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3 Apr at 6 PM

Oz expats trapped in Cambodia getting no help from their government

An Oz expat group is trapped in Cambodia after the Australian government ignored their pleas for help. As fears mount over the likelihood of a full lockdown and state of emergency in Cambodia, a group of 85 Australian expatriates desperate to leave are being refused any assistance from their government. Commercial flights out of the...
3 Apr at 6 PM

Visitors and tourists trapped in Thailand get no relief from new rules

Thailand has now made it even harder for foreigners trapped in the country to comply with visa requirements. As expats living in Thailand shudder at the thought of a threatened 24/7 curfew, visitors and tourists trapped in the country are now under even stricter measures when applying for extensions due to their inability to leave. Nine...
3 Apr at 6 PM

Expats and visitors stranded in Dubai Airport get first-class treatment

Dubai opens up airport hotels to passengers caught in the UAE’s grounding of all commercial flights. The UAE’s sudden ban on all commercial flights took place late last month, leaving dozens of expats and travellers stranded at Dubai’s international airport. Many were in transit through Dubai to other destinations, with a few ...
2 Apr at 6 PM

Cancellation of cruise leaves Cyprus-resident expat seniors in UK limbo

A group of British expat retirees living in Cyprus are trapped in their former home country after their cruise ship was sent back to its British port. Passengers from the ship told Cypriot media reporters the dream Caribbean cruise had started from the UK but was caught up in the chaos due to the pandemic and was instructed to immediately...
2 Apr at 6 PM

Elderly expats are being urged to make wills due to coronavirus risks

Fear of getting unlucky and catching the coronavirus has caused a sharp increase in the numbers of British expats making a will. For the majority of expats, making a will is one of the last tasks on the agenda after moving to a new country, especially if English-speaking lawyers are thin on the ground and the laws regarding inheritance...
2 Apr at 6 PM

Minister warns over DF pension transfer valuations due to covid-19 instability

For retirement savers and would-be expats hoping to switch their cash from a defined benefit pension to a QROPS prior to moving overseas, regulators have now announced a three month delay. Due to the coronavirus’s devastating and destabilising effect on the markets and property prices, regulators are having problems setting the correct...
1 Apr at 6 PM

Expats in lockdowns can use spare time to learn local languages

Making the most of your unwelcome lockdowns by learning the local language. For expats going stir-crazy as lockdowns drag on, turning an essential imposition into an advantage by learning the local language is the best idea. New arrivals in the vast majority of favourite expat locations worldwide usually place learning the local language...
1 Apr at 6 PM

Expats in the Gulf States fearing an ongoing coronavirus limbo

Expatriate professionals living and working in the Gulf States fear becoming trapped in a never-ending coronavirus limbo. From covid-19 containment strategies through worldwide lockdowns to the withholding of salaries, curfews, containments and the threat of redundancies, expats nowadays could be forgiven for feeling massively stressed....
1 Apr at 6 PM

Brit Foreign Office shamed again over Peru repatriation chaos

As pressure on the government to repatriate all stranded Britons grows, UK citizens formerly in Peru tell of their experiences. Following the UK government’s recent announcement of its intent to bring home all stranded Brits, the chaos and confusion surrounding repatriation flights from Peru isn’t something to be proud of. Three...
31 Mar at 6 PM

British government finally plans to repatriate stranded expats and tourists

Finally, the UK government has pledged to supply the funds necessary to repatriate British tourists and expats trapped overseas by the worldwide coronavirus lockdowns. In an announcement made yesterday by the UK’s Foreign Secretary, Britain has now taken financial responsibility for the repatriation of over a million tourists and expats...
31 Mar at 6 PM

Caymans government pledges to assist expats as well as locals

Expats in the Cayman Islands are to get governmental assistance if needed. Following his controversial announcement that governmental assistance will be offered to trapped foreign permit holders without mentioning the islands’ expat communities, the Cayman Islands' PM was forced to confirm that any foreigner in dire straits would also...
31 Mar at 6 PM

American expats in Spain fear for relatives and friends back home

US expats in Spain are fearing for their homeland itself as well as for families and friends. It’s often forgotten that Spain isn’t just a retirement hub for British expats, as there’s also a strong USA contingent scattered across the most popular regions. Spain was one of the first countries to suffer high numbers of infections and...
30 Mar at 6 PM

Expats trapped in the Netherlands welcome Engish language podcasts

Podcasts are the latest local delight for expats in the Netherlands. For expats feeling isolated, lonely and depressed due to the anti-socialising rules of the virus's unprecedented threat to normal life, podcasts in the Netherlands are providing welcome relief. For non-Dutch speakers, they’re the best way to keep in touch with...
30 Mar at 6 PM

Is FATCA failing due to US expat non-compliance?

The USA's dreaded FATCA reporting ruling may be failing due to massive numbers of American expats ignoring its filing rules. According to recent reports, literally millions of US expats living overseas are comply ignoring the American taxman’s regulations as per the hated FATCA annual report. Introduced some 10 years ago, the Foreign...
30 Mar at 6 PM

Expat-run pet rescue shelters on Cyprus desperate for funds

Expat-owned animal rescue shelters on Cyprus are being hit hard by the pandemic. It’s not just expats and locals who’re being affected by Cyprus’s increasingly tough anti-pandemic measures – it’s also animal rescue centres on the island. Cyprus’s lockdown began last week, at the same time as the Cypriot government announced a...
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