Top 12 alternative dining options to toast the festive season in Dubai

By: FooDiva - Samantha Wood

Isn’t 4,950 dirhams (US$1,348) a tad too expensive for ONE champagne cocktail even if it’s gold dusted? Well that’s what I thought last year, but yet again Burj Al Arab is vying for superlatives with a new festive season cocktail this month blended from nine casks and distilled over the last 15 years, priced at over three times that – a staggeringly high 15,000 dirhams (US$4,085). Believe it or not, it’s still not the most expensive cocktail in the world, but pricey enough for me, and you, I expect. I know Dubai’s just won the rights to host Expo 2020 and it’s a time of much celebration, but we can still do so without breaking the bank.

And that brings me on to two other things the teeny Scrooge in me dislikes about dining out and boozing over Christmas and New Year. One – I hate being told what to eat from an over-priced set menu. And two - ridiculously expensive all-you-can-eat and free-flowing drink deals. I would rather stay home nursing my own champagne cocktail and a turkey leg. So I have scoured my inbox, social media and the web to bring together a selection of Christmas Day lunches and New Year’s eve dinners in Dubai that serve à la carte, ordering what you like. In some cases, you may not tuck into traditional festive fare but at least you won’t get ripped off, and you do get to dine out on two very special occasions. So voilà here’s FooDiva’s top 12 (10 would be too predictable) round-up of alternative meals over the holiday season.

Christmas Day lunch:

Bice Ristorante – the long-standing Italian restaurant at Hilton Dubai Jumeirah offers à la carte from 12.30pm onwards. T; +971 4 3182520

La Petite Maison – the hugely popular French-Mediterranean restaurant at DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre) serves à la carte from 12 to 3.30pm. Top tip – order the roast chicken stuffed with foie gras 24 hours in advance. T; +971 4 4390505, E; [email protected] 

Zuma – another DIFC location, this trendy, buzzing Japanese restaurant is serving à la carte from 12.30 to 3pm. T; +971 4 4255660, E; [email protected] 

La Serre – the new French-Mediterranean restaurant at Vida Downtown that’s giving La Petite Maison a run for its money is serving à la carte from 12 to 3pm. You can also pre-order festive specials designed for four people to share – like spiced roast duck or roasted lamb rack with Provençale herb crust. T; +971 4 4286969. E; [email protected] 

The Rib Room – Jumeirah Emirates Towers’ popular steakhouse serves à la carte from a special festive menu. Santa will even make an appearance, perfect for kids between 4 and 12 years who eat for half price. 12.30 to 3pm. T; +971 4 3198088, E; [email protected] 

Tomo by Takahashi – if you’re after authentic Japanese fare exactly like you would eat in Japan, then this restaurant atop Raffles is for you. Even Nobu dines here when in town. And it’s à la carte too from 12:30 – 3:30pm. T; +971 4 3577888. E; [email protected] 

Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa – an hour's drive on the outskirts of Dubai bordering on Al Ain sits a luxurious desert retreat. Make the most of the day out and meet the bossy oryx and gracious gazelles over an à la carte, al fresco lunch. T; +971 4 8329900. 

New Year’s Eve dinner:

Iris Dubai – a Beirut concept, the sexy new rooftop bar-cum-lounge atop the Oberoi Dubai is offering à la carte, and many a reasonably priced cocktail. Best bit is you have a direct view across the world's tallest building Burj Khalifa and its cascading midnight fireworks. 6pm onwards. T; +971 56 9511442.

La Serre – no surprise, à la carte once again here too from 7pm onwards. Try and bag a window table will full view of the Burj Khalifa fireworks at midnight. T; +971 4 4286969. E; [email protected]

Madinat Jumeirah – four restaurants in one of Dubai’s most popular dining destinations are serving à la carte. Pai Thai and Italian, Segreto with a minimum spend of 500 dirhams (US$137) per person. And another Italian, Toscana on the souk waterway, plus The Agency wine bar with 300 dirhams (US$82) minimum spend. 7pm onwards. All have direct views across Burj Al Arab so you’ll soak up the shoreline’s fireworks at midnight. T; +971 4 3666730, E; [email protected] 

Toko – this Sydney-based modern Japanese restaurant opens this month at Vida Downtown just in time for the festive season, and it’s you guessed it, à la carte. 6pm onwards. T; +971 52 9859449, E; [email protected]

Watatsumi – another Japanese restaurant, this spot at Le Meridien Mina Seyahi is a little more intimate. Serving à la carte from 8.30pm onwards. Bag terrace seating – perfect viewpoint across Palm Jumeirah island for what is destined to be the world's largest fireworks display. Yes Dubai is hoping to break a Guinness world record. T; +971 4 3993373, E; [email protected] 

I would love to know which option tickles your palate. And if I’ve missed any goodies, please drop me a comment. All are licensed restaurants so you can enjoy a tipple or two, but otherwise if you’re teetotal most cafes in Dubai are serving à la carte. Needless to say advanced reservations are required for all restaurants. If you would prefer to stay at home but not be a slave to your stove, here’s a round-up of caterers.

Let's toast to a fabulous food-filled festive season all round! I am escaping to Galle for Christmas (I hear the cocktails are much cheaper), so if you have any restaurant tips or Sri Lankan blogs I should follow, do drop in with a comment.

A bientôt.

FooDiva. x

About the author

Expat Blog ListingFooDiva - Samantha Wood is a Cypriot expat living in United Arab Emirates. Blog description: Impartial, intelligent restaurant reviews and foodie features in Dubai, the U.A.E and internationally.
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Contest Comments » There are 102 comments

Dave Reeder wrote 10 years ago:

What sets FooDiva's reviews and round-ups apart are her obvious enthusiasm for food, her constant search for the best in dining options and her refusal to take marketing hype at face value. If you want the views of someone truly intimate with Dubai's dining scene, look no further.

Nakul Berry wrote 10 years ago:

Samantha always provides some of the greatest insights into the food and beverage availabilities in Dubai. Just like all her other work, this article too justifies my praise! One to read for all!

Manuela wrote 10 years ago:

Nice selection of restaurants. Definitely worth the try on Christmas Day ;)

Mita wrote 10 years ago:

As always Samantha - you do a fab job of rounding up keeping a balance between good food and OTT pricing!

Tassoula wrote 10 years ago:

I have been following you over the years and this will help me to plan my holidays in Dubai for next Christmas

Kleo wrote 10 years ago:

Samantha's reviews may not always please restaurant owners but she always entertains, informs and educates her readers. Thanks for the top12 alternative festive dining options. Enjoy your Christmas vacation

Chryst wrote 10 years ago:

Well done Foodiva. Am always looking forward to reading your reviews. This one is particularly interesting for choosing places to eat during the Festive Season

Nelly wrote 10 years ago:

What I like about your reviews is that they are impartial and written in a professional way.

Mario Alberto Amadò wrote 10 years ago:

FooDiva gives me clear guidance on my journey through the gastronomy universe of bigger-faster Dubai. An excellent orientation where do go and what to expect. And I like Samantha's humorous writing style! Hilarious, but delivering valuable insights. A difficult job very well done! Festive season and happy holiday!

Alkis Valentin wrote 10 years ago:

Thanks for the tips Samantha, I'll spend Xmas in NY this year. I just shared with a couple of friends living in Dubai.

Johann Z wrote 10 years ago:

This is really informative and has already helped narrow down the options on where to spend Christmas lunch.

Farah Zoghbi wrote 10 years ago:

Love all the posts! i know everything thats listed will be something i shoudnt miss!

Davinia wrote 10 years ago:

Woah! I hate these set menus so this round-up saves me all the trouble of having to do the research myself. As always FooDiva, you always have a good story to tell. Looking fwd to the Galle round-up .

Anthony Fardon wrote 10 years ago:

Really enjoy the food tips and restaurant information. Saves me a lot of time. And I know I am able most importantly to recommend the website to my friends and colleaugues as the information given is always trustworthy and researched properly.

Philippe wrote 10 years ago:

Another good selection of venues where to spend nice time Keep it up

Smaranda wrote 10 years ago:

FooDiva is the source I trust and recommend to my friends for choosing dinning places as it's reliable and has honest reviews. Thank you for the great inside!

Ianto Pen wrote 10 years ago:

Foodiva's blogs are always so interesting and useful - I dislike set menus and all you can eat and drink packages so this blog is even more helpful than usual. thanks Foodiva

Kelly wrote 10 years ago:

An interesting review as always. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to reading your next review!

Ahmed Lasheen wrote 10 years ago:

FooDiva is a great informative source to plan my dining throughout the month and truly gives good advises, every time is a pleasure dining outside based on the feedback and recommendation. I always track any new reviews so I can go and experience it myself. Trusted Blog. Thanks, Ahmed

Andreas Antoniou wrote 10 years ago:

Great job,Bravo Samantha,i always read your articles .Specially in this one you give good tips for the festive Season. Happy New Year to every body

Natasha wrote 10 years ago:

Honest balanced concise reviews by FooDiva really make a difference to some but not all the eateries I will try in Dubai. Always up to date and like the way Samantha will reference to past performances where necessary.

David Miras wrote 10 years ago:

I thought of what I could add but it's all been said already, I couldn't have put it better than Dave Reeder. Can't wait for the time where Foodiva launches her own Awards, finally impartial accolades for UAE establishments!

Michael S Evangelides wrote 10 years ago:

Very informative and helpful. It helps so much to try various venues

Richard Horner wrote 10 years ago:

Used Foodiva as a reference point when planning a visit to Dubai for a group of medical marketing managers and needed some advice on restaurants, great advice and a successful meeting. The food and the ambience at both suggested venues were superb.

Ishita Saha wrote 10 years ago:

I love reading FooDiva. Her writing reflects exactly what her tagline says - impartial and intelligent food reviews. Anything food-worthy, she knows it and is always willing to share her knowledge. She might like her mince pie but she doesn't mince her words - and that's what I admire about her. One cannot visit all haute restaurants in Dubai physically, but one definitely can virtually, via FooDiva's blog :)

Robert Hugi wrote 10 years ago:

Dear Samantha, Your entrys in the Food Diva are always special and very professional. Robert Hugi

Geordie Armani wrote 10 years ago:

Passion personified :) Foodiva's reviews are always a delight to read, her true passion for all things good shines through every time.

Bernard Lambert wrote 10 years ago:

These are very precise , well written recommendations which make one's voice easier , without " overpowered " words that some reviewers seem to enjoy and that confuse everybody. Well done and simply , intelligently analyzed. Bernard

Elena wrote 10 years ago:

FooDiva always entertains me through her colourful and informative posts on venues / menues / tastes. There is a sparkle in her writing which I adore, and I particularly enjoy her Culinary Travel column! Looking forward to your new experiences!

Vlad Martinov wrote 10 years ago:

Way to go! Dubai and food - things to do in the city and discover new gems in the restaurant field. A favorite of many (me included) pass time of their leisure. Good reviews like this one save time and disappointing experiences in the search of something new. FooDiva one is a bookmark in my favorites - fresh content.

Eleni wrote 10 years ago:

Foodiva is reliable, professional, trustworthy, impartial and her reviews are fun to read.

Geoff Collins wrote 10 years ago:

Always informative and a good read! My first stop every time.

Guillaume Bonnety wrote 10 years ago:

FooDiva is a very great tool to have some memorable meals around the incredible Dubai ! there is so many places you can eat but not always good ones ! FooDiva will only recommend you the best and most unique places in Dubai and elsewhere too in the UAE

Geoffrey Johnstone wrote 10 years ago:

What I like - punchy and too the point and moreover very honest.

Louise Van Rooij wrote 10 years ago:

FooDiva gives the kind of information that is really helpful. Her reviews are objective and honest. Very important to me is that the information is up to date.

Christina Yiapana wrote 10 years ago:

I do read often the reviews of FodDiva and i do find them very interesting and of great fun to read particularly the travel column .

Christos N. Volos wrote 10 years ago:

I am excited with FooDiva. I very much enjoy reading it and I usually abstract information and ideas to use at my work area. I wish to congratulate Samantha Wood, because she does not rejoice and discount in her critique reviews. Critiques are constructive and to the point. Keep it that way.

Nick Rees wrote 10 years ago:

FooDiva is my essential guide and a real god-send, whether we're looking for something corporate or just something for the family. We trust the reviews (which is so important) and find them to be accurate and interesting. There are too many inaccurate blogs and even more of them are boring so 5 stars to FooDiva - and thanks too!

Nick Rees wrote 10 years ago:

FooDiva is my essential guide and a real god-send, whether we\\\'re looking for something corporate or just something for the family. We trust the reviews (which is so important) and find them to be accurate and interesting. There are too many inaccurate blogs and even more of them are boring so 5 stars to FooDiva - and thanks too!

Tony CW wrote 10 years ago:

I have been following Foodiva for a couple of years as her posts are always to the point and not biased. This latest one gives a really good guide to alternatives to the traditional festive season meals and events.

Jeremy Osborne wrote 10 years ago:

I am new to FooDiva but how refreshing to find an honest view from obviously a true professional - you need someone to trust who says as it is with the heart as well as the taste buds! The writing is concise, unpretentious and at the end of the day is helpful - suits me down to the last nibble.

Monica wrote 10 years ago:

I completely rely on Foodiva's opinion in anything which is food related, restaurant reviewing and also anything on PR strategies. She is a hardworking and honest lady.

Bernard Creed wrote 10 years ago:

FooDiva is the best. I don't make and new restaurant visits without checking FooDiva recommendations first.

Zaid Jawad wrote 10 years ago:

Good selection by Foodiva, I personally like the writing style, to the point, very clear, and tells an honest opinion.

Michael Sanidiotis wrote 10 years ago:

FoodDiva is a grate tool and gives the kind of information that is really helpful. Is reliable, trustworthy with interesting reviews, written with professionalism.

Christos Theodoulou wrote 10 years ago:

As always very informative,correct, honest and very objective. keep up the good work.

David Sosson wrote 10 years ago:

Foodiva is professional, Honest and well documented! Do continue in this way, well done.

Melanie wrote 10 years ago:

Love the list. Buffets are not for Xmas!! Much better to sit and eat at the same time. Went to buffet brunch a couple of years ago. Never again!

Jennifer D'Souza wrote 10 years ago:

Excellent recommendations Foodiva. Been to some of them and few more to explore. Love your passion for food and flair in writing to bring thst across to your discerning readers. Keep it up!

Gus Allen wrote 10 years ago:

Well written and interesting descriptions and reviews from a most professional approach. These reviews make enjoyable and informative reading for all.

El. Solomou wrote 10 years ago:

Foodiva is excelling in the art of Food / Restaurant reviewing and not only. Honest yet fair informative yet not too wordy , gives an accurate opinion that helps the reader to choose.

Pallavi wrote 10 years ago:

The FooDiva blog is my go to bible when I'm deciding where to grab my next meal. Spending Christmas away from home is tricky - so having some solid reccommendations from a source I trust is greR! Looking forward to nice long Christmas lunch at Zuma!

Carole Jean wrote 10 years ago:

Foodiva! If I ever come to Dubai, I will rely on YOU!!! Great delivery, fun descriptions, a hoot to read. Great blogger!

Kate wrote 10 years ago:

I always refer to foodiva each time I visit Dubai before selecting a restaurant. Her write ups are always spot on. I regret that I won't be there over this holiday season to enjoy this selection of a la carte menus!

Stephanos N. Stephanou wrote 10 years ago:

Keep up the good work Samantha. Truly impartial and intelligent reviews that bring out culinary culture and places with a " Total Meal Experience ".

Natalie wrote 10 years ago:

FooDiva always knows about all the trendy food happenings, and that's not only restaurants - it covers food trends, culinary travel, recipes and much more. FooDiva you should seriously expand into the niche food travel market:)

Ingo Hensch wrote 10 years ago:

FooDiva with its professional critic is helping the Dubai Restaurant Community to strive for the best. Keeping High standards is outspoken without being harsh. It’s Entertaining and with sharp eye for details. Wishing you more power in 2014

Giovanni Barbuio wrote 10 years ago:

this information on FooDiva is fantastic and I hope that Samantha will continue an other 100 years :-) to run the FooDiva blog.

Chris Wood wrote 10 years ago:

The real truth about eating out in Dubai Well worth consulting

Costas Tseriotis wrote 10 years ago:

Samantha you are to blame for the extra kilos i have put on ! when I read your reviews my mouth waters ,the way you describe the various dishes you try. If you need an assistant do let me know.

Helmut Leyendecker wrote 10 years ago:

having eaten in some of these places mentionned myself, i must say that FooDiva´s reviews are top, in fact outstanding. compliments

Garry W wrote 10 years ago:

Foodiva's knowledge of the Dubai dining scene is 2nd to none and this round-up of places serving a la carte rather than a set menu or buffet is a great idea. Only wish I could afford the Cocktail at Burj Al Arab.

Despo Chrysanthou wrote 10 years ago:

Following food diva I was never disappointed.Never exaggerating .I wish I could follow this festive season some of it's suggestions . Keep working hard Samantha mu:)

Sarah wrote 10 years ago:

With so many amazing Christmas dinner options perhaps I will change my plans for the holidays and come to Dubai!

Michele Pani wrote 10 years ago:

I think Samantha Wood is a fantastic blogger that with FooDiva gives the most useful information how to chiose the perfect dining experience.

Alfred Portenschlager wrote 10 years ago:

Your Year End Celebration should be nothing short of being the epitome of your dreams and not end up in disappointments. FoodDiva's reviews, knowledge of the locations and integrity of her comments will just help you to have the greatest time of your life.

Eleni And John wrote 10 years ago:

FooDiva, we love reading your reviews which we find very interesting and informative. Pity we live too far away to visit Dubai, but looking forward to the next time.

Christina Bartz wrote 10 years ago:

What I enjoy most is that FoodDiva's reviews are very reliable and of great information. I love sit down dinners and fine dining (on occasions) and when I get to Dubai I always know where to go! Thank you, Samantha Wood!

Cindy wrote 10 years ago:

I have never been to Dubai, but reading the blogs with amazing collection of food and restaurants makes me desire to jump on the next plane and be here.

Ram wrote 10 years ago:

FooDiva tells it exactly like it is.. A naming treasure trove of info on dining in Dubai

Michael R. Virardi wrote 10 years ago:

Food Diva knows the way and shows the way in Dubai! Social Media is not about being social only… it is about having relevant content and context and sharing it with your 'tribe'! Thank you Food Diva, wish we had more of your kind!

Giovanni Lenio wrote 10 years ago:

This article shows a worldwide problem at Christmas/New Year - inflated prices charged by restaurants who insist on fixed menus and buffets which are usuall only mediocre in quality. At least Fooduva is finding other options for people to choose from. well done.

Yvette Watson wrote 10 years ago:

I have just finished reading the article you have written on the Top 12 alternative dining options to toast the festive season in Dubai. I would like to tell you how much I appreciated your clearly written and thought-provoking article. While much gets written on this topic, your article provides us with a wonderful insight into the culinary delights which can be afforded to us all in Dubai. Thank you for your thorough research and clear writing. I feel that the Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa would be my ideal choice for Christmas day and Iris Dubai for New Year. Well done FoodDiva.

Pierre R. Lüthi wrote 10 years ago:

I'm not that often in Dubai anymore but when then I'm Consulting the FooDiva Blog. That way I'm sure to go to the right place. Thanks Samantha

Nicole Silvertand wrote 10 years ago:

I wouldn't even think of going to a new restaurant in Dubai without first checking Foodiva. Informative and always fair, Foodiva deserves recognition and high praise for broadening the culinary journeys of all those fortunate to be familiar with the service. Thank you, Foodiva! xx

Elisabeth Villiger Toufexis wrote 10 years ago:

Love FooDiva and all the mouthwatering reviews. Came in very handy upon my recent visit to Dubai. Keep up the excellent work and make us want to got there again.

Stuart wrote 10 years ago:

Foodiva - interesting, entertaining and decent information. Foodiva answers your questions about a restaurant before you even ask them. Well worth consulting before you venture somewhere new (and always worth comparing Foodiva's take on your old favourites too!).

Ajay Goyal wrote 10 years ago:

I dont take my chances anymore when it comes to dining out in Dubai. I trust Foodiva.

Cindy wrote 10 years ago:

I have never been to Dubai, but reading the blogs with amazing collection of food and restaurants makes me desire to jump on the next plane and be here.

Cindy wrote 10 years ago:

I am a foodie myself, reading the blog is a very pleasant journey and experience. It makes me hunger to explore more new restaurants and food.

Michelle wrote 10 years ago:

Great review Samantha, all sound so delicious. Thanks for the recommendations.

Kimberley Leonard wrote 10 years ago:

There are food bloggers...and then there are food bloggers. FooDiva has consistently set herself apart from the growing crowd. Whenever my friends and I want to try something new, her blog is our only reference and she has never disappointed. Best of luck!

Andy wrote 10 years ago:

Thanks for the advice and expert knowledge, we love reading your blog.

Julia wrote 10 years ago:

Customers in Dubai are hugely discerning, and to avoid wasting precious time and money on 'hit and miss' food, Foodiva consistently writes insightful blogs to help make the right choices in where to eat, depending on the occasion! This is how to add value to restaurant clients across Dubai!

Thomas wrote 10 years ago:

Great list. Always enjoyed the Rib Room. Toscana and the Agency Wine bar is probably my choice for this season. I look forward to more reviews from FooDiva, particularly about her culinary experiences in Galle.

Yvonne Luedeke wrote 10 years ago:

Straight to the point, true to the heart and a passion for culinary. Samantha's reviews and features are simply mandatory for us Connoissuers

Lydia Yazbeck wrote 10 years ago:

I have never been to Dubai..but this list is really great & will surely refer to it once I'm there! Thank you

Yvonne Luedeke wrote 10 years ago:

Straight to the point, true to the heart and a passion for culinary. Samantha\\\'s reviews and features are simply mandatory for us Connoissuers

Huzan Fraser Motivala wrote 10 years ago:

Food Diva is a great blog since it is a sincere and honest opinion of the restaurants . Also gives varied and unique information

Chris Riga wrote 10 years ago:

Professional, knowledgeable reviews at all times. Samantha is objective and tells it as it. I read her reviews on a regular basis and trust her judgement!

Maurizio Pelli wrote 10 years ago:

Bravo FooDiva i complete agree welldone in setting the records straight

Skevos Kapsos wrote 10 years ago:

Samanthas reviews are always great and accurate. she always telling things with their name not try to hide anything. keep up the great job.

Andrea wrote 10 years ago:

As “expected” a well-balanced list second to none FooDiva!

Livio Tomic wrote 10 years ago:

Keep up the good work Samantha. Looking forward to reading your next review!

Giuseppe Nardiello wrote 10 years ago:

I truly enjoy reading your reviews Samantha. I have not been in Dubai yet, but if I ever go there one day I will certainly follow your recommendations. Well done and please keep up the good work.

Patrick Dwyer wrote 10 years ago:

The pleasure of reading Samantha's columns is an end to itself, even for readers who may have no intention of visiting the restaurants serving as the critics' muses that week!

Kratinos Socratous wrote 10 years ago:

I always look forward to reading FooDiva's advise, and this is another example...!

George Christodoulides wrote 10 years ago:

Well done Samantha. I frequently read your informative reviews. Thank you for your impartial advice on what and where to eat and drink in Dubai. When I was there last I have taken your advice given with obvious enthusiasm for good food and felt gratefull as a result. Have a Merry Christmas with good food, drink and company. Cheers!

Charalambos wrote 10 years ago:

Your second to none Samantha!!!!Looking forward to reading your next reviews

John Kouphou wrote 10 years ago:

I have been following the Diva of food on twitter for a couple of years now. As a hospitality professional myself, I find her reviews & blog very informative and unbiased.. On my next visit to Dubai I have already pencilled in my diary a couple of places to visit thanks to Samantha's insight. Keep em coming..!

Georgios Christodoulides wrote 10 years ago:

Well done FooDiva ! Impartial, Knowlegeable reviews of gastonomical heavens. Keep up the good work.

Maria wrote 10 years ago:

Thank you FooDiva! You're making visiting Dubai to try some of your prefered food choices so desirable,(if that is the right word in English?); you've made me start planning the trip there for 2014 now!

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