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14 Oct at 6 PM

UK media campaign hots up against mis-selling of annuities

Expat retirees pushed into buying poor-value annuities as part of their relocation strategy may now be able to get compensation due to a campaign by a UK tabloid newspaper. The good news came as the result of the Daily Mail’s Mail on Sunday ‘Justice for Annuity Victims’ campaign, with the media outlet also urging the UK’s financial...
14 Oct at 6 PM

Shanghai expatriates win Magnolia Awards including citizenship

Twelve prominent foreign professionals living and working in Shanghai are the latest expatriates to receive the coveted Magnolia Gold Award. Since the early days of Shanghai’s development into a thriving global city, it’s welcomed expats from across the world eager to help build its commercial and social infrastructure. Starting in...
14 Oct at 6 PM

Expat-run horse rescue centre in Spain now dried out but running short of feed

The expat-run Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre based in Rojales is now dry, but is facing a chronic shortage of feed for 140 horses, ponies and other rescued livestock .During the bibilical floods caused by the gota fria weather phenomenon, the centre escaped the worst of the waters although the struggle to deal with the torrential rainfall...
14 Oct at 6 PM

British NGOs and volunteers helping UK expats in Cyprus get post-Brexit residency

The 70,000 British expats living, working and retiring in Cyprus are now getting help with their residency concerns via volunteer groups and Brit NGOs. As the dread date looms, British expats in Cyprus could well be forgiven for allowing a degree of panic to set in as regards their residency status after the end of this month.The groups...
14 Oct at 6 PM

Expat pension schemes well prepared for Brexit chaos

Over 50 per cent of pension schemes are now considered safe from the after-effects of Brexit. A major concern for British expats living overseas has been the Brexit effect on their pension schemes, but the majority of schemes recently surveyed are well prepared for any fall-out. Just 20 per cent of the total numbers of providers believe...
14 Oct at 6 PM

Hong Kong female expat entrepreneurs discriminated against by investors

Although Hong Kong gives the best gender balance on investment panels, for female entrepreneurs it’s still a man’s world. Entreprenuers need funding more than anything else, but the females of the species tend to have a hard time in Hong Kong. According to a recent survey, too many female talents aren’t getting the financial help...
14 Oct at 6 PM

Brit expats in Spain unhappy over new NIE requirements

British expats’ confusion over the new requirement for getting an NIE number is now turning to outrage. The recent modification of the rules for obtaining the essential NIE identification number is causing confusion and anger across UK expat communities in Spain. The NIE is a foreigner identification number issued to all expats wishing...
14 Oct at 6 PM

Expats urged to protect against new-build deposit loss

British expats living overseas and investing in a new-build UK property are being warned they may lose their deposits. Whether the purchase is for investment purposes or because the buyer is returning to the UK after living overseas, expats are at risk of losing their initial deposits if they’ve decided on a new-build property....
14 Oct at 6 PM

Gibraltar gets the worst news about its post-Brexit future

The nightmare Brexit scenario for expats and locals in Gibraltar has now been revealed. The horrendous details of Brexit’s effect on the Rock and its inhabitants have been revealed as part of the Government’s Brexit Advice Booklet. The release coincided with Gibraltar’s new Brexit Information Office and is being received with anger...
4 Oct at 6 PM

Thai government legalises dual pricing for expat treatment at public hospitals

Retired expats in Thailand are now to be charged double the rates paid by Thais and ASEAN nationals for treatment at public hospitals. Thailand’s ministry of health officials have now ordered administrators at the country’s public hospitals to charge non-Asean foreigners requiring diagnosis and treatment at least double the price...
4 Oct at 6 PM

Is Dubai’s economic slowdown a warning for its expat professionals?

Dubai is rushing to court investors as its economy tanks. Weakening trade, tourism and property sales are threatening the Gulf States’ most diverse economy, with its growth now regarded as ‘lacklustre’ by economic experts. Last year, real estate deals fell some 21 per cent, with tourism figures remaining at around 16 million since...
4 Oct at 6 PM

Expat retirees in Thailand hard hit by strong baht

As the Thai baht gets ever stronger against Western currencies, more and more expatriates are feeling the pinch. Thailand has been perennially popular with expat retirees from the Western hemisphere, but the inexplicable rise in the value of its baht currency is wrecking the carefully-calculated financial strategies of a good number of...
3 Oct at 6 PM

Is expat suicide becoming endemic in Thailand?

Thailand is seeing an inexplicable increase in expat suicides. For several decades, the chaos on Thailand’s roads and the resultant expat deaths made headlines in both the Thai and English language media. Nowadays, although road accidents are still worth a mention on and offline, a new, inexplicable cause of death for expat males seems...
3 Oct at 6 PM

US expats now facing passport revocation for tax debt

US expats who’ve had their passports revoked due to FATCA are now facing action as regards work permits and visas. Passport revocation can have serious implications for expats with business visas and work permits, with the impact of action by the US taxman far more serious than that for US taxpayers in the home country. According to...
3 Oct at 6 PM

Thomas Cook bankruptcy spells disaster for expat-owned businesses in Spain

The sudden collapse of Thomas Cook is now threatening British-owned businesses in Majorca with a similar fate. The popular holiday island’s beaches are now bereft of happy holidaymakers, with tourism-oriented British businesses suffering a devastating downturn in trade. The massive repatriation which took place after the firm’s...
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  • "The law has been passed this week and Spain offers arguably the most attractive "Golden Visa" option in Europe. We should not expect this to move the market in Spain. We are talking about investment over €500,000, the luxury end. And nationwide we would expect no more than a few hundred transactions in the first year. But it is a positive..." left by La Vida Spain on New Spanish property investment visa draws Chinese and Russians
  • "After reading about the expats survey in our local freebie paper and deciding to take part, logging on to this left me quite bamboozled as to where the survey is, there seems to be no sign of it. I suggest if a survey is being conducted under whatever guise a list of questions be published for expats to answer. Otherwise this survey is..." left by Brian Milnes on Massive new independent expat survey now live online
  • "The article is quite clear and as usual in this country ( spain) because I live in a remote area I only find things out accidently or by being surprised and fined. I don't understand how the European parliament does not act against this type of 'robo'. It is so frustrating to see a corrupt and authoritarian Spanish government get away with..." left by john porro on Spain to apply stealth tax to residents with solar power
  • "Absolutely right - already we have been receiving requests from cliets based in Italy to look at how they can 'avoid' the new regime. The Italian government is shooting itself in the foot on this one - people will relocate!" left by TaxTeddy on Changes to Italian tax regime to hit hard on expats
  • "Although there are a large number of British curriculum school in Dubai it's not easy to get into one. The waiting lists are long to start with, sometimes artificially long. People move away and don't remove their name from lists, and fearing the long lists parents put their children's names down on several lists. It's also an expensive..." left by Expat Explorers on British curriculum international schools popular in UAE and Asia