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  • Happy Coconuts Travel Blog
    It would be a tragedy to die, having never really lived. Which is why my husband Andy and I quit our jobs, sold our house and decided to chase our dreams. We moved to Costa Rica without a plan, and this is the story of our adventure.
  • What Happened to the Subtitles?
    I fled Seattle, landed in Costa Rica with nine suitcases and a dog, married a tico, took off my rose-colored glasses, and settled in for the ride. No unicorns, no rainbows, but plenty of sarcasm and boxed wine. Monkeys optional.
  • Lo Que Hay: It's a whole 'nuther country
    We sold everything and moved a terrier and a 17-year old cat to Samara, Costa Rica to live the luxury lifestyle on $2000 per month . . . because we're poor but adventurous. Enjoy our mishaps and adventures. Come laugh at us and with us.
  • 10 Feet Traveling
    The chronicles of traveling and living abroad with young children in Costa Rica.
  • Two Weeks in Costa Rica
    Travel planning info from two expats living in Costa Rica. Itineraries, destinations, and our secrets for exploring this amazing place.

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