Lost In Cheeseland

Lost In Cheeseland
Lindsey is a Philadelphian expat who fell in love with a Frenchman and moved to Paris.
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18:38 PM October 06, 2012

Lindsey, the author, is brilliant - I smile every time I read one of her posts because she really captures the essence of Paris (both the good things and the slightly non-so-great!). Awesome blog and I highly recommend you check it out if you haven't already done so :) Leanne x

Phil Vasquez
21:37 PM October 06, 2012

Offering unique and interesting views on a city like Paris can be a daunting task for the best of writers. Like New York, London, and other great cities, it would seem that every slice has been carved out of the pie where writing about Paris is concerned. To know a city is to know its people and to walk among them, and doing so while offering a personal, sometimes light and whimsical, and often touching perspective is something writer Lindsey Tramuta does with skill and grace. 'Lost In Cheeseland' is at once a first person account and a guide for navigating the streets, the people, and the buffet of goings-on Paris serves up every day.

20:05 PM October 07, 2012

I always look forward to new posts from Lindsey-- Lost in Cheeseland is my go-to source for all things Parisian. This is a lovely blog.

20:16 PM October 07, 2012

Lost in Cheeseland is one of my favorite blogs! Lindsey covers both life in Paris as well as life as an expat, her writing is a joy to read and she takes gorgeous photos!

20:31 PM October 07, 2012

What's it really like to live in Paris, be in Paris, eat in Paris? Lindsey has it covered. Her photos and writing give you a glimpse into the Parisian lifestyle as it is, not as it's expected.

20:48 PM October 07, 2012

Lindsey's blog is a delightful alternative to discover Paris as she shares insights about the best places of the food scene or cute little cafes that are trying to transcend this great beverage. Very inspiring !

21:15 PM October 07, 2012

I live in Cheeseland...and Lindsey helped me not be so lost. Enough said! Love it, live it, and am lost without it!

21:25 PM October 07, 2012

I like reading Lindsey's blog and would look her up for ideas on what to do, where to eat in Paris. She takes beautiful photos and I really enjoy reading on her weekly Franco file Fridays feature.

21:44 PM October 07, 2012

Lindsey offers fresh and genuine insight into life as an expat living in Paris. I, in particular, connect with her writing as a fellow expat now living in Belgium with my Belgian husband. "Lost in Cheeseland" is a wonderful blog and Lindsey, a very talented writer!

21:44 PM October 07, 2012

One of my favorite Paris expat blogs and I ADORE Lindsey - such a talented author, photographer, eater ;-) and all around nice person! So happy her blog was nominated!

22:34 PM October 07, 2012

This is my favorite blog, not just about Paris, but all of the blogs I read. LostinCheeseland captures the parts of the city that I'd like to know as a traveler, not as a tourist. I remember Lindsey's posts long after I read them, and file them away for my next trip.

04:24 AM October 08, 2012

We love Lindsey's blog and refer our guests to it all of the time for great info on Paris!

Sugar Daze/Cat
06:47 AM October 08, 2012

I love Lost in Cheeseland - put it on my blog roll so I can always make sure I get the updates. Lindsey, the author, is a clever writer and amazing photographer. She is totally clued in to the Paris scene and I can always count on her for news on restaurant openings and current events. I am an expat like her and so relate to a lot of the issues she covers such as struggling to find your identity in a foreign city, returning home to US and finding it difficult to fit in, etc. Go add Lost in Cheeseland to your RSS reader now!

10:51 AM October 08, 2012

Lost in Cheeseland is aweome. I am also an expat in Paris and I use Lost in Cheeseland as a reference for everything. Kudos to Lindsey!

13:44 PM October 08, 2012

Lindsey's blog is a fresh, invigorating reminder of the possibilities for an expat in a foreign place and the guts it takes to take advantage of them. She writes in an honest, unique voice about her charming love/hate relationship with France and the French.

Erica Tramuta-Drobnis
14:11 PM October 08, 2012

Lindsey is an amazing writer and puts a unique spin on all her blogs and comments related to France and other topics!

Will @ Bright.Bazaar
10:00 AM October 15, 2012

Lost In Cheeseland is such a top blog. Lindsey's writing is always on point and her tales of life in the City of Light through both her, and other's, eyes is a treat for us all.

Mills (héron + Hibou)
09:45 AM October 16, 2012

On Lost in Cheeseland, Lindsey shares so many wonderful things about Paris and its environs. I send friends that will be traveling to France to her blog to read up before their trips. Personally, I enjoy her blog because she has great recommendations for travelers and locals alike.

Sasha Levenson-Wahl
10:49 AM October 16, 2012

Great resource for living in Paris! Love Lindsey's personal anecdotes and experiences as an expat abroad. Very relatable, funny and informative.

11:48 AM October 16, 2012

Lindsey's writing is interesting and honest. Her blog is filled with unique posts about this city and the multi-factited experience of living here.

Jess {JessinBelgium}
12:23 PM October 16, 2012

I read Lindsey's blog because as much as I love Brussels, sometimes it feels too small and I get tempted to jump across the border. Lost in Cheeseland is in fact not lost at all. It is the authentic type of blog which gives a glimpse of what it is like to really live there for those who dream of traveling to Paris, but also avery useful reference for all those who visit regularly.

Jess C.
12:33 PM October 16, 2012

Lindsey is forever challenging how I think of Paris, and offering fresh perspectives of what expat life in France can look like. Few Paris writers get it right. Lindsey does, and with a touch of eloquence and class to boot. A total breath of fresh air.

19:03 PM October 16, 2012

Our members are very familiar with Paris and Lindsey offers a new side of Paris that we may have missed and reminds us of the things we fell in love with during our stay. This is a must-read for those who are looking for a realistic point of view about living in Paris and insight into the lesser known treasures the city has to offer. - American University of Paris Alumni Chapter in Washington, DC

15:45 PM October 17, 2012

I have been reading Lindsey's blog for many years now, and it just keeps getting better! She is an eloquent writer and I have learned so much about Paris thanks to her blog!

08:23 AM October 20, 2012

Such a fantastic resource for those who want to know the nitty-gritty about life in Paris ! A great read, informative, interesting and super well written !

Daisy De Plume
22:26 PM October 24, 2012

Lost in Cheeseland is the go-to source on Paris - from food to Lindsey's excellent Franco File Fridays profile series - She's got this town covered beautifully, thanks to her crafty camera work.

00:12 AM October 25, 2012

One of the first blogs I read before moving to Paris. Definitely a must read!

04:54 AM October 31, 2012

Is it nuts that I'm already a fan and I've only discovered you moments ago?

19:40 PM November 19, 2012

I discovered Paris blogging through Lost in Cheeseland. My favorite blog by far. Such an amazing writer!

19:55 PM November 19, 2012

A wonderful writer, photographer, story-teller. Lindsey's suggestions and insights are always spot-on and I can't wait to get back to Paris to try some of her new finds!

12:21 PM November 29, 2012

Lindsey shares great stories about Paris, both personal and general, and always has something interesting to read each week. Her blog is a good resource for finding things to do/eat in Paris but also for getting an insider's take on life as an expat in one of the world's finest cities.

12:38 PM November 29, 2012

Lindsey is a captivating storyteller and an accomplished writer. I look forward to reading every one of her posts!

12:39 PM November 29, 2012

Love Lindsey's blog!!

Sweet Freak
15:24 PM November 29, 2012

For the latest cultural news, great tips and insights, amazing photos, and/or a lovely, friendly guide, Lindsey is it. Vive Lost in Cheeseland!

15:26 PM November 29, 2012

Lindsey's beautiful blog is that perfect combination of gorgeous photos, heartfelt stories and insider travel tips about Paris and France!

16:35 PM November 29, 2012

Lindsey's blog is fantastic. Her pictures are gorgeous and she has all the hot scoops on Parisian life. She's also incredibly helpful. Highly recommend Lost in Cheeseland - a great blog!

17:16 PM November 29, 2012

From the beginning Lost In Cheeseland has been honest about the ups and downs of the expat life. Lindsey's views on everyday events in the City of Lights are always illuminating and never sugar-coated. Any time a friend asks about Paris, I lead them directly to Lost In Cheeseland. I thoroughly enjoy Lindsey's insights!

13:17 PM November 30, 2012

Lindsey's blog is my go-to resource for learning about amazing spots in Paris. She has a gift for expressing the expat experience which I appreciate as an expat myself. This is blog is a winner and should be the top consideration for the France Blog Award!

French Foodie In Dublin
16:54 PM November 30, 2012

I love this blog. The design is great, the pics are amazing. You make me want to go back to France!

21:49 PM November 30, 2012

Lost in Cheeseland is amazing. It really helped me when I had moved to Paris for graduate school. Lindsey is witty, honest, informative and always comes with a touch of humor. I always find myself visiting it multiple times a day hoping that she's put up another post. And her photos are beautiful!

13:36 PM December 03, 2012

Excellent writing, stunning photography, and meaningful and engaging content- everything I look for in a blog. Lindsey sheds new light on Paris by revealing her own insights on the city and French culture. Her Francophile Friday series has introduced me to other wonderful blogs and people who share a passion for everything French. Would recommend this blog to anyone!

17:43 PM December 09, 2012

I just love everything about Lost in Cheeseland. I get to read it not only when I plan a trip to Paris, but to be inspired by Linsdey's adventures and the way she writes.

17:43 PM December 09, 2012

Always seems to find the most delicious treats to share with readers. Be it humor, photography, or cupcakes.

17:48 PM December 09, 2012

Lost in Cheeseland is one of the best, most honest, and beautiful blogs on Paris!

19:28 PM December 09, 2012

I'm enjoying reading Lost in Cheeseland.

17:07 PM December 10, 2012

Lindsey is the best. When I'm feeling lost in Paris, I know she always has something to share that will make me smile.

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