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11 Jul at 9 AM

American Expat Living in Panama - Interview with Cindy

Cindy and David are world travelers and former high school teachers. They decided to retire in Panama after visiting there 4 years ago. They thought they had a few more years in the classroom before retiring but Panama kept pulling them so they retired early. After selling almost everything they owned, they moved to Boquete with their two...
19 Feb at 9 AM

From USA to Panama - Expat Interview With Kris

Kris and her husband, nearing retirement age, were looking at options and researching the possibilities of living in another country. Panama seemed to have everything they needed. When they visited they loved it! After the third visit (with an enthusiastic OK from his mother, who moved with them) they accelerated the plans. Since the cost of...
2 Dec at 11 AM

Scotland to Panama - Expat Interview With Jane

Jane Ellis, also known as Panamajama, moved out to the beautiful country of Panama in 2010 with her husband and three young children. They moved there as he was offered the chance to work on the Panama Canal expansion project. They both jumped at this opportunity to broaden their horizons and see a little more of the world. Jane was so...
19 Nov at 11 AM

American Expat in Panama City - Interview With Laura

Originally from Panama, Laura Guy moved to the United States with her mother, father and sister Michelle at a young age. Michelle and Laura enjoyed a happy, albeit nontraditional, childhood in St. Louis, Missouri cared for by Dad while Mom completed her medical residency. After graduating from high school, Laura moved to California to...
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