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Expat Blog Awards 2013

Top 11 Unique Things About Living in Dubai

The above title should have been an intentional long one - ‘Top 11 unique things about Dubai that I promise you will never ever, ever, ever find anywhere else in the world’. Dubai loves basking in superlatives, starting from the tallest building, man made structure and free standing structure – the Burj Khalifa (and yes, these are three...
Expat Blog Awards 2013

Top 12 alternative dining options to toast the festive season in Dubai

Isn’t 4,950 dirhams (US$1,348) a tad too expensive for ONE champagne cocktail even if it’s gold dusted? Well that’s what I thought last year, but yet again Burj Al Arab is vying for superlatives with a new festive season cocktail this month blended from nine casks and distilled over the last 15 years, priced at over three times that –...
Writing Contest March 2013

Top 6 People you'll rub elbows with in the Dubai Metro

Once you step in a cabin of the Dubai Metro, a driverless fully automated metro rail network of the city, you'll think that you have entered the United Colors of Dubai Metro. If you aren't aware of what Emeratis look like – the locals of the city, you'll never guess who they are among the crowd. Let's dissect the 'multicolored' town of...
Writing Contest March 2013

Top Ten Must Visit Places in Dubai

Though Dubai is in the Arabian Peninsular and one of the 7 emirates of the UAE, it is a global hub, with a cosmopolitan culture. It is a miniature urban globe, housing only the best of the world, all shrunk into the desert retreat called Dubai. Opulence and extravagance are the second name of this Oil rich emirate. Being the largest Gold...
Expat Blog Awards 2013

Top10 Things to Know About Living in Dubai

I am fortunate to be living in Dubai and able to experience all that it has to offer from the sights, sounds to the diverse cultures that move through the city daily. It’s truly amazing to see how a city has evolved from the desert and now showcases the best that the world has to offer.When living in Dubai there are key things one should...
Writing Contest March 2013

Touring the World without leaving Dubai - Top 5 ethnic influences in a global hub

Dubai likes to boast. So it should be pretty easy to put together a top list about Dubai. After all it can offer the World’s biggest dancing fountains at the Dubai Mall, shooting 150m into the air. The same mall boasts the World’s largest fish tank (or largest piece of acrylic). The indoor ski slope at the Mall of the Emirates is the...
Expat Blog Awards 2013

Welcome to the Wild West

Hello, and thank you for being kind enough to read my entry for the 2013 Expat Blog Awards. My name is Peter Chambers, and in August 2013 my family and I moved from the UK to begin a new life in Abu Dhabi, following my appointment to a senior role with a mid tier accountancy firm in the Emirate.So what are my reflections four months in? Has...
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