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Latest Blogs by Indian Expats Living in USA

  • The Sinhas at No. 302
    Stories about uninterrupted middle class Indian. Here, you can read about the forgotten quintessential pleasures which a middle class Indian from small town is addicted to and runs the marathon all his life for...
  • Walking through Transitions
    This blog is about finding happiness in a new country. I focus on what it means to be an introvert and a Highly Sensitive Person in America, how I am adapting to cultural differences as well as what it means to create a home away from home.

Latest Expat Interviews/ Articles

  • Indian Expat Living in USA - Interview with RItu
    Ritu Kaushal is a writer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She sees her writing as a bridge that connects her inner life with the outer world. She writes about her experience with transitioning...
  • The 5 Minute Guide On How To Emigrate To America
    Check out this handy guide that summarises the important information you should know for immigrating and settling in the United States of America. Visas There are several types of visas for...

Latest News Relating to USA or India

  • Saudi Arabian officials deny expat fee rumours
    Social media rumours that expat fees paid by companies would be fixed at their present level are now being categorically denied by officials. Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Labour and Social...
  • How the rest of the world sees expats
    Are expats mostly too busy seeing the world through new eyes to be concerned about how the world sees them? The focus of a recent survey was somewhat different from the usual run of annual online...
  • Brexit negotiations still ignoring UK pensions passporting plight
    Tens of thousands of retired British expats living in Europe could lose access to their pensions should a hard Brexit result. According to experts working in the financial service industry, the...
  • Dutch residency for US citizens getting harder
    US expats are having increasing problems getting Dutch residency. The Netherlands’ popularity with expats is drawing ever-increasing numbers of US citizens to Amsterdam and other Dutch cities,...
  • China fatigue can spoil the expat experience
    Expats who’ve been working in China for some while are in danger of experiencing ‘China fatigue’ China is a favourite destination for expatriates looking to experience a totally new and very...
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