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27 Feb at 11 AM

Healthcare in Netherlands - Expat Guide

Local Expert Series: Healthcare in the Netherlands by Olga Mecking The healthcare system is very different from what you may know from other countries. For example, if sick, your GP is the person to go rather than a specialist. If you require more interventions, you will be transferred to a specialist, but they are for emergencies and more...
22 Feb at 9 AM

From London to Rotterdam - Expat Interview with Stuart

Stuart Billinghurst’s transition from Britain to The Netherlands didn’t exactly go to plan. In fact, it wasn’t even part of the plan. That’s what happens when you are a self-declared accident prone Englishman. Originally from London Stuart has spent over the last decade living in the land of clogs and windmills otherwise known as The...
2 Dec at 9 AM

USA to The Netherlands - Expat Interview With Jane

Jane Dean wanted to travel – so long as she could always return home. Born and raised in England she and her family were initially transplanted to the sultry heat of New Orleans, USA, where she made a new home, bloomed in the warmth and became a US citizen. This was quite enough travelling for one person, but fate intervened and she found...
1 Dec at 11 AM

Expat Interview With Alison - Florida to Utrecht

Alison Netsel is a native Floridian who has spent time in North Carolina, New Orleans and New York, before continuing her love affair with the letter N and moving to the Netherlands with her Italian boyfriend, two cats, and a dog. She’s an art historian by degree, an editor by profession, and can often be spotted around Utrecht with her...
27 Nov at 9 AM

From Italy to The Netherlands - Expat Interview With Ute

Ute Limacher-Riebold is an expat-since-birth. She's a German citizen, grew up in Italy, studied and worked in Switzerland, went to Italy (Florence) for work and came to the Netherlands in 2005 with her husband and son. Her twindaughters were born in Delft. She worked as researcher, teaching assistant and lecturer at the University of Zurich...
26 Nov at 1 PM

Canadian Expat In The Netherlands - Interview With Ernestine

Born and raised on the island of Cape Breton, in Nova Scotia, Canada, Ernestine Lahey had always dreamed of living in Europe. When she left Canada for the first time in 1999 it was to fulfil this dream by moving to England, where she spent the next four years studying. She returned to Canada in 2003, only to move back to England again two...
13 Nov at 11 AM

California to Amsterdam - Expat Interview With Teresa

Teresa Hulst met her husband on a blind date at her front door in California, Nov 1994. It was not intended to be a date actually, just a friend of a friend coming for a "coffee" because he was in town for the weekend. She had traveled to Amsterdam on a 3 month European tour a few years before and when she had stepped onto the platform at...
10 Nov at 9 AM

American Expat Living in The Netherlands - Interview With Meghan

Meghan Blosser has lived for two years in Delft, the Netherlands, where her husband accepted a university research position in 2010. The couple moved from the US with hopes of traveling Europe and have worked to make good on that goal! Meghan has a background in publishing, and freelances in both writing and editing while devoting the...
7 Nov at 11 AM

British Expat In The Netherlands - Expat Interview With Amanda

Amanda van Mulligen sold her flat, packed up her belongings into a borrowed Dutch police trailer and headed across the North Sea on a ferry to be with her Dutch partner in 2000. After a few months living with her future mother-in-law in Voorschoten she became the joint owner of a new home in The Hague and promptly moved to Zoetermeer which...
30 Oct at 3 PM

Australian Expat In The Netherlands - Expat Interview With Nerissa

Growing up on farm in rural South Australia Nerissa Muijs always knew there was so much more out there. Wanderlust kicked in properly as a teenager andshe started her expat adventures as an exchange student in 1997. From there Nerissa travelled a lot of Australia and spent time working in New Zealand before showing tourists her own back...
27 Oct at 10 AM

Expat Interview With Olga - Polish Expat In Netherlands

Olga Mecking is a Polish woman living in the Netherlands with her German husband and their two trilingual girls. She blogs about being an expat, her life in the Netherlands, and raising multilingual children on her website "The European Mama" (see listing here). She also occasionally contributes to Nomad Parents, Amsterdam Mamas, InCulture...
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