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19 Jun at 6 PM

UK expats post-Brexit rights still at risk as politicians argue

Confusion is still the order of the day as EU and UK lawmakers fight over expats' rights. As if the present situation wasn’t enough to send British expats in the EU running for the nearest exit, the individual member states’ promises of continuing rights are now being seen by lawmakers on both sides as a problem rather than a...
19 Jun at 6 PM

Racist media rant angers expats in Thailand

An article recently published in an online media site widely read by expats living and working in Thailand has angered readers with its racist tone.of a recently published article. As an online English language media outlet regularly read and respected by expatriates in Thailand, Asian Correspondent has long been well regarded for its...
19 Jun at 6 PM

Accidental Americans in France plead for French government assistance

Representatives of the France-based Accidental American Association are urging the French government to offer its support to a new campaign aimed at ending the burden of unfair income tax liabilities due to their being born in the USA. American dual nationals are being considered as expats living overseas and are being chased for taxes...
18 Jun at 6 PM

World’s fattest expat returns to UK for government payouts and free healthcare

The world’s fattest expat has now arrived back from the USA to take advantage of British benefits and the National Health Service. After spending five years in the USA following gastric bypass surgery to help control his weight, Paul Mason has flown back to the UK for a permanent stay. Once known as the world’s fattest man and...
18 Jun at 6 PM

Tips for new expat arrivals on what not to do on Spanish beaches

One of the main reasons for choosing Spain as an expat retirement hub is its glorious beaches, even although Spanish laws apply as to what’s permitted and what’s not. Right now, the Andalusian government is considering introducing a smoking ban on all its beaches, but how many newly-arrived expats are aware of the laws already in...
18 Jun at 6 PM

British expats growing ever more concerned about their futures as UK citizens

Concerns are growing amongst the already insecure British expat population in Ireland, as well as within the communities in France, the Netherlands and Germany. A recent study compared the views of British expats living in EU member states with those prevalent amongst Britons living in the home country. Expats in Ireland, Germany, France...
17 Jun at 6 PM

US navy veteran wrongly accused of financial crime in China

US navy veteran Derrick Keller was arrested in August last year just after he and his wife had arrived in Bangkok as tourists. He was accused of running a Ponzi scheme which caused investors to lose millions of dollars, but has regularly denied the charge. Originally from Texas, Derrick, his wife and their two children moved to China in...
17 Jun at 6 PM

Prague to introduce new laws for expats’ favourite e-scooter transport

Lime e-scooters in Prague are to be subject to a raft of new laws based on zoning as well banning driving on pavements and speed restrictions. The convenient little electric scooters have become a favourite means of transport for expats as well as locals fed up with Prague’s massive traffic jams. The city fathers are concerned about the...
17 Jun at 6 PM

British expats warned over Johnson PM effect on sterling and investments

UK financiers are warning a victory for Boris Johnson will result in plunging sterling exchange rates and a massive loss in investor confidence. Should the controversial candidate win his battle for leadership of the Conservative party and the PM job, a general election would follow no later than May 2002, with bookies predicting a...
14 Jun at 6 PM

Locals and expats alike celebrate at International Algarve Fair

One of the joys of being an expat in an EU member state is the Europeans' love of annual fairs celebrating life in the cities as well as regions and the countries themselves. Portugal’s International Algarve Fair is immensely popular with nationals and expats alike, with the 14th edition taking place last weekend in Lagoa. Advertised as...
14 Jun at 6 PM

Kuwaiti lawmakers getting serious over slashing expat numbers

Kuwaiti lawmakers are upgrading their attack on the expatriate community with a proposal for a dedicated national committee to regulate expat numbers. Four members of the Kuwaiti parliament have put together a proposal to form a national committee with the brief of administrating and regulating the demography of the emirate....
14 Jun at 6 PM

Kiwi female expat in Hong Kong determined to keep protesting

A female expat from New Zealand is in the front line of the massive Hong Kong protests as she feels Kiwis are especially at risk from the proposed extradition law. Tarsh Smyth has been living and working as an English teacher in Hong Kong for the past year, and decided to join in the protest as she feels New Zealanders may be at more risk...
13 Jun at 6 PM

Portugal creates Brexit task force to ensure secutiry for British expat businesses

Portugal has now promised to secure the rights of British expats in order to ensure Brexit isn’t disruptive of the two countries’ still-active alliance. Although it’s not yet certain how the measures will protect Britons now planning to escape to Portugal and start new businesses, it’s good news for the large British expat business...
13 Jun at 6 PM

Rogue IFAs now illegally targeting British expats in Cyprus

In spite of the seemingly unending official and unofficial warnings against dodgy IFAs, rogue financial advisers are now swarming around Cyprus’s expat community. Most British expatriates living in Cyprus fall into two categories – retirees and small business owners. Both groups see the need to invest their pension pots or capital in...
13 Jun at 6 PM

Canadian pundits expect expat exodus from Hong Kong

As the Hong Kong protests against China’s extradition bill continue, China watchers in Canada are predicting an expat exodus. At the present time, some 300,000 Canadian expats are living and working in Hong Kong and are becoming increasingly worried about China’s long-term intent for the colony. The extradition bill would seem to have...
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