 years ago:

It seems a shame its only 10 - Why not give it a go :)

ExpatsBlog.com wrote 10 years ago:

@Skiathian it doesn't have to be 10! Not a fixed number :)

Forest Foothills wrote 10 years ago:

I will be listing shortly

Lottie Nevin wrote 10 years ago:

What a great idea and I can't wait to get started- choosing 5 photos is going to be the hard part, I have so many!

Kris wrote 10 years ago:

Oh my, how fun! The ideas are already swirling around in my head.

ExpatsBlog.com wrote 10 years ago:

Real shame Mary, well if you fancy writing another top list... plenty of time :)

MuMuGB wrote 10 years ago:

Count me in! Hi from London!

Aussie France wrote 10 years ago:

Hi, I have been meaning to do a post on the top châteaux to visit in the Loire Valley in France, so this will give me push to do so!

Great idea! I'll mull it over and get cracking soon - this is going to be fun :-)

Tatiana wrote 10 years ago:

Oh this could be totally fun!!

Farrah wrote 10 years ago:

Looking forward to sharing some wonderful things about our little village in The Netherlands!

Alexis / Never Leave Here wrote 10 years ago:

I'm down... now I just have to come up with the perfect list!

Celeste @ Courageous Or Crazy wrote 10 years ago:

I think the topic is fabulous! I can't wait to see the different paths everyone takes with their writing and how Expat ideas, information, adventures, etc. compare to my own in The Netherlands! This is going to be fun!

Kym Ciftci wrote 10 years ago:

interesting :-) I'll give it a shot. Look forward to reading everyone else's also!

Malaya wrote 10 years ago:

starting on mine now :) looking forward to read everyone's entry! good luck!

Saleha wrote 10 years ago:

Just submitted!

ExpatsBlog.com wrote 10 years ago:

@Angela All contest entries will be published for reading/sharing etc within 3-7 of the closing date for new entries (22nd March). This date does depend on how many last minute entries we receive! The link to your entry and all the others will appear at the top of this page when we're ready to launch! The article does need to be previously unpublished before the competition concludes.

Ariana wrote 10 years ago:

I just sent you my entry!

Adrienne wrote 10 years ago:

I love the idea! It took me forever to decide on a topic to write about, but I think I finally settled on one. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

ExpatsBlog.com wrote 10 years ago:

@Diane sorry, this writing competition is only open to expats with a blog listing here! Be great to get in touch regarding our Local Expert series though... get in touch!

Greg wrote 10 years ago:

Vacation ends today, so I will be getting very busy, but I intend to do my best to write a winning entry about hot springs in Japan.

Alana - Paper Planes wrote 10 years ago:

Writing now...

Vanessa wrote 10 years ago:

Ooo! My first blog contest! Working on my post now! :D

Anna wrote 10 years ago:

I'll contribute with a rather unsual list of top Peruvian sites and certainly looking forward to read everybody's lists -inspiration for future travels! Wishing good luck to everyone who is participating!

Jessica wrote 10 years ago:

Allez! I'll be adding my list! It will be really fun to read other entries and see how each person has interpreted the top tens! Great idea.

Julie Callahan wrote 10 years ago:

OK.. I'll try to get something in about Slovakia by Friday (wish me luck!)... Julie

Holly Nelson wrote 10 years ago:

Amazing! I have just started to work on my piece!

Katrijn wrote 10 years ago:

Working on short but sweet list for Singapore - I hope it'll give visitors some un-thought of options!

Mandi wrote 10 years ago:

Entered and excited!!!

Kristen wrote 10 years ago:

Just entered! Whew!

Jessica wrote 10 years ago:

Hi! Just submitted my entry! I am excited to see and read everybody else's tops!

Sarah Bennett wrote 10 years ago:

OK, only a couple more days but I have an idea of what I'm going to write!

Holly Nelson wrote 10 years ago:

Just finished my entry, proof reading it before I send! Super excited!!!

BacktoBodrum wrote 10 years ago:

Better late than never - just sent off my entry.

Molley Mills wrote 10 years ago:

Last minute Miss .. that's me! I submitted :)

Mafaza wrote 10 years ago:

Just starting to submit an entry. Will send it by tonight. Really enjoying writing for the contest.

DannyZ wrote 10 years ago:

Done and done. Thanks for organizing this guys. Great topic! Hope my submission can prepare some expats coming to the Netherlands.

Alison wrote 10 years ago:

Finally got my entry about Utrecht finished and sent in. Looking forward to reading other entries!

ExpatsBlog.com wrote 10 years ago:

Thanks for all your entries! We're working through the last minute ones now. We're still hoping for a launch on the 25th.

Californiia Girl (CG) wrote 10 years ago:

I was able to submit my entry just in time! Looking forward reading all of your entries. Fingers crossed;) Good Luck!

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