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13 Dec at 6 PM

British expats in Spain crushed by shock general election result

British expats living all across Spain as well as the leader of the Bremain in Spain campaign are calling out today’s General Election result as ‘mass suicide’. Sue Wilson, leader of the Bremain in Spain group, told the English language media Johnson’s victory was a shock, saying she can’t believe what the electorate have done...
13 Dec at 6 PM

British expats in Andalusia facing reversal of ruling legalising properties

The Spanish government is reputedly considering reversing an Andalusian legal ruling allowing over 300,000 illegally built homes to receive AFO status. The scandal of thousands of expats duped into buying or having built properties connected to electricity and water but illegal under Spanish law had a disastrous effect, not just on those...
13 Dec at 6 PM

Will Brexit affect expat British state pensioners’ winter fuel allowances?

Now that Brexit in one form or another seems certain, what will be the fate of the UK’s winter fuel payment? Given that the winter fuel payment made to British expats living in some EU member states is possibly the least of British expat concerns at this moment, for those intending to stay in Europe and who are receiving the payment...
12 Dec at 6 PM

Expats trapped in Kuwait for not paying hospital bills

Kuwait is now issuing travel bans to expats who’ve not yet paid their hospital bills. The above headline will be all too familiar with expats in Thailand who’re also being accused by the junta government of leaving without paying medical charges, an accusation roundly rejected by the expat community. Kuwait’s reaction to unpaid...
12 Dec at 6 PM

UK and EU expats’ treatment is shameful history for Britain

As the UK’s General Election gets underway, civil society activists are launching a manifesto for citizens’ rights to apply to EU expats living and working in the UK. Named the Citizens’ Rights Manifesto for the 5 million, the document is calling for the new government to allow EU expats to be given UK rights in primary law via the...
12 Dec at 6 PM

Expats and Chinese fleeing Hong Kong have now discovered Portugal

The Portuguese capital of Lisbon is preparing to welcome increasing numbers of expats fleeing the Hong Kong riots. As the protests in Hong Kong continue and the chance of Chinese military intervention increases, expatriates as well as Hong Kong nationals are looking for ways out of the mess. Although Portugal is well-known as a retirement...
11 Dec at 6 PM

Expats in UK getting more bangs for buck due to sterling crash

The impact of the UK’s Brexit chaos on sterling as well as the cost of living has resulted in boom time for foreign professionals working in London as the shrinking pound continues to provide gains for expats paid in their local currencies. Expatriate professionals living and working in the capital are getting an increased amount of...
11 Dec at 6 PM

Majorcan hospital now allowing visits by patients’ dogs.

Patients receiving treatment at a Majorcan hospital can now have visits from their much-loved dogs. As long as a doctor and a veterinary give approval, expats who’re missing their canine best friends will be able to arrange visits as they’re considered helpful in reducing the anxiety of being in hospital. The visits, allowed for...
11 Dec at 6 PM

British expats in Malaga warned over earthquake risks

British expats in Malaga are being warned over the city’s high seismic risk. According to experts, the Spanish city of Malaga is at high risk of an earthquake and has developed an emergency plan as a result. The increased risk of seismic activity in the Costa del Sol region was highlighted in a seismic map released in 2015 by Spain’s...
10 Dec at 6 PM

Expats in Beijing fearing pneumonic plague outbreak

For ambitious expat techies, the past few years have resulted in sizeable communities being established in all China’s major cities, with Beijing the most popular. China’s image over the past decade has changed from that of a Communist threat to the rest of the world to a safe, welcoming haven for expat professionals in many fields....
10 Dec at 6 PM

British citizens in EU now demanding a UK Minister for Expats

British expats in Spain are now calling for a UK Minister for Expats. As a result of losing their voting rights after 15 years as expats, many Britons in Spain are calling for the cancellation of the hated 15 year disenfranchisement ruling. Just a small percentage of Britons who chose either to live their retirement years or start their...
10 Dec at 6 PM

Brit expats in Shanghai hold debate over election and Brexit

A debate held by a group of British expatriates living and working in Shanghai reinforced the strength of feeling held by UK citizens overseas. Brexit is still of critical importance to British expats in China, even although they’re many thousands of miles away from home. Last Sunday’s debate in Shanghai was dominated by this week’s...
9 Dec at 6 PM

Why VPNs are essential for expat digital nomads

For those who never leave their home country, using a VPN may not be a priority, but for expats it’s a necessity, no matter where they’re located. Nowadays, living and working overseas is a fairly straightforward procedure once the correct visa is obtained, but internet access can be less than straightforward, dependent on your...
9 Dec at 6 PM

What to avoid when heading for Thailand as an expat or visitor

If you’re a determined digital nomad planning on a stopover in Thailand or are visiting for the first time, there are a few things best avoided as part of staying safe. The so-called Land of Smiles has a lot to offer those wishing to stay for a relatively short visit whilst travelling and earning, but there are a number of activities...
9 Dec at 6 PM

Brit expats in Portugal at risk from deteriorating healthcare services

Expats in Portugal are worried about risks now evident in the country’s healthcare services. Crises, deaths and delays in private as well as public hospitals are being reported, not just in the Portuguese capital Faro but also in medical care centres across the country. The situation first came to light when the capital’s major public...
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