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Here are the 171 entries for Expat Blog Awards 2013. This expat writing contest is now over and the prize/award winners have been announced on the main Expat Blog Awards 2013 winners page. Thanks to everyone who took time to enter and comment!

Caribbean Girl in Cairo Expats in Egypt Top 5 Things I Love About Egypt
Kim@ A Moving Story Expats in Mexico 10 Must-Dos In Mexico City
Drinking Coffee Elsewhere: Mongolia Expats in Mongolia From Malaysia to Mongolia: A Few Expat Tips
Becky the Great Expats in Mongolia N is for Nomads
Meghan Blosser Expats in Netherlands The Top "Views of Delft"
Romy Natalia Goldberg Expats in Paraguay Top Guarani Words to Use in Paraguay
Janine Clements Expats in Singapore Singapore expat bucket list
Peter Chambers Expats in United Arab Emirates Welcome to the Wild West
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  • "After 20 years in Dubai, Sam you've hit the nails on their respective heads. Your blog makes for easy ready yet is packed with pertinent information which is as valid today as it was 20 years ago. Just the traffic is worse now..LOL." left by Faysal KHAN on Expat Advice on Making the Move - 5 Tips for Adjusting to Life in Dubai
  • "Many of our American expat neighbours (who have been living in Costa Rica on Social Security pensions for years), have not been able to absorb the 45% increase in Caja premiums, the cost of electrical power, and the overall increase in everything else in Costa Rica, so they've gone back to the states. Costa Rica has become the most expensive..." left by Juan Eduardos on Top 10 Expat Communities in Costa Rica
  • "Interesting and very well described..!! :) Even i am trying to observe this city and it's culture. Very new, Just 6th day in singapore and i am loving it. Singaporeans seems to be very helpful. Looking ahead to make new local frienss to explore more." left by pranab on Top 10 Culture Shocks When Living As Expat In Singapore
  • "Mrs Chasing the Donkey you have really thrilled me and make me smile! For it is quite interesting to see from your point of wiew as moving into Croatia from another culture! Well done!" left by apartmani boric podgora on Top 10 List for Phrases You Need When Moving to Dalmatia.
  • "There was a lot said, but in case you needed more details and adventoure, I would suggest to do this! Here are some tips from a fellow passionate traveller for all those who want to discover Albania: If you come in Summer I would recommend you went down to the beaches of Drimadhes, Jal, Gjipe, Livadh, Kakome, etc but try to avoid the..." left by Mark on The Top Ten Reasons You Should Visit Albania

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