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22 Jun at 9 AM

Finnish Expat Living in Canada - Interview with Melissa

Melissa's life got turned upside down after she fell in love with a Canadian during her studies in the UK. A few years later she now finds herself in French-speaking Canada, without a plan and without really speaking French. Always looking for new adventures, Melissa blogs about her spontaneous travels across the globe as the writer stumbles...
4 Jun at 10 AM

British Expat Living in Canada - Interview with Emma & Stewart

Emma And Stewart left Cambridge, England in September 2014 and headed off on a Canadian adventure. Emma had always dreamed of doing some long term travelling and working abroad seemed like the perfect solution to ensuring the money doesn't run out. Fortunately she managed to convince Stewart to come along too. So armed with their...
20 Mar at 9 AM

German Expat Living in Canada - Interview with Kathrin

Kathrin is a freelance writer and social media expert living and working in Vancouver, BC. She currently writes for the German online magazine and her personal expat blog Prior to moving to Canada she was living in Vienna for six years after working and travelling in Australia, New Zealand...
25 Jun at 9 AM

British Expat Living in Canada - Interview with Lindsey

An English girl uprooted. As a teenager, Lindsey emigrated with her family from sleepy rural England to the boisterous suburbs of North America in pursuit of new opportunities and experiences. 6 years wiser, she decided to share her adventures and hardships as a young immigrant in her blog The Wandering Rose. Here, she elaborates on how this...
5 Feb at 9 AM

British Expat in British Columbia - Interviewing Shelley

Shelley Antscherl is an English journalist, trailing spouse and mother of four living in British Columbia, Canada. Prior to relocating to Canada, Shelley spent nearly three long years living in a remote village in North Holland, dubbed ‘Deliverance’... She has also lived in the US and Sweden. She is the book reviewer for and...
9 Jan at 11 AM

France to Canada - Expat Interview With Juliette

Juliette Giannesini describes herself as a "citizen of the world". Born and raised in France, she backpacked extensively in Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Central and South America. She speaks French, English, Mandarin and Spanish and has a passion for writing and photojournalism. While she hadn’t planned to settle in Canada, she fell in...
25 Nov at 1 PM

England to Canada - Expat Interview With Lou

Lou, her husband and two sons (then aged age 16 & 10) moved from a sleepy village on the east coast of England to the Toronto suburbs on the shores of Lake Ontario in July 2011. Former business owner turned ‘Stay at home mum’ she has transformed her life from stressed out, frozen dinner reheating shopaholic to baking, volunteering, yoga...
4 Nov at 1 PM

British Expat In Toronto, Canada - Expat Interview With Charlotte

Charlotte Santry is a London-born journalist who only discovered a passion for the outdoors after accidentally camping next to a python's nest. Moving to Canada has provided her with plenty more animal encounters and outdoor adventures, but in Toronto she's also never far from a great dim sum or mojito. At her expat blog "Toronto Newbie" (see...
25 Oct at 1 PM

Expat Interview With Emily - Australian Expat In Canada

Emily O'Hara is the author of Skippy or Bullwinkle (see listing here), a blog about moving from Australia to Canada. She lives with her husband in Kamloops BC where they both work at a gold mine. She enjoys travelling around her new country and overseas, translating from Australian to Canadian, reading and Canadian outdoor activities. Emily...
19 Oct at 11 AM

Expat Interview With Giulia - Swiss Expat In Canada

Giulia Doyle is the editor, writer and photographer of the popular blog Fishly News (please see listing here) in addition to the new food blog Audrey’s. Giulia lives in Ottawa, Canada with her husband Bruno, their two kids and one silly cat. Giulia is the daughter of a Canadian mother and Swiss father. She moved to Canada from Switzerland...
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