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Latvia > Papua New Guinea
I travel , YOU Should too! Living abroad for more than 10 years. Now located in Papau New Guinea , East New...
Germany > Scotland
The Bear & The Fox German Mama living in Scotland with her husband and two boys. Love sharing posts...
USA > India
Living the Flipside Rants and Raves from an Off-Centered American Expat in Delhi. A Colorado art...
Slovakia > Turkey
The Depth of Now Discovering Istanbul through Storytelling & Photography
Philippines > Qatar
Pedaling Pinoy Blog by Pedaling Pinoy about cycling, work-outs and training plans, reviews,...
USA > Spain
Your Third Life Freedom to Wander / Time to Wonder. Sharing our journey as we retire, relocate,...
England > Spain
Thoughts from Galicia, Spain Random thoughts from a Brit in the North West. Sometimes serious, sometimes not....
India > Australia
NRI in Oz Comedian, Meme or Comic- call Babli what you like. Indian in Australia, moved to...
Indonesia > Russia
Sightseer's Diary I am a travel writer from Indonesia who is currently living and becoming expat in...
Singapore > France
Claudia Sing Singaporean In France. Explore the world through running & cycling
Ireland > Spain
How to Traveller A blog about our adventures as ex-pats in Spain and beyond.
USA > Ireland
Home Away in Ireland An American Expat Living on the Emerald Isle
Belgium > China
Chats With Charlotte Chat with Charlotte about living in China, moving abroad and the sturggles of the...
England > Kenya
Expat travel blogger Nairobi Expat travel blogger in Nairobi, Kenya. Travel destinations within East Africa....
United States Minor Outlying Islands > Aruba
the tanki flip settlement Welcome to Aruba. I suppose that I was both brave and foolish enough to accept...
USA > Spain
Spanish views from a small town A blog about an American living in a small Spanish town. I write about life in...
USA > Mexico
Letters From Mexico "Letters From Mexico," is the story of my experiences living as an...
USA > China
rachel meets china Rachel is an expat who has lived in China for three years. She writes about her...
Philippines > Maldives
Expat Erix Endlessly soaked in oceans and adventures
Spain > Switzerland
Mercedes Catalan Photography I'm a Spanish traveler and amateur photographer currently based in Zurich. I've...

Latest Blog Posts

England > France
1 hour agoGifts for Photographers: A Round-Up of the Best Photography Gifts for 2019! If you have a photographer or lover of photography in your life who you’d like to buy a gift for, you’ve come to the right place! As a professional photographer, I appreciate that not everyone...
England > Greece
1 hour agoThe Greeks Were the First to Predict a Lunar Eclipse in Greece 2000 Years Ago Using the World's First Computer, The Antikythera Mechanism.   Over two thousand years ago, the ancient Greeks predicted the first lunar eclipse, and, even more amazingly, they did it with the aid of a computer, and at the same time, discovered the...The...
USA > Mexico
1 hour agomoon in my window Super Blood Wolf Moon.When I first saw the headlines, I thought Marlon Brando had sent another representative to pick up an award from him.It was nothing so facile. We are about to experience an...
Canada > Thailand
2 hours agoPasai Views... …Through The Trees. So, the other morning, I was having my usual brisk wander along the beach, when I realized I could go further than normal, as the tide was well and truly out… I admit, it...
Latvia > Papua New Guinea
3 hours agoThis is  Ralum Country Club and how it relates to Queen Emma. As soon as you arrive in Kokopo , locals will ask you if you managed to visit this local hub. Local hub called Ralum Country Club . Also called a golf course or Ralum by GI ( Gazelle International...
USA > Switzerland
4 hours ago2019 - Kindness Today we bring you a kindness round-up, links, stories, quotes, all relating to kindness, because in 2019 one of my goals is to blow open kindness not only in our home, but in the lives of those we...
Philippines > Japan
6 hours agoKurume Ramen Seiyoken in Kurume, Fukuoka Howdy? it’s Mr. Wada back on duty. I would like to share our trip to Kurume Ramen Seiyoken in Kurume City, Fukuoka. Kurume Ramen Seiyoken in Kurume, Fukuoka Seiyoken is one of the oldest tonkotsu...
England > Spain
7 hours agoNo summer lawns to hiss Both Maggie and I worked this Saturday morning so, by the time we got home and ate something, we considered the day a bit of a write off. As always, when we have nothing more exciting to do, I...
USA > Portugal
7 hours agoOn being happy Two recent events have made me pause and ponder, so if you don’t mind a little philosophy… By now, pretty much the whole world has seen the video of gymnast Katelyn Ohashi scoring a perfect 10 at...
South Africa > Ireland
7 hours agoSilent Sunday - Tunnel Vision... Advertisements
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