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7 May at 10 AM

American Expat Living in Dominican Republic - Interview with Sarah

Sarah is not your typical MBA graduate - after completing her Master's, she went on to work in nonprofit development in New York City. She then moved to Santo Domingo, the capital city of the Dominican Republic to teach English. She has always liked traveling and was thrilled to have the opportunity to move abroad and really experience a new...
16 May at 9 AM

American Expat Living in Dominican Republic - Interview with Jen

Jen, a former English teacher, left the Jersey Shore for the Caribbean Sea and is currently writing a book and the author of Drinking the Whole Bottle, a blog about living abroad as a new wife, unsure mother, aspiring writer, enthusiastic wine drinker, life learner, opinionated thinker, and rabble rouser of non-violent sorts. She has been...
14 Jun at 10 AM

Meeting Expats in Dominican Republic

My first question is why on earth would you want to? It seems odd to me that when we travel abroad because we want to experience the excitement and wonder of living in a different country, with a different culture, different people and maybe even a different language, the first thing most expats want to do is to meet other expats. The...
21 Mar at 9 AM

British Expat in Dominican Republic - Interview With Lindsay

Lindsay arrived in the Dominican Republic 11 years ago as a scuba diving instructor on a 6 month contract. She is still there, married to a Dominican and working as a writer, translator and marketing consultant. She is a keen observer of Dominicans and their lifestyles and culture, and could not imagine living anywhere else. She lives in the...
26 Feb at 11 AM

Speaking the Language in Dominican Republic - Expat Help

Local Expert Series: Learning the lingo by Lindsay de Feliz The Dominican Republic was discovered by Christopher Columbus and the language spoken in the country is Spanish. Only Spanish, apart from between one and two million Haitians who have come across the border from Haiti who tend to speak Creole, which has its roots in French. Some...
18 Feb at 11 AM

Cost of Living in Dominican Republic - Expat Comparison

Local Expert Series: Cost of living Dominican Republic by Lindsay de Feliz Many people think that living in the Dominican Republic will be significantly cheaper than living in the UK, Europe or North America, given the fact that it is a third world country. However, although on the whole it is cheaper, there is a large variation in the...
11 Feb at 11 AM

How to travel to Dominican Republic - Expat Perspective

Local Expert Series: How to get to Dominican Republic by Lindsay de Feliz As it is an island, the usual way to reach the Dominican Republic is by air, although several cruise companies do call in at either Santo Domingo, La Romana in the south east and SamanĂ¡ in the north east. There is also a car and passenger ferry service which sails...
4 Jan at 3 PM

Expat Interview With Eliza - USA to Domincan Republic

Eliza Alys Young, had dreamed all her life of living in another country, speaking another language, and experiencing another culture. Finally, in 2002, her opportunity came when she went to the Dominican Republic to teach summer classes in web design. Her class was so popular that the students convinced her to visit the capital, Santo Domingo...
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