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If you are looking to connect with Dutch expats in Singapore, then this page brings together all the latest expat blogs Singapore written by Dutch bloggers, any interviews, articles and news items we have here at ExpatsBlog.com.

Latest Blogs by Dutch Expats Living in Singapore

  • Bedouin Mama
    After a nomadic childhood I couldn't adjust to chilly Europe, so I moved my family of 3 young kids back to the tropics. Join in and read my tales of expat life, parenting, recovered memories and culture clashes in sunny (or rainy) Singapore
  • Singapore Tamtam
    A long long time ago, a Dutch woman took her daughter by the hand and followed her husband to the Far East isle of Singapore. Thirty years later, the daughter did the same. This is my blog.

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Latest News Relating to Singapore or Netherlands

  • Dutch residency for US citizens getting harder
    US expats are having increasing problems getting Dutch residency. The Netherlands’ popularity with expats is drawing ever-increasing numbers of US citizens to Amsterdam and other Dutch cities,...
  • Expats in Netherlands warned over swimming in toxic waters
    During the one of the hottest summers in living memory, Netherlands citizens and expats are being warned not to swim in canals and other tainted waters. Over the past week, an increasing number...
  • Dutch property prices now at record high
    House prices across the Netherlands are now at record levels, with the boom expected to continue. Long-stay expats who had the foresight to purchase a home several years ago are more than pleased...
  • Its more fun in the Netherlands
    The growing popularity of the Netherlands with younger expats isn’t only down to its startup opportunities. All work and no play makes the average expat professional a very dull person but, for...
  • Expats in the Netherlands warned about ticks and Lyme disease
    As the Netherlands becomes ever more popular with expat professionals, there’s one unfamiliar danger they need to watch out for. Given the challenges of moving to a new country, expats arriving...
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