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Here are the 80 entries for Writing Contest March 2013. This competition is now over. To see the winners please visit the main contests page and click the winners link there.

Juliette Giannesini Expats in Canada Top 10 Reasons Why Canada Rocks
Ilene Springer Expats in Malta The Forty Shades of Malta
Alba Brunetti Expats in Turkey My Top İstanbul Things
Belinda Bobko Frost Expats in Wales Top Six Historical Sites in Wales
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  • "Absolutely brilliant, I couldn't agree with all of these things more as I'm living in one of the 'smaller' cities in China about two hours away from Xi'an. The blatant lying is particularly funny - I can't get my head around the amount of lies and excuses I hear on a daily basis. Even if a fairly 'westernised' English speaker hasn't a clue..." left by Jen on 8 things I'll never get used to in China
  • "Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments and sharing some more insights about Johannesburg, the city we all seem to love. For some reason I hadn't seen these comments before (hard enough to keep up with my own blog:-) and it was lovely to read them all in succession. Guiseppina - I trust you have found your expat advice in the meantime and..." left by Sine Thieme on Top Ten Reasons You Should Move to Johannesburg Despite the Crime Rate
  • "What a wonderful article! Enjoyed it so much. I hope to be able to write mine one day too! 6 years and still in it for love. Met my LDL on-line and 4 months later in person. I now visit New York every 3 - 6 months with the hopes that one day we'll get this worked out. Being in love with an Egyptian New Yorker has its challenges! ..." left by Sandy on Top six things you should know before falling in love with a Canadian!
  • "Excellent point rachel, although I would like to add a few things, malta's energy prices and food can be expensive since everything generally has to be imported, roads can be challenging, I don't think language is an issue. It is true that malta is known for its bars, property prices are getting expensive and of course its an issue for..." left by Alex on The Forty Shades of Malta
  • "Thanks for the tips. My GF and I teach in Seoul and were wondering what all there is to do in different parts of Korea. Oedo island looks like it's just been added to our bucket list!" left by Scott Herder on Top 5 Things to do on Geoje Island

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