India: Why it's a Must-See Country for Expats

Published: 4 Mar at 8 AM
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India is a vibrant country, steeped in history and culture that has plenty to offer visitors from every walk of life. Often chaotic and crowded in some of the large cities, visitors will experience times of frustration when travelling through this diverse country. However, this colourful country provides many must see sights that are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression for years to come.

The Taj Mahal - Why India is a must see country
The Taj Mahal - Why India is a must see country
The Taj Mahal in the city of Agora is a must see for all travelers to India. Built in 1630 this unique building is one of the new '7 wonders of the world'. The beautiful building is in fact a tomb that contains the body of Mumtaz Mahal, the wife of the emperor Shah Jahan. Made from a mixture of marble and other precious stones the stunning tomb took 22 years to build with more than 20,000 workers. The best time to view this amazing building is either at sun rise or sun set as the light reflects off the walls and causes the tomb to change colours. If you are lucky enough to visit in February, it is worth experiencing the week long festival which takes place next to the Taj Mahal. The festival re-creates the Mughal period and features parades, arts and Indian culture. Travelers can also experience elephant and camel rides and taste exquisite Indian cuisine.

All tourists to India should visit the city of Delhi, which is the capital of India. Often busy and hectic, the city is packed with mosques, forts and monuments steeped in the rich Indian history. The most famous monument in the city, The Red Fort was built in 1638 to keep out invaders and visitors to this stunning monument are treated to a spectacular light and sound show every evening. A visit to the old city in Delhi will allow tourists the opportunity to visit the amazing Jama Masjid mosque, which is the oldest mosque in the whole of India. Tourists can climb to the top of the southern tower to appreciate stunning views across the city. However, it is important that all visitors respect the Indian culture and cover legs, head and shoulders when visiting mosques around India.

To the south of India, visitors will be entertained by the diverse city of Bangalore, which is mix of India, past and present. The stunning Bangalore Palace which was built in 1887 has beautiful Tudor architecture, towers and arches and lush green gardens. If you feel the need to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, visitors can take a swim or a boat ride on nearby Usloor Lake which consists of 125 acres of lake and attractive green land. Bangalore is also home to the Crazy Waters Amusement Park which is great for kids with numerous thrilling water rides and activities.

Mumbai is another Indian city which provides a wide variety of sights and activities that will delight and entertain visitors of all ages. The city has everything to offer from mosques, beaches to glamorous clubs and bars. The Gateway of India is the most famous sight Mumbai has to offer. Built in 1926, it is the first sight any visitor arriving in Mumbai by boat will see. Visitors will find many vendors around the gate selling anything from souvenirs, to snacks and drinks.

Although Mumbai appears to be a sprawling mass of urban development, tourists can now take some time out from the hectic city life and visit the stunning National Park based here. Visitors can view the ancient Buddhist caves that have been hand crafted into the volcanic rock. For an alternative view of India, tourists may like to visit the Bollywood area in Mumbai which is home to the centre of the Bollywood film industry. Travelers can take a short tour through the city or visit Eros Cinema, next to Churchgate Railway Station where they can watch an unique Bollywood movie.

When city life has tired you out, why not head to one of the many beautiful beaches that India has to offer for some relaxing, sunbathing and water sports. India has some of the most beautiful beaches in the whole world with plenty to offer, whether you choose to relax, take part in various thrilling water sports or party into the night! Goa offers some of the most stunning golden, sandy beaches with a variety of water sports available to entertain the more energetic traveler. Popular with hippies, travelers and celebrity's around the world, Goa has something to offer everyone. However, if you want somewhere a little quieter, why not head over to Varkala, further south. The beaches are less developed and the cliff paths offer tourists stunning views over the Arabian Sea. The cliff path is scattered with numerous beach shacks offering visitors a chance to enjoy a snack and a drink whilst watching the stunning sunsets. There are also many yoga schools and massage parlors available for tourists to enjoy.

For the young and adventurous, India has numerous thrilling activities which will provide visitors with the ultimate experience. Whether you wish to hike in the mountains, try para-gliding, white water rafting, go-carting or camel safari's there is something different for all tastes. India's expansive mountains in the Himalaya region will be a delight for avid trekkers and hikers. You can choose an easy ramble, a short trek or more strenuous longer hikes and climbs. For a life long experience, a camel or yak safari will take visitors through the vast open desert with a night camping under the dark skies the ultimate way to experience India's hidden pleasures. For something a little tamer, India is now offering travelers a chance to view the vast country form high above in a thrilling hot air balloon ride.

It is impossible to come to India and experience everything this diverse country has to offer, even a month is not enough time to visit all the amazing sights here and travelers will be sure to return again and again. As it can often be difficult to travel around India on your own, one of the many Indian tours offers a great way to see the country. The 4 day Golden Triangle Tour is a fantastic way to take in the sights in Delhi, Agra and Jaipur with visits to The Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Hawa Mahal. However, be prepared to take some time out at the end of the tour for some much deserved relaxing time on one of the many golden beaches.

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Ms. Neli wrote 9 years ago:

Hi . I do agree with You , however nowadays there has been a rise in crimes against foreigners . For a woman who has stayed here for 20 years+, I will say -please be careful while travelling or going to work . The south Indian cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore , Pune are very expat friendly

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