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9 Sep at 9 AM

Australian Expat Living in Belgium - Interview with Bec & Merv

Bec and Merv are an Australian couple currently enjoying the expat life in Brussels. Their he said/she said blog is a journal of their expat journey, featuring highlights of their travel and food experiences in Brussels and beyond. She's a civil servant and self-confessed francophile; he's a photographer and fast-food addict. Those who know...
23 Apr at 9 AM

South African Expat Living in Belgium - Interview with Maxine

Maxine of WhyIamNotSkinny is a South African who moved to Belgium 6years ago. Maxine is someone who loves food ... reading about it, making it, eating it and sharing it, she started her blog just over 2years ago for the sole purpose of sharing her food experiences - something she thought that only her parents would read, but in reality has...
15 Nov at 1 PM

Polish Expat Living In Brussels - Interview With Barbara

Meet Barbara - Polish born & raised, living in Brussels, Belgium with her Spanish fiancé. Every day is a battle between at least 3 languages for them: French, English and Dutch. In this crazy multi-cultural world, their friends are no surprise- everyone happen to come from a different country. Isn't it all too complicated? Not at all!...
19 Oct at 9 AM

Expat Interview With Alison - Canadian Expat In Belgium

Alison Cornford-Matheson is a Canadian photographer and writer who followed her husband to Belgium in 2005, with a whole flock of pets. After suffering through months of paperwork, battling with languages, mildewing in the constant rain and struggling with an identity crisis, she kicked herself in the butt and decided to find the good in...
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