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Expat Blog Awards 2013

Top 10 Differences Between Parenting in America vs. Parenting in Britain

Written from the point of view of an American mother raising British born children in England1. Children’s birthday parties: In Britain, don’t make your children open their presents in front of their friends at the party. Don’t serve the cake with ice cream at the party (put it in their party bags, wrapped up in a napkin - and don’t...
Expat Blog Awards 2013

Top 10 things about living in Kingston

Did you know there are a few places around the world called Kingston?In South Australia I grew up not far from a small beach town called Kingston. I can’t say there was much there other than an overabundance of smelly seaweed. I hope it’s improved.There is also a Kingston in Jamaica. Unfortunately I know nothing about that one.Back to...
Writing Contest March 2013

Top 10 Tips To be Taken Seriously In your Job In London

After the best part of a decade spent in London, I am still learning to speak proper English. Having a French accent is quite a hindrance in my job, because most of the time my colleagues comment on my accent rather than on what I have to say, which can be frustrating. Over here, you need to convey your points in a certain way. But fear not:...
Writing Contest March 2013

Top 5 Off the Beaten Track Places in London

London is an extremely popular tourist destination, even more so in recent years following exposure from the London 20132 Games, the 2012 Diamond Jubilee and the 2011 Royal Wedding. There are almost 15 million visitors to London annually; meaning lots of places are tourist hotspots and tourist traps. In this list I’ve captured five top...
Education and International Schools

Turning tables: learning from my students

Miss Ashley, Miss Sheets, Ashley teacher.....I get called a lot of things. I’ve taught English as a second or foreign language in quite a few different countries over the past seven years, and my work in international schools has given me access to students from more countries than I can remember. And these students have all had different...
Expat Blog Awards 2013

Why England is the Place to be for me

Many English people seem surprised that I love living in England.  After all I come from a land Down Under – land of sunshine, easy living, laid-back attitudes, Christmas lunch on Bondi Beach and all that.  Plus before living in England this time, I lived in Italy for 6 years.  How could you possibly leave Italy for England?I’ve come...
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