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24 Apr at 6 PM

At least 31 expats killed during Easter Sunday terror bombing

As the Sri Lanka death toll continues to rise, the number of expatriates who died in the terror attack is becoming clearer. The majority of victims killed or injured in the devastating Easter Sunday terrorist attack were Sri Lankan members of the country’s Christian minority, but it’s now becoming clear at least 31 expatriates lost...
24 Apr at 6 PM

Expats on reassignment need more community-based perks

As purse strings tighten in a good number of expatriate professional destinations worldwide, questions are being asked about the suitability of various relocation support programmes. As currency exchange rates and soaring inflation hit out at expats’ expenses in many popular destinations, questions are being asked about the need for...
24 Apr at 6 PM

Bangkok clothes swap event huge success with female expats

For female expats brought up with the concept of charity shops, swap shops and other varieties of the genre, these regular Bangkok events are an unqualified success. Swap Till You Drop, the inspirational brainchild of US expatriates Jessica and Rivera Teal, is approaching its fifth birthday in the Thai capital, having started at Teal’s...
24 Apr at 6 PM

Drug addiction in expat students on the rise in Kuwait

Expats in Kuwait are being urged to ensure their kids don’t get involved with the emirate’s growing drug culture. For those expatriate families with a breadwinner and spouse in high-salaried positions, the Kuwait lifestyle is far different from that in the home country, involving leaving the kids with nannies, maids, preschools or...
24 Apr at 6 PM

Brit expat loses mementos of dead daughter in supermarket robbery

A British expat too scared to reveal her identity to the media is considering abandoning her Costa del Sol home after being robbed twice in 10 days in the same Mercadona supermarket. The 55-year old British expatriate arrived in Spain after living in the South African capital of Cape Town, taking up residence on the Costa del Sol....
24 Apr at 6 PM

Spanish supermarket chain refuses security upgrade after multiple in-store robberies

Spain’s largest supermarket chain is refusing to update its security procedures following a rash of in-store thefts involving expat victims. In a surprising update to a report that a British expat was robbed twice within ten days by thieves in the store posing as shoppers, a spokesperson for the Mercadona supermarket chain told the...
22 Apr at 6 PM

Expats advised learning Chinese is vital for those working globally

The unprecedented economic boom taking place in China is a justification for expatriates working in its major cities to learn the language, especially if they’re active in the global marketplace. China’s manufacturing sector is now the planet’s largest, with UK companies in particular being urged to provide Chinese language classes...
22 Apr at 6 PM

USA and UK expats killed in Sri Lanka bombings

USA and UK embassies in Colombo have urged expats and tourists to follow local authorities’ instructions on keeping safe after the deadly Easter Sunday bombing attacks which killed up to 300 people. The eight bombs set in upscale hotels and churches were the deadliest violent attacks since the end of the country’s civil was in 2009,...
22 Apr at 6 PM

Expats and locals protest global warming as massive storm hits Costa Blanca

As Earth Day Global Warming protests began worldwide, Spain’s largest April storm since 1946 slammed into the Costa Blanca region. The massive storm unleashed gale force winds and flooded the region with 180mm of rain over just 12 hours, causing the state’s meteorological agency to issue a red alert flood warning. Expats and locals...
20 Apr at 6 PM

Brit expat earnings overseas attract HMRC attention

British expats with offshore investments and bank accounts need to ensure HMRC is aware of them. All financial advisors who’ve referred clients to offshore advice, offshore services or an overseas financial institution are required to inform HM Revenue and Customs before the end of this month. Also, all IFAs who’ve pointed expat...
20 Apr at 6 PM

Drinking during office hours now acceptable in Prague

If lunch isn’t lunch without a few beers or glasses of wine, the Czech Republic is the perfect destination for that new expat job. Although Czech employers have the right to fire employees who’re intoxicated in the workplace without even a written warning, in practice this drastic solution to the problem very rarely happens. The...
20 Apr at 6 PM

Friends Provident blaming UAE IFAs for poor takeup of unsuitable products

The row over whose fault it is that FPI’s products are no longer popular with expats in the UAE is ramping up, with the insurer accusing IFAs of giving bad advice. Over the past few years, a number of scandals have erupted, with expats accusing both advisors and product providers over mis-selling, extortionate charges and the general...
18 Apr at 6 PM

Abu Dhabi permits expats to own freehold homes and land in selected zones

A new Abu Dhabi law will now allow residential units located in areas designated for investment to be registered as freehold, thus allowing purchase by expatriates. Changes to the emirate’s real estate laws are to result in expatriates being allowed to purchase freehold land and properties in designated investment areas. In the past,...
18 Apr at 6 PM

San Miguel financial fraud loses expats up to a million dollars

Yet another sad tale of expats being scammed out of their retirement funds shows the issue is still a problem worldwide. The expat community in Mexico’s San Miguel retirement hub is seething with fury as the story of how they were scammed by a well-known personal banking representative breaks. Representative Marcela Zavala Taylor, well...
18 Apr at 6 PM

Tracking the millionaire expat migration pattern

Of all the expat diasporas going on at the moment, perhaps that of the ‘filthy rich’ tells the most tales. Much is written and read about the reasons behind the ever-increasing expat diasporas, with reasons given including a cheaper cost of living, better weather, more career opportunities, a comfortable retirement or just a wish to...
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