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16 Jun at 10 AM

Moving to Mexico and Making Friends

The older I become, the more difficult I find it to meet new people. I'm a little terrified of strangers even though I know that strangers are friends you just haven't met yet. Moving to Mexico and making friends was challenging for me. In the past, I worked outside of the home. Having a job gave me instant access to an assortment of...
15 Jun at 10 AM

Meeting Other Expats in South Africa

No thank you very much, I don’t have the time of day for them. Bit harsh you think? Maybe not, maybe you feel the same you just don’t realise it yet. I’ll never say never, but joining an expat group is the last thing I want to do, you see I don’t really consider myself an expat in the sense of moving from country to country...
14 Jun at 10 AM

Meeting Expats in Dominican Republic

My first question is why on earth would you want to? It seems odd to me that when we travel abroad because we want to experience the excitement and wonder of living in a different country, with a different culture, different people and maybe even a different language, the first thing most expats want to do is to meet other expats. The...
13 Jun at 3 PM

It’s a Small World After All - Meet Expats in Malaysia

Ok, be honest, how many of you are now singing or humming along to the tune of “It’s a Small World” now? And if you weren’t already, now you are. Sorry for that! Joking aside, it never ceases to amaze me just how small the world really is. I am a serial world traveler, I just can’t get enough of new cultures and places. There is...
12 Jun at 3 PM

Meeting Expats in Qatar... eventually

The location was Doha, Qatar mid eighties and despite the fact I had been working abroad for several years now, this was my first real bachelor status shore-based job. On previous postings I was always part of a construction group and therefore had an ‘instant’ circle of friends, sorry make that ‘work colleagues’ because some of them...
11 Jun at 3 PM

Do you Speak expat? Meeting Expats in Singapore

Day One: a swimming pool in a small condo in Holland Village, west Singapore. I am on my back looking at the blue, blue sky and listening to the roar of the main road just metres beyond the hedge: it is not unlike London’s Westway, I think, and the thought is briefly comforting. It is 1pm on a Thursday and most schools have gone back after...
10 Jun at 3 PM

Meeting Expats in Greece - Lonely? You don’t have to be

It’s hard when you initially move to a new country. It was particularly hard for me because I spent my first year in Greece in a small inland town. Whilst I enjoyed the experience, I was the only foreigner so I had to integrate, or be incredibly lonely. I didn’t get to mix with expats…and initially that suited me fine: nothing like...
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