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1 Jun at 6 PM

Benidorm beaches split to morning and afternoon sessions

Brit expats in Benidorm are now forbidden from staying on the beaches all day. Benidorm is a popular resort for both British expatriate retirees and tourists, but the news that all its beaches are to be divided into morning and afternoon sessions hasn’t gone down well. The new rule was introduced to restrict the numbers of beach-goers...
1 Jun at 6 PM

Brit expats in Hong Kong accuse the UK of abandoning the city

British expats in Hong Kong are accusing the UK of abandoning the former colony. Expats still determined to stay in Hong Kong are dismayed at the UK’s attitude towards its former colony. Rather than simply leaving to create another life elsewhere in the world, Brits expats in Hong Kong are dismayed at the UK’s seeming attitude towards...
1 Jun at 6 PM

Brit female expats being intimidated by Spanish police

Two British female expats are taking on Spanish police for their overreaction and intimidations. The British pair are demanding action regarding the rough treatment and extortionate fines they received whilst breaking lockdown. Natalie Kern, formerly living in London, was fined a massive €1,000 for the heinous crime of ‘walking too...
29 May at 6 PM

Expats in Prague deal with stress by plant-swapping

Whilst worldwide lockdowns are creating stress and depression, Prague’s new plant-swapping groups are keeping nervous breakdowns away! It’s well-known that green, growing and gloriously flowering plants and trees are balm to the human soul, keeping away depression and other negative emotions due to their calming influence and sheer...
29 May at 6 PM

Low cost airlines attracting expat fury over delayed refunds

British expats on Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca are furious three low-cost airlines are making them wait for refunds. As the British government is being urged to help the many thousands of passengers get refunds for their cancelled flights, outrage is spreading across the Spanish Costas. A Which survey has revealed only 14 per...
29 May at 6 PM

Locals and expats in Venice rejecting a return to mass tourism

Expats and locals in Venice are hoping the city doesn’t revert to wall-to-wall tourism. Along with other world favourite tourism destinations, the historic Italian city of Venice is almost deserted as the pandemic runs its deadly course. Tourists are banned and the streets are almost empty, showing the glorious, ancient buildings in all...
28 May at 6 PM

Expats in Greece fear early lockdown easing is too risky

Expats in Greece are both relieved and concerned as the coronavirus restrictions are partially lifted. Greece has now entered its phase four, lifting lockdowns on restaurants and bars and allowing domestic travel to recommence a week earlier than promised. Although the country and its famous islands aren’t a major European destination...
28 May at 6 PM

Expats in Japan advised to take coronavirus stress seriously

For expats in Japan worried about infection, it’s important to remember that mental health matters. Expats in general are used to facing up to unpleasant surprises and are able to cope, but very few are immune to the stress of having their lives turned upside down by a worldwide health crisis. The Japanese people still carry the...
28 May at 6 PM

Japan offers visa extensions and free accommodation to trapped expats

Japan is offering free accommodation to trapped foreign students and stranded expatriates. As in other countries worldwide, Japan now has a large number of expats trapped in the country since international borders were closed and lockdowns imposed. Luckily for foreigners now struggling financially, the tradition of Japanese hospitality is...
27 May at 6 PM

Survey shows most expat Brits don’t ever want to return

Results of a recent survey have revealed just under two thirds of expat Britons have no intention of ever returning to the home country. Some six out of every ten respondents to the survey said they’d never repatriate to the UK, with another eleven per cent saying they’d at least consider doing so. Only 27 per cent said they’d maybe...
27 May at 6 PM

Boozy expat Brits in Spain under alcohol ban again

Brit expats in Valencia have wrecked their chances of post-lockdown pints by totally ignoring social distancing rulings. As soon as the popular British expat destination’s pubs reopened after its lockdown was lifted, Brits desperate for an evening on the booze flocked to their favourite watering holes in their hundreds, totally ignoring...
27 May at 6 PM

British expats fear increase in mob violence as lockdowns end

As Spain’s Costas begin to slowly return to normal in spite of the pandemic, mob violence erupts again. In the first violent incident since the Spanish lockdown began, a young British expat has been shot in a suspected ‘settling of accounts’ attack. The 27-year old Brit was driven by a friend to the nearest Marbella hospital with...
26 May at 6 PM

British pensioner rescued from abusive Thai family

A British WWII veteran is now safe at home in the UK with his daughter and extended family after being abused and ill-treated by his Thai partner. Only known as ‘Ron’ in media reports, the 86-year old pensioner moved to Thailand seven years ago after his then partner’s death and was currently living in the central Thailand province...
26 May at 6 PM

Expats in Myanmar concerned over China’s growing influence

Expat teachers and volunteers in Myanmar are worried and confused over the government’s increasing friendship with China. Myanmar’s next elections are due this November, with no postponement due to the pandemic expected. The outright winner is expected to be the National League for Democracy headed up by State Counsellor Aung San Suu...
26 May at 6 PM

Beach-loving expats in Spain to be monitored by robotic drones

As Spain gets closer to opening up to international tourism, high-tech systems and volunteer beach armies preventing overcrowding are all being introduced. When the pandemic began spreading its tentacles across the world, many publications gave voice to peoples’ fears that life would never be the same again. Given the latest methods...
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