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Writing Contest October 2012

Peaches and Fish: Language & Uncertainty in Expat Life

My whole life, I've strived to be perfect. Not to garner admiration or accolades, but rather to avoid falling short. As a coping strategy, I admit, it is dreadful. I walk around anxious that I'm not meeting some standard, and so I end up going above the call of duty just to make sure I'm hitting the mark. Well, being an American expat in...
Education and International Schools

Table talk with Italian kindergartners

As I tucked into my second plate of beautifully dressed fennel with balsamic vinegar and olive oil, I knew this was the life. Content, I nudged my fellow diner, looking forward to sharing my delight over the salad greens. As I open my mouth to speak, my neighbour finished licking all the dressing off his last piece of fennel and dumped it...
Writing Contest March 2013

The Top Ten Strangest Foods Sardinia Has Offered Me

Sardinia is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, yes, it's a part of Italy, but no, the people who live here aren't Italian- they're Sardinian. And don't call them otherwise. Agriculturally, people make their living here running small farms that have been passed down for thousands of years, fishing the sea, or working in the fields herding...
Expat Blog Awards 2013

Top 10 Most Guarded Secrets of Bologna (and Why You Should Visit Italy’s Most Underrated City)

For me, Bologna is without question the most underrated city in Italy. My suspicions for this come twofold. For one, Bologna is a medieval city, which means that from the outside you can’t see everything. You have to remember that medieval cities were built in such a way to protect the beautiful palaces and rich artwork from a not so great...
Writing Contest March 2013

Top 10 NON-Italian Cuisines in Milano

In an episode of Portlandia, two people stumble upon an unusual restaurant called Around the World in 80 Plates. The menu is oversized, both in its actual physical size and in terms of how many dishes are included, and the hungry couple can’t make sense of it. They eventually leave, still famished, overwhelmed by all the choices they have...
Expat Blog Awards 2013

Top 10 Places to Dead Bodies & Bones for Free in Rome

The Capuchin Cript used to be the #1 place to go for all things creepy - bones of long dead religious, organized in various piles - skulls over here, hip bones over there, etc. However, in 2013 they added several rooms on the history of the Capuchin order, including paintings by unknown artists, old books and an old guy with beard preaching...
Expat Blog Awards 2013

Top 10 Tips on Moving to Italy and Learning Italian

Moving to Italy? Not the foggiest idea how to speak Italian? Do not be alarmed. In just a few short decades living in Italy, you could be fluent! I jest. I really hope it doesn’t take that long. I moved from London in the UK to the tranquil suburbs of Ancona in the stunning Le Marche area of Italy to start a new life over six months ago. Of...
Writing Contest March 2013

Top 10 Ways to Eat Like an Italian in Italy, Even If You Don't Speak the Language

I’ll come right out and say it: it’s possible to eat really badly in Italy. And if you’re a tourist or new émigré with minimal Italian language skills, it’s not only possible; it’s probable that you’ll have some less than memorable meals. You may get the sunny piazza with an incomparable view of the duomo, but that doesn’t...
Expat Blog Awards 2013

Top Ten Questions to Ask Yourself Before Moving to Italy

Dear barbedwords, Things are going well at the moment; my job is secure, I have a nice house and good friends.  I sometimes feel, however, that I could do with more excitement and I should make the most of life.  Do you think moving to Italy could be the answer? Thank you Bored of Basildon Dear Bored of Basildon I...
Expat Blog Awards 2013

Top Ten Reasons Why Being an Expat Makes You a Better Person

1. It makes you strong.There will be moments, whether you’ve been living in your host country for years or just days, that you will feel the inevitable pangs of homesickness. It might be the most depressing day of the year for an expat (Thanksgiving) or an ordinary day where you’re feeling like no one but you can relate to the desire to...
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