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Expat Blog Awards 2013

10 Dutch Words You Seriously Need to Know For Living in the Netherlands

As an educated linguist, languages are a sort of obsession for me. I take pride in speaking the local language when travelling, even if it's just a few words. For that reason, I have always imagined that I could never live in a country and not speak its language. Sadly, this is what is happening in the Netherlands. I absolutely do not...
Education and International Schools

Adapting: Education and International Schools in the Netherlands

"Would you like some more chocolate milk?" -blank stare- "Sweetie, some more of this?" -continue blank stare- "I'm sorry- can you ask him what he'd like? I don't think he understands me". <------ me to my four year old regarding a classmate. Classroom for Queen's Day And so began the day I helped out at school for the...
Education and International Schools

All I Really Need

The overwhelming task that lay before me – each step to be approached and passed like mile markers on a stretch of highway in the desert – prevented me from indulging myself in too many heartfelt, tearful, fully-aware goodbyes. It was a sunny day in January 2012. I had less than 12 hours remaining in my hometown – Dallas. The place I...
Expat Blog Awards 2013

Am I becoming European, or not? Top 10 signs

  My college roommate and best friend squints her eyes and leans towards the refrigerated rows of plastic, cardboard, and glass containers.  Happy oranges, green fonts, and sunshiny citrus groves smile and wave back to her – begging for attention. I cock my head, observing this carefully calculated marketing exchange with amusement....
Expat Culture Shock

Culture Shock in the Netherlands: Party in a Circle, Ya’ll

I remember throwing my first party- it was my 7th Birthday and I insisted on taking the reigns. It was a pool party in my native Miami Beach. We served hot dogs and I even made the cake, a huge chocolate on chocolate concoction that I lavishly covered in m&ms chocolate candies. From that point on, I became hooked on entertaining. I helped my...
Writing Contest March 2013

Five Ways Utrecht Combines 2000 Years of History with Modern Culture

When I moved to Utrecht almost five years ago, I had never actually set foot in the city. Yet I already had a feel for the city after scanning daily photos placed in an Utrecht Flickr group. What I saw in the many photos was a city that was a beautiful mix of history, culture, unique canals, and a vibrant energy. The photos only brushed the...
Expat Blog Awards 2013

Holland's Healthiest Habits: 10 Tips For a Healthier Life

The Netherlands are a beautiful country. I was, however, surprised to find that the Dutch have many healthy habits that we have adopted in our own lives and I believe everyone can benefit from it! 1) Go uitwaaien. It means "walk in the wind", or, less literally, "go out!". The Dutch are crazy about being outside. Sunlight is scarce here so...
Education and International Schools

International Schools in The Hague: an Overview and a Guidelining Questionnaire

Globally moving expatriates with school children often opt for international schools as they are designed to ease the educational transition from one country to another. Still, it is important to know the local education system as some international schools are linked to it. General information about the Dutch education system In the...
Expat Culture Shock

La Vie En Rose

The high dive represents a rite of passage. Mine was at Jack Carter pool in Plano, Texas, but irregardless of where you grew up, the high dive at your community pool terrorized your small, but important, youthful world. You gazed for months with envy at the other children carelessly flipping, tossing, and cannon-balling over the edge of the...
Working Abroad

Letting Go of the Career Ladder

Taking a step back in your career is never a satisfying move, but if the fact that you don’t speak the local language limits your job opportunities and you need to survive, sometimes you have no choice. I know that firsthand. When I moved to the Netherlands I took what I could. Admittedly the job was in my field but it meant a step down the...
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