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  • Figuring it out
    A blog written by a 29 year old ex-Londoner who had a late-twenties-crisis and ran away to China. Observations about day-to-day life in China and sporadic adventure stories as I figure out what the heck to do with my life.
  • Thimblerig's Ark
    Blog of international writer, Nate Fleming. Nate has been living and working internationally for the past fifteen years, first in Kazakhstan and now in China. He is a teacher, a writer, a theater director, a father, and a husband.
  • In Search of the End of the Sidewalk
    In Search of Where the Sidewalk Ends is my attempt to record both the extraordinary and mundane events of life as the spouse of a Foreign Service officer.
  • Blogabannie
    A weekly account of my observations of life in China. From the cultural norms that shock all expats, to the wonderful things to see enshrined in China's 5,000 years of history.

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  • Chinese culture heads West via expat websites
    For almost half a century, foreign influences crept into China’s millennia-old culture through reform–generated trade and commerce, but Chinese culture’s now heading West in a big way thanks to...
  • Community minded expats volunteer unpaid help in China
    Volunteering to be of use in their local communities is the latest trend amongst long-stay expats in China’s mega-cities. Following the tradition of senior Chinese citizens’ unpaid community...
  • Top six Chinese cities for expats
    For the new breed of adventurous expats, China is the latest attraction, but its massive size and choice of major cities can be hard to navigate. If you’re looking for a fascinating combination...
  • Expats in Hong Kong losing out on pay packages
    Expats living in Hong Kong are getting paid less than their counterparts in Japan, South Korea and India, a management consulting company has claimed. ECA International has revealed that the...
  • Bo Xilai wife present at Heywood murder
    As reported by the Telegraph, the wife of Bo Xilai, Gu Kailai, who is accused of killing the UK businessman Neil Heywood, confessed that she was present when the victim was poisoned. Wang Lijun, the...
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