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14 Feb at 6 PM

For female expats, Dubai isn’t all it seems

For women relocating to Dubai, life in the expat community may not be all it seems. Dubai’s reputation of glitz, glamour and endless parties is one of its main attractions for many would-be female expats, whether they’re arriving to further their careers or as trailing spouses with or without children. The city’s foreign community...
14 Feb at 6 PM

Expats settling in Amsterdam should consider property purchase

If you’re either heading for the Netherlands or deciding to stay on, buying a house can be complicated, but it’s all worthwhile in the long term. Amsterdam is a particular favourite for expat professionals, but renting or buying a property can be complicated for new arrivals. The city’s real estate market is hectic nowadays,...
14 Feb at 6 PM

Expats in Saudi see changes over decades as positive

Saudi Arabia is now a favourite destination for expatriate professionals, but how much has changed over the many decades since oil was first extracted? The first expatriates to arrive in the Kingdom during the 1930s were USA oil workers employed by energy giant Aramco, sent to assist the country in managing its newly-discovered...
13 Feb at 6 PM

Accidental Americans still denied exemption from FATCA reporting

Accidental Americans overseas still being denied FATCA relief. The plight of Accidental Americans – those unfortunates who were born in the USA of expat parents and are considered US citizens as a result – is that even although they don’t live or work in the country they’re forced to comply with FATCA. Some were born prematurely...
13 Feb at 6 PM

Brit expats in Cyprus in fear due to huge increase in burglaries

Expats in Cyprus are being warned about targeted burglary attacks. The Cypriot village of Pissouri is home to a thriving expat community, most of whom originated in the UK and are now retired. Over the past several months, the numbers of break-ins of expat homes has spiked, leading to the conclusion that expats are the main target. In an...
13 Feb at 6 PM

Expats in Germany advised to get personal liability insurance

Expats in Germany are being advised to consider private liability insurance. For most expats, living like a local is the preferred option, whether expatriation was the result of personal preference or career progression. Germany is a perennially popular expat professional destination, with new arrivals doing their best to adjust and fit...
12 Feb at 6 PM

Tips for expats selling their Spanish properties

If you’re thinking of selling your home in Spain, what’s the best way to get the best price? Whether you’re selling your Spanish property in order to move back to your home country or simply because you need a change of scenery, getting the best price can be tricky. Resident expats in Spain’s Costa del Sol are aware that selling...
12 Feb at 6 PM

Gibraltar financial sector expats fear Spanish veto on EU agreement

Brexit is already hitting Gibraltar’s finance sector, with expat professionals warning about more disruption. The continuing sovereignty dispute between the UK and Spain about the ownership of the Rock isn’t about to disappear once Brexit is finalised at the end of this year, with negative effects already hitting on the financial...
12 Feb at 6 PM

UK expats get positive news over free healthcare cover

The boost in private medical insurance cover is due to needless expat concerns over post-Brexit coverage. In spite of positive messages about medical coverage for expats wishing to stay in the UK post-Brexit, the private medical insurance sector is reporting a boost in demand. British expats themselves, it seems, are still worried and...
11 Feb at 6 PM

Would English expats rush to an independent Scotland?

Given the chaos of the past three years’ Brexit negotiations and the fact that Scotland seemed to be 100 per cent against the UK leaving the European Union, will ‘North of the Border’ become a British expat destination once a newly independent Scotland rejoins the EU? It may sound crazy, but the Scots have never been especially...
11 Feb at 6 PM

Mallorca identifies coronavirus infection in expat resident

Expats on Mallorca urged not to panic as the Spanish island archipelago’s first coronavirus victim is identified. At a press conference held yesterday, the Spanish island’s general director of public health urged expats and citizens to remain calm as staff are currently identifying and contacting passengers on the same Barcelona/Palma...
11 Feb at 6 PM

Expats join Shanghai’s fight against the novel coronavirus

Expats still in Shanghai are playing their part in combating the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus. Shanghai’s Pudong district is a home from home for over 150,000 expats, many of whom are actively fighting the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in their communities as well as on social media. The foreign community in the massive city is...
10 Feb at 6 PM

Thai health authority boss hits out at expats not wearing masks

Expats living and working in Thailand are growing even more concerned over the large number of Chinese visitors still in major tourist towns. At present, there are only 25 confirmed cases of the Wuhan coronavirus being treated in Thai hospitals, with the majority in Bangkok. However, local media reports suggest some 100,000 Chinese...
10 Feb at 6 PM

Expat teachers in Vietnam give online lessons following school closures

Expats living and working in Vietnam have serious concerns about the spread of the coronavirus, especially as the country is close to Hubei province and Wuhan. Many tourists from China now visit Vietnam’s capital and flights transit via the northern neighbour. It has to be said that Vietnam has benefited economically from its closeness...
10 Feb at 6 PM

Kuwait cracking down on expat professionals yet again

Kuwait continues with plans to replace 25,000 expat employees, but needs expat teachers in a variety of specialities. According to local media, Kuwait’s human resources committee is urging the emirate’s government to give the go-ahead for the replacement this year of 25,000 expat workers by citizens, plus the same numbers next year....
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  • "The law has been passed this week and Spain offers arguably the most attractive "Golden Visa" option in Europe. We should not expect this to move the market in Spain. We are talking about investment over €500,000, the luxury end. And nationwide we would expect no more than a few hundred transactions in the first year. But it is a positive..." left by La Vida Spain on New Spanish property investment visa draws Chinese and Russians
  • "After reading about the expats survey in our local freebie paper and deciding to take part, logging on to this left me quite bamboozled as to where the survey is, there seems to be no sign of it. I suggest if a survey is being conducted under whatever guise a list of questions be published for expats to answer. Otherwise this survey is..." left by Brian Milnes on Massive new independent expat survey now live online
  • "The article is quite clear and as usual in this country ( spain) because I live in a remote area I only find things out accidently or by being surprised and fined. I don't understand how the European parliament does not act against this type of 'robo'. It is so frustrating to see a corrupt and authoritarian Spanish government get away with..." left by john porro on Spain to apply stealth tax to residents with solar power
  • "Absolutely right - already we have been receiving requests from cliets based in Italy to look at how they can 'avoid' the new regime. The Italian government is shooting itself in the foot on this one - people will relocate!" left by TaxTeddy on Changes to Italian tax regime to hit hard on expats
  • "Although there are a large number of British curriculum school in Dubai it's not easy to get into one. The waiting lists are long to start with, sometimes artificially long. People move away and don't remove their name from lists, and fearing the long lists parents put their children's names down on several lists. It's also an expensive..." left by Expat Explorers on British curriculum international schools popular in UAE and Asia