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15 Feb at 6 PM

What next for Spain’s expat real estate market?

Traditionally a favourite for British expat retirees, Spain and its real estate market are caught between currency exchange rate instability and a lack of Brit expat buyers due to Brexit uncertainty. Following the 2008 financial crisis, Spain’s formerly successful property market slumped to a low point from which it had barely...
15 Feb at 6 PM

Expats fuelling population growth in New Zealand

New Zealand’s population is set to hit five million by 2020, and it’s mostly down to increasing numbers of expat arrivals. The total population of New Zealand reached 4.9 million by the end of September 2018, with the upswing continuing at the rate of one person every five minutes! According to data released by Statistics New Zealand,...
15 Feb at 6 PM

Expats in UAE queuing up for second passports and permanent residency visas

As expatriate professionals’ stability and security in the Arab States become more fragile, those with spare funds are rushing to get second passports. A major reason for choosing one expat relocation destination over others is the stability of the country and the security of the job itself as well as the required work visa. Even the...
14 Feb at 6 PM

Is now the time for Dubai expats to bag a property bargain?

Is Dubai’s property price collapse signalling an end to its boom years? Over the past four years, Dubai’s property prices have slumped by a massive 25 per cent, with the fall blamed on the oversupply of high-end luxury real estate combined with the fall in oil prices. A recently released report confirms the nose-dive, with formerly...
14 Feb at 6 PM

Cyprus to protect British expats’ rights in case of no-deal Brexit

Cyprus has assured its UK expat residents their rights will remain should a no-deal Brexit be the final result. The former British colony of Cyprus prior to the island’s independence in 1960 has now reassured its British expat community their rights will be protected in the event of a no-deal Brexit. The island has joined a number of...
14 Feb at 6 PM

Entrepreneurial female millennials love the digital nomad lifestyle

Digital nomads come in all shapes, sizes, nationalities and colours, and they’re not always men! Entrepreneurial millennial women are taking the road to exotic destinations and loving every minute of their journey. Whether they’re writing travel blogs, creating apps, running online sales sites specialising in local products or...
13 Feb at 6 PM

EU expats prefer Scottish cities over anywhere else in Europe

In a recent survey of European expats’ most liveable cities, Edinburgh and Aberdeen came out on top, with not a single English city featured in the global top 20. Scotland’s capital just made it into the top 20 at 19th position, whilst Aberdeen just missed, coming in at 21st. For both Scottish cities, their liveability ratings were...
13 Feb at 6 PM

New Europeans call for signatures on possible solution to Brexit chaos

New Europeans, a pro-EU civil rights group fighting for UK expats’ rights, is urging supporters to sign an open letter containing a plan to break the seemingly endless Brexit deadlock. The letter suggests the EU could offer a three-month Article 50 extension in order to allow a second referendum to take place on 23 May, the same day as...
13 Feb at 6 PM

Top ten most expensive Asian destinations now include three Thai cities

The top ten most expensive Asian cities now include Bangkok, Pattaya and Chiang Mai. Cost of living surveys are popular with would-be expatriates as they give a benchmark for wage or pension levels, with several developing countries in Southeast Asia considered to be a cheaper option than many other world destinations. However, a shock...
12 Feb at 6 PM

Bremain in Spain chair slams UK media for stereotyping Brit expats

Whilst it’s a positive development that UK media outlets are now publicising the plight of British expats in Spain, it’s counterproductive in its use of hated stereotypes. As the Brexit disaster rolls on, British newspapers are finally waking up to the unavoidable fact that hundreds of thousands of UK expatriates are about to be left...
12 Feb at 6 PM

New Thailand retirement visa issues to hit hard on elderly, sick expats in care homes

Thailand’s recently announced changes to its retirement visa financial requirements are having unforeseen consequences for elderly residents in Chiang Mai’s several care homes. Whilst the controversy about the new financial requirements for what’s known as the ‘retirement visa’ is still ongoing, posters on a local forum have...
12 Feb at 6 PM

Brit expats on Spain regret their leave votes whilst Brit ambassador ducks the issue

In a recent BBC Channel 4 News item, British expats in Spain who voted Leave in the referendum admitted they are now bitterly regretting their decisions. Some 300,000 British expats are at present living in Spain, divided into retirees, working professionals, SME owners and students or researchers at Spanish universities. The Channel 4...
11 Feb at 6 PM

Saudi king to reimburse SMEs for expat work permit fees

Saudi King Salman has approved reimbursements of around three million dollars to struggling businesses for fees charged for expat work permits as well as cancelling rate hikes for those who couldn’t pay. Since 2017, Saudi companies have been forced to pay swingeing fees for every expat employed, in a bid to persuade firms to stop hiring...
11 Feb at 6 PM

Are QROPS still an option post-Brexit?

Retirement – what about a post-Brexit QROPS? The freedom to choose another country for your retirement years is a romantic notion, but it’s now become far more popular due to ease of travel and a wide choice of destinations to suit all pockets. The excitement of a whole new environment is hard to resist, especially as many Western...
11 Feb at 6 PM

Millionaire expats buying into Algarve resorts

British retirees planning to emigrate to Portugal are sitting on their hands rather than snapping up properties. Real estate agents along Portugal’s Algarve coastline are losing British expat buyers due to Brexit-led uncertainty about sterling’s value. However, the lull in done deals seems only to be affecting reasonably-priced...
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  • "The law has been passed this week and Spain offers arguably the most attractive "Golden Visa" option in Europe. We should not expect this to move the market in Spain. We are talking about investment over €500,000, the luxury end. And nationwide we would expect no more than a few hundred transactions in the first year. But it is a positive..." left by La Vida Spain on New Spanish property investment visa draws Chinese and Russians
  • "After reading about the expats survey in our local freebie paper and deciding to take part, logging on to this left me quite bamboozled as to where the survey is, there seems to be no sign of it. I suggest if a survey is being conducted under whatever guise a list of questions be published for expats to answer. Otherwise this survey is..." left by Brian Milnes on Massive new independent expat survey now live online
  • "The article is quite clear and as usual in this country ( spain) because I live in a remote area I only find things out accidently or by being surprised and fined. I don't understand how the European parliament does not act against this type of 'robo'. It is so frustrating to see a corrupt and authoritarian Spanish government get away with..." left by john porro on Spain to apply stealth tax to residents with solar power
  • "Absolutely right - already we have been receiving requests from cliets based in Italy to look at how they can 'avoid' the new regime. The Italian government is shooting itself in the foot on this one - people will relocate!" left by TaxTeddy on Changes to Italian tax regime to hit hard on expats
  • "Although there are a large number of British curriculum school in Dubai it's not easy to get into one. The waiting lists are long to start with, sometimes artificially long. People move away and don't remove their name from lists, and fearing the long lists parents put their children's names down on several lists. It's also an expensive..." left by Expat Explorers on British curriculum international schools popular in UAE and Asia