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Here are the 43 entries for Writing Contest October 2012. This competition is now over. To see the winners please visit the main contests page and click the winners link there.

Stephanie Cariker Expats in Argentina ¿Hablás Español?
Fran Cormack Expats in Australia Moving to Australia
Sheridan Becker Expats in Belgium No Waffling About Belgium
Taylor Kellum Expats in England I'm Here To Stay
Maria Tumolo Expats in England The Accidental Expat
Wendy Hollands Expats in France Coping with Living Abroad
Jenna-Marie Warnecke Expats in France The Fearful Expat
Shelby Reynolds Expats in Georgia A Wish for a List
Rachel Adnyana Expats in Indonesia How to Escape
Liz Morris Expats in Israel Fear of Sameness
Kate Bailward Expats in Italy From Expat to Immigrant
Mee (Jindapen Sangareeyakul) Expats in Italy From Thailand to Italy
Meghan Blosser Expats in Netherlands The Long Way Home
Alyson Sheldrake Expats in Portugal You must be mad!
Robin Graham Expats in Spain On Our Way
Betsy Norton-Middaugh Expats in Taiwan Working on Plan E
Lisa M. Welsien Expats in Tanzania Family Rules
Kathy Drouin-Keith Expats in Thailand Finding our bliss in Bangkok
Sarah Metzker Erdemir Expats in Turkey Learning New Byzantium
Ayak (Linda Kaya) Expats in Turkey My Life in Turkey
Cecilia Haynes Expats in Turkey The Perils of Shopping
Monica Kapila Expats in United Arab Emirates Dubaistander
Anna Claessen Expats in USA Expat lessons 101
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  • "That's very interesting. Is your French class, 4 hrs a day very expensive ? I am looking for something like that. Thankyou Regards Yvonne Bird" left by Yvonne on Building a social life in France
  • "Very interesting info. The most important for finding a retiring place is taking the time while you are still active. Not like me who decided to go back to France and made a terrible mistake, to make it short: Not the right place for middle class and poor weather. For most of Europe, we have to bear this in mind: The economic crisis is..." left by pierre on Moving to Portugal - 5 Things to Consider
  • "If I want to live in Portugal for more than 6 months , what exactly would I need to do and are there people who help with paperwork etc.in regards to healthcare ,re-registering Spanish car etc. Any help with these questions would be appreciated as my head is swimming from looking on line ! Thanks John" left by J. Simmons on Moving to Portugal - 5 Things to Consider
  • "Hi We are considering a move to Portugal in about 2 years. My husband and I have both been to Portugal on Holiday but do not really want to live full time in a holiday destination. Could you recommend any areas that we should look at? MY husband is a golfer and we both play tennis. A Villa or finca in a relatively remote location with land..." left by Nicola Hallsworth on Moving to Portugal - 5 Things to Consider
  • "I visited albufeira in dec 2014 its was very quiet however we would like to visit again. We are a couple in our late 30's. We are thinking of selling up and buying property and living and retiring in portugal. This post has hit the spot. We will need to work though to survive as we dont have a pension. Thid post has covered allot of the..." left by M singh on Moving to Portugal - 5 Things to Consider

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