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Latest Blogs by American Expats Living in Chile

  • Gringa Journeys
    Leah is a translator currently based in Santiago, Chile. On her blog, she discusses topics such as learning Spanish as a second language from a linguist's point of view as well as travel and lifestyle tips.
  • Gringo's Guide to Gardening
    Chile's ultimate tour guide. Laugh-out-loud and insightful. American writer sick of the pollution and noise in Santiago moves to the country for peace and quiet. What he did not know is when you move to the country, you exchange one set of problems for another.
  • A Rant, A Rave, and a Little Bit of Everyday Life
    Experiences of a Newlywed Gringa Living in Chile
  • Bay Essence
    Blog on Travel, Food, Culture and Personal Adventures as experienced by an American Expat and a Chilean in Santiago de Chile
  • La Gringa
    Tellin' tall tales from a long, skinny country! My experiences, living in Chile, as an expat gringa.

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