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  • familial entropy
    About life as a young family. About everyday observations. About small but significant differences between Germany and Switzerland.About our everyday insanity...

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  • Brits expats still investing in buy-to-let
    Brit expats working in Europe invest in London buy-to-lets whilst those working in the Middle East prefer North of England properties. Perhaps the aboveo is something of a generalisation, but the...
  • World’s most unfriendly nations for expats
    One important aspect when choosing an expat destination is undoubtedly the friendliness of the local people. Leaving friends and family in the home country and settling in an unfamiliar country...
  • New German laws aim at helping UK expat workers avoid post-Brexit problems
    Germany is making plans to simplify the lives of resident British expats during the post-Brexit transition period. As the British government struggles to get its own way over Brexit, German...
  • French study visas for expat students
    France is one of the world’s most popular countries for international students. As many as 271,339 foreign students are now studying at French universities as well as enjoying their lives in...
  • Is offshore banking the best expat strategy
    In spite of rumours about tax avoidance, offshore banking gives a number of advantages for expat professionals. The vast majority of expat professionals working overseas are paid in their local...
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