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If you are looking to connect with English expats in Switzerland, then this page brings together all the latest expat blogs Switzerland written by English bloggers, any interviews, articles and news items we have here at ExpatsBlog.com.

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    Expat Life & Travel in Switzerland.I am a freelance journalist & copywriter from the UK, now based in Basel, Switzerland and exploring life and travel on the continent.
  • An Expat Wife
    Follows the Life of an English Expat in Switzerland. Swisswife writes about coping with being a serial expat and also places to visit, things to do and eating out when travelling with her husband on his business trips around the world.
  • NewInZurich
    (by newinzurich) Life in Zurich: a guide to what's happening, what's different what's fun! Practical info to help you explore this great city!
  • Starting over
    First there were two of us. I'm a Brit. He's American. We met in Luxembourg, how you do. Our boy child arrived in 2001, so that made 3. Meanwhile we moved to Zurich, Switzerland in 2007.
  • Three years & home
    Home is where the heart is and I left mine in Wales. A Welsh mum's battle against Swiss trams.

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Latest News Relating to Switzerland or England

  • Brits expats still investing in buy-to-let
    Brit expats working in Europe invest in London buy-to-lets whilst those working in the Middle East prefer North of England properties. Perhaps the aboveo is something of a generalisation, but the...
  • World’s most unfriendly nations for expats
    One important aspect when choosing an expat destination is undoubtedly the friendliness of the local people. Leaving friends and family in the home country and settling in an unfamiliar country...
  • French study visas for expat students
    France is one of the world’s most popular countries for international students. As many as 271,339 foreign students are now studying at French universities as well as enjoying their lives in...
  • Is offshore banking the best expat strategy
    In spite of rumours about tax avoidance, offshore banking gives a number of advantages for expat professionals. The vast majority of expat professionals working overseas are paid in their local...
  • Is cow cuddling the answer to expat executive stress
    Every expat who owns a pet knows cuddling a dog or cat is a stress reliever but, for those without furry best friends, what’s the best thing to do? In the ‘60s, tree hugging was widely...
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