Are expats now considered unwanted in many countries?

Published:  20 Jul at 6 PM
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Tagged: USA
As more reports come in of jobless expats being thrown out of their countries of residence, is this the beginning of a new world order?

At the start of the pandemic, many commentators questioned the possibility of the emergence of a new world order. Now that the pandemic has taken over almost every expat haven, the reaction of governments across the world would suggest social distancing will soon be forced to apply between countries as well as individuals – a new world order indeed and a very scary development for humanity.

The latest government to jump on this bandwagon is that of the British Virgin Islands, formerly a popular destination for Brits whether working or retiring. However, a recent local media report suggests its government is telling unemployed expats to leave a.s.a.p unless they’ve permission to find a new job. A government spokesperson spoke of his awareness that those affected might well be’ frustrated and disheartened’ by the decision, adding that many more expats are likely to be jobless in the very near future.

The order to leave might have been triggered by the BVI’s provision of financial assistance to under- and unemployed residents, but that, according to the government, can’t last forever. Expats who’ve lived in the BVI for over five years can seek further employment, but others just as talented and hard-working are about to be thrown out. As usual when this rhetoric is used to get rid of expats, the language in which the edict is relayed is conciliatory but the intention is as hard as nails.

Since world history began, ethnic cleansing has taken place, sometimes using legal methods, sometimes with violence and war, but this pandemic has dredged up a new stance – protection of the established community against incomers. It’s no coincidence that the USA is now embroiled in a struggle for equality for all no matter what their skin colour, and expats across the world are now realising there’s a chance they may have overstayed their welcomes in the country they now call home.
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