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10 Jun at 9 AM

American Expat Living in Philippines - Interview with Randy

Randy first arrived in the Western Pacific in 1974, and lived and worked for the next 8 out of 12 years in both Guam and the Philippines. Randy met and married his filipina sweetheart while living and working in the Philippines. After retiring from the field of meteorology and oceanography, and again after a short second career in real...
5 Jun at 9 AM

Russian Expat Living in Philippines - Interview with Filipp

Filipp and Vera got tired of big cities hustle and discovered downshifting. It has turned out that one can easily travel and work online without any troubles. So they did a year ago and still do across amasing country called Philippines. That provided a wonderful oportunity of discoveries and adventures. Filipp's expat blog is called...
6 May at 9 AM

British Expat Living in Philippines - Interview

A hard-working yet laid back British expat, who works hard during the week in order to enjoy exploring the beautiful islands of the Philippines. He has fully embraced the local culture and cuisines, although generally stays away from rice and unusual local delicacies like unborn duck fetus! He tries to keep in shape in order to look good...
30 Nov at 5 PM

Expat Interview with Corey, American Living in the Philippines

Corey is a trooper and his life in the Philippines has been fascinating. Many ups, downs, highs and lows and he really gives you the most pragmatic and direct look at life here through his personal experiences. Sometimes cynical and perhaps occasionally condescending, he nevertheless tells it like it is and will be an invaluable resource for...
3 May at 9 AM

Living on Island of Bohol - Interview with US Expat Henry

Henry Velez grew up in Southern California, USA, his entire life before making the decision to move to the Philippines, sight-unseen. After spending a year researching it online he made the leap of faith and transplanted himself first to the island of Mactan and then later to Bohol. Arriving and remaining a Single Man (so far) in a...
4 Dec at 9 AM

American Expat in Philippines - Interview With Rick

In August, 2005, Rick Levy retired and relocated with his wife Lydia from the U.S to the Philippines. Doing so was not an easy undertaking, and at first when Lydia suggested this idea in 2003, he was reluctant to even consider the notion. What he didn't know at the time was that Lydia had already hatched the plan for them to expatriate and...
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