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Canada > Panama
A Faraway Land Expat life in David, Chiriqui, Panama.
USA > Panama
Chasing Panama Chasing Panama
USA > Philippines
Philippine Destiny A blog about living in the Philippines.
India > Germany
Mademoiselle In DE Life as a Non-EU Expat in Germany. Learn about the German national visa process...
USA > Spain
MAGICAL MALLORCA!! This is all about my transition from an American lifestyle and culture to my...
Hong Kong > Germany
My Life in Germany The story of a Hong Kong woman who moved to Germany. All you need to know about...
England > France
Lauragais Blog News about the Lauragais and south-west France, particularly culture and history.
Finland > Mexico
Kata Writes I'm a writer living in Mexico with my Mexican fiancé. In this blog, I write...
Ireland > Spain
How to Traveller A blog about our adventures as ex-pats in Spain and beyond.
USA > Ireland
Home Away in Ireland An American Expat Living on the Emerald Isle
England > Portugal
We Travel Portugal The two expats' intention is to show the beauty, food, culture and lifestyle of...
USA > Portugal
Portugal Expat Life Europe's Affordable Hawaii Alternative
England > Malaysia
An Englishman in Kuala Lumpur In December 2009 I was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. This Blog is NOT...
Romania > Malaysia
Malaysia Travel Influencer All about Malaysia!My name is Cristina Emilia Stefan, a Romanian married to a...
USA > Taiwan
Taiwan Foreigner Taiwan Foreigner is a Taiwan based travel blog for travelers and expatriates in...
England > Italy
La Dolce Vita Gain pracitcal advice if you're house-hunting in Italy in our La Dolce Vita blog....
France > Sweden
The Northern Itinerary - Expat & Travel Blog The adventure and daily life of a French in Sweden. Living in Sweden for...
Latvia > Papua New Guinea
I travel , YOU Should too! Living abroad for more than 10 years. Now located in Papau New Guinea , East New...
Germany > Scotland
The Bear & The Fox German Mama living in Scotland with her husband and two boys. Love sharing posts...
USA > India
Living the Flipside Rants and Raves from an Off-Centered American Expat in Delhi. A Colorado art...

Latest Blog Posts

Switzerland > France
-1064 seconds agoPesciüm Winter Skyrace 2020 The Pesciüm Winter Skyrace consists of two amazing routes in a breathtaking alpine environment. Choose whether you want to enjoy the day peacefully on an 8km course (with 700m of altitude...
Ukraine > India
-311 seconds agoOne day in Bhuj, Gujarat - a quick guide to things to do As I’ve mentioned in one of my previous posts, the town of bhuj in  Gujarat is often used as a stopover ot  the Great Rann of Kutch. However, I’ve found the town extremely rewarding in terms of...
Philippines > Singapore
10 minutes agoWhat you shouldn't do when potty training Dogs are a fan favorite. They are cute, loyal, compassionate, cuddy, and generally very sweet. However, there are some aspects of owning a dog that are not as attractive as the latter. Some of the...
Canada > USA
18 minutes agoThursday's Sunrise: Lighting Lake Michigan This morning’s sunrise made its mark on Lake Michigan, no matter how many layers of clouds it had to get through! I love it when the sunlight shines a spotlight on the lake. Determined to shed some...
USA > Guatemala
34 minutes agoIntermissions Conference 2020 This past weekend we attended the yearly Intermissions Conference in Panajachel, Guatemala.  Intermissions is a community group for all English speaking evangelical missionaries serving in...
USA > Netherlands
42 minutes agoThe storms might have ruined your weekend, but at least they produced a ton of electricity The recent triple storm combo, which managed to ruin the weekends (and cancel carnivals) has lead to many complaints. Not all is that bad, however. If it does compensate in any way for your ruined...
USA > Italy
1 hour agoRome and the Coronavirus With all of the recent news, I think it is normal that the questions I am seeing most often are about if Rome is safe during the coronavirus outbreak. Or even: should I cancel my trip to Italy...
Australia > United Arab Emirates
1 hour agoRecommended activities for a great vacation in Hanoi Our Globetrotters - Creating Confident World TravellersYour only way to enjoy the best of Hanoi is when you visit different sides of the city, where you can enjoy the mix between the modern and...
Australia > United Arab Emirates
1 hour agoFebruary Wrap - Up Saturday 1st - the Gala dinner of the Portuguese Australian Women's Association (PAWA) commemorating the formation of the Association, was held at Fremantle Football club.Belinda and I were in charge...
Scotland > Poland
1 hour agoPiwo Uncut: Five Beers To Try This March In order to bring you reviews of the most interesting and flavour-packed beers currently on the go, we’ve teamed up with Marynka Piwo i Aperitivo, the city’s best venue for craft beer and pizza....
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