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Beyond Toxicity
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Website Reviews » There are 61 reviews on Beyond Toxicity

00:03 AM November 21, 2012

Interesting posts,awesome experience! I love the pictures especially the foods. The language is good, easy to understand. Very good in promoting nice places.

Roselle CT
01:13 AM November 21, 2012

I so love Beyond Toxicity. This blog is more than just a reading experience. The places and the food are so vividly captured I feel like I was there strolling the streets, marveling at the attractions and tasting the sumptuous treats. I also love that most of his gastronomic adventures are shared with his family.

01:18 AM November 21, 2012

A sensible honest travel/food blogger, always speaks his opinion and reviews from the heart.

Grace Villarivera
01:22 AM November 21, 2012

The blogs are informative and fun to read. When you read the blogs, you just want to go outright to the places and try the food. The pictures area always nicely taken, food looks appetizing and the scenery always nice. The opinions are honest and sincere.

KC Canlas
01:23 AM November 21, 2012

Awesome blog you have Doc! I am sure you deserve this recognition. Keep the blogs coming. It really helps lots of people especially traveler like moi! Goodluck! :)

02:20 AM November 21, 2012

Doc Gelo (Beyond Toxicity)has all that it takes to win the Expats Blog Award because he gives his heart, mind and with his passion in every blog he does, to inspire other people and get informed. His Blogs are well written and presented. He's the best!

Teresita M. Santos
03:39 AM November 21, 2012

Very informative and helpful to travelers and tourist. Pictures are amazing.

09:00 AM November 21, 2012

great photos and captivating stories plus a blogger with a heart. love love this blog!

Magdalene Chow
09:34 AM November 21, 2012

i love this blog because it is so easy to read yet detailed. The colors from the pics draws you into reading and it feels as though i was there eating in the same cafe or traveling in that same country. this is one blog im addicted to! keep up the good work! =]

Aleah |
10:14 AM November 21, 2012

Whenever I read this blog, I'm struck by the owner's mastery of photography. Combined with his narrative, his blog makes readers like me feel like they have also been in the places he writes about. He's a really effective blogger and photographer!

14:05 PM November 21, 2012

All posts in this blog are very awesome because the pictures are nicely taken.He should win this Expats Blog Awards.I am in love with his post about places and food in Malaysia. When i read his posts i felt like i'm there. It is very very good !

14:42 PM November 21, 2012

doc gelo blogs with passion. he presents the posts in an honest and soulful but fun way that interests his followers. the images depict his innate artistry and keen eye on details. keep up the good work doc gelo!

14:45 PM November 21, 2012

Best blog ever!All his posts are very awesome! Good luck !

Scha Illiyina
15:30 PM November 21, 2012

Beyond Toxicity is Awesome blog ! all the pictures so nice ! This blog can help to anyone who have plans for holiday . Honestly, I love this blog. very very veryy good places and food. He should win this Expats Blog Awards. Good luck :)

Aishah Zuraini
16:59 PM November 21, 2012

i love the way doc express his experience, through heart, really love the pictures! nice caption :) when i read beyond toxity, i feel likes im into it ;)

Nurul Nadiah Ghazali
18:12 PM November 21, 2012

i love docgelo blog... the way he described the food really make someone become imaginative and i enjoy reading his blog cause it's fun and at the same time very informative

22:44 PM November 21, 2012

A very informative all around blog: food and travel tips with photos that go well with the description!

A Gracious Life
01:22 AM November 22, 2012

I remember I stumbled into Doc Gelo's blog looking for a guidepost on Chinatown. I've been following the blog ever since the first post I read because (1) It is easy to read. The ease makes it more real for me reading from afar. (2) I admire how insightful and laid back one can get amidst a daily profession. (3) It inspires me to keep on blogging and writing. (4) Every bright and colorful post radiates with wisdom reminding me to just enjoy life and my family!

Kat |
01:25 AM November 22, 2012

I really admire his photography skills, his engaging writing, and most importantly, his love for his family.

Gayle Yap
02:26 AM November 22, 2012

I love doc gelo's blog because of the foods and especially the beautiful places.

Felma Tubiera
02:34 AM November 22, 2012

Beyond toxicity puts the reader on the actual spot. It gives exquisite details of information making you almost taste the fod in your mouth and whay's better is it is mixed with fun and personal touch of sharing everything with important people and family..

03:10 AM November 22, 2012

love this blog! the photos are always extremely vibrant and seem to jump off the computer screen. docgelo really has an eye for great shots and angles and takes the most breathtaking pictures i don't usually see in other blogs. i also love his refreshing candor, his way of telling it as it is, his passion for food and new experiences, and his musings as a simple family man. basically, i like the experience of "living vicariously" through his tales and photos!

04:30 AM November 22, 2012

Beyond Toxicity is your no-frill, all fun, family and food blog. Doc Gelo is someone who sees and captures moments beyond the normal eye.

Ivan Man Dy
04:34 AM November 22, 2012

The reviews of Georgetown establishments are straight from the heart, no embellishments. The pictures truly capture the essence each place. And we love the mix of food, heritage, pop and travel features. Docgelo may well be an ambassador of each place he visits in.

05:20 AM November 22, 2012

He blogs with passion, sincerity and depth which is so evident in the subects and pictures he post, fine qualities of a food and travel blogger. He writes interesting stories of his adventures with food and places he has visited which make me want to eat the food he eats and go to places he's been to. Keep it up Doc. I'm one of your avid fans.

08:28 AM November 22, 2012

Beyond Toxicity is one of the best blogs around. Doc Gelo's photography skills are excellent, and the places he visit are great. Visiting his site is like travelling to another place, without you moving from your seat!

Pao Bobita
09:02 AM November 22, 2012

Doc Gelo has great stories to tell. Beyond toxicity is very informative and fun to read. I've been reading this blog since my student days. More power to you doc Gelo and to your family! We hope you'll win the Expat blog awards! Best of luck to you doc!

09:07 AM November 22, 2012

Honestly I would say, I'm an avid fan, not just Beyond Toxicity, but the blogger himself, Doc Gelo. Actually, I'm not an avid blog reader, but I got interested with Doc Gelo's Beyond Toxicity. Doc Gelo has all that it takes to win any awards that he & his Beyond Toxicity could join onto. He got brilliant mind and a passionate heart. I must say Doc Gelo really loves what he does, and I'm 100% sure that any reader of his blogs would feel his passion too. I can see how he gives his best and heart to what he does, as it is so evident in all his pictures, posts and write-ups. Aside from giving the readers entertainment, Doc Gelo's creativity with his blogs, let us experience what he had experience, even through reading and imagination, and of course provides us lots of informations too. Your awesome Doc!!! Thanks for sharing your experiences with us, through your amazing and wonderful photos and also, the superb stories!!! You make us all, especially our kababayans so proud!! Keep it up Doc!!!

09:10 AM November 22, 2012

Very informative :-)

Migs Reyes
10:07 AM November 22, 2012

I always drool everytime Doc Gelo posts those delicious food photos O_O

15:47 PM November 22, 2012

always love those pictures from you doc!amazing blogger.. keep it up! :) goodluck!

18:58 PM November 22, 2012

as a blogger himself, Doc Gelo has a brilliant mind and very passionate He really loves what He doing He enjoy what He doing that's what Doc Gelo, good luck Doc Gelo YOU can win this.. we are so proud of you our kababayans so proud of you..

23:59 PM November 22, 2012

Beyond Toxicity is one of the best food and travel blogs I regularly read. I truly enjoy reading Doc Gelo's personal adventures. Interesting information paired with breathtaking pictures. You feel Doc's passion in every blog post that he writes and his joy to share his adventures with the world. Five stars, no doubts !

Kevin Michael Enright
00:12 AM November 23, 2012

It's more then a blog but a reflection of a very happy family enjoying life and detailing it so people so people see how wonderful this world really is.

The Lost Boy Lloyd
01:08 AM November 23, 2012

Doc Gelo is the authority when it comes to Penang. His passion is evident in his posts, and photos make the places he feature a lot more inviting. What I also like about his blog is how his stories are engaging. He talks about his life and his family in such a manner that they are truly personal. In this blogging age, you won't find many blogs like that. Kudos Doc Gelo!

01:34 AM November 23, 2012

I love this blog. All its picture shown so much stories and love. Captured all the beautiful creature, awesome art and especially the food. It always make me hungry eventhough I just ate haha. Overall I like the post about blogger's family.

April Zulueta
04:01 AM November 23, 2012

It helps people to find tourist destinations and enjoy travelling. The wonderful photos that will surely be treasured by everyone.

05:11 AM November 23, 2012

Stunning and captivating photos. Heart warming write ups. Doc Gelo invites the readers into his life thru his blog, and make them feel right at home. Thanks Doc for sharing your adventures to all of us! Kudos!

06:07 AM November 23, 2012

We love 'Beyond Toxicity'. For us, Docgelo opened up Malaysia as a very warm and welcoming holiday destination - and hopefully more when our working days start to dwindle. The photos and accompanying blogs keep us hungry for not only the divine food, but the wonderful culture that is Malaysia. Terima kasih

07:40 AM November 23, 2012

Beyond Toxicity gives a glimpse of what different countries like the Philippines and of course, Malaysia have to offer. The nicely shot photos make reading this blog more interesting and exciting. Most importantly, Doc Gelo allowed us, readers, to look into their family's experiences and personally, that made me feel like I'm a part of those wonderful experiences.

10:26 AM November 23, 2012

I know this blog from my friend. At the first place I was only helping my friend but when I read the blog, I was amaze. It was very attractive blog. Keep it up

Carmen Watkins
13:47 PM November 23, 2012

I have been an avid reader of Doc Gelo's blog Beyond Toxicity and I must say I'd always look forward to his posts especially the foodie blogrolls;) When he moved to Malaysia i thought i'd be reading less of him..thinking he's in a different country with the whole family and all the trappings of being an expat would mean lesser time for the loyal readers:( But indeed his moving to Malaysia merely opened us to a neighbor's culture and how it promoted us to the many similarities between the two countries...and how no matter where you are from.. when there is respect for each other regardless of culture,color,religion.. harmony and peace can be achieved:) This is what Beyond Toxicity promotes..and more!

Daphne Mallare
02:33 AM November 24, 2012

Doc Gelo's Beyond Toxicity has inspired me ever since to indulge in the joy of travelling and unravelling the hidden culture in the places you visit. It lets you widen your view of Malaysia in a more insightful perspective - with the discovery of new food, history, arts, holidays and more - rather than just seeing it as the simple Malaysia, a Southeast Asian country whose state religion is Islam.

Jacky Chung
03:47 AM November 24, 2012

Great picture, interesting story lines.... just lovin' it!

04:11 AM November 24, 2012

Doc Gelo's passion for life shines through in his blog. His writings inspire one to be more curious, have more enthusiasm and to aspire. His entries are always done with much heart, reading them makes you instantly feel close to him, like you're friends with his entire family.

09:46 AM November 24, 2012

nice blog!!! hope u can win the contest

14:30 PM November 25, 2012

talented individual behind this blog... Thumbs up

March Badajos (proud Palawena)
15:57 PM November 29, 2012

Over the past years, I've always been a fan of your blog. Everytime I read your post, it reminds me of filipino family values with a twist of different cultures from places you have been. Kudos to your work Sir Doctor Gelo :)

Riz ||
01:31 AM December 03, 2012

Doc Gelo's blog is amazing. He captures stunning photos and shares fascinating stories of food and places. He is a blogger with a heart. keep it up Doc! :)

Lito Espina
12:56 PM December 05, 2012

Docgelo is always always always a great source of inspiration.

13:46 PM December 05, 2012

Good Luck Doc. One of the better blogs out there.

Alex Dizon
14:10 PM December 05, 2012

Doc Gelo and his stories never fail to amaze me. From his dining experience to his simple shopping trips, there's always something about his stories that makes me smile, that's why I love reading his posts.

Fathiyah Zainol Azhar
16:07 PM December 05, 2012

I love Doc Gelo's blog !!

Rob DC
10:43 AM December 07, 2012

Doc Gelo's blog about family, food and fun defines the everyday life of an expat living in Penang, Malaysia. Through food and travel posts he gives a great glimpse of what Penang is about and what it has to offer. His blog can encourage the readers to visit the place through his stories and his photos.

12:15 PM December 07, 2012

I am a fan of Doc Gelo's stories! Love how he can balance food, travel and family life. :D

12:38 PM December 07, 2012

I never imagined my professor in college loves to travel. His passion for teaching, writing and taking photographs let me see a different side of him. It's really heartwarming to know that Doc Gelo can share this with us who don't have a chance to visit another country. Blogging is not just for expression of the heart in writing, it is also an inspiration to others and gives us a good glimpse of the world outside the Philippines! Looking forward to more post Doc! :) And I never had the chance to say thank you.. You're one of the teachers that I'm really proud of and at the top of my favorite teachers list :) Good luck and God bless :)

16:12 PM December 08, 2012

This blog should be on the map. Very informative and give honest ratings and descriptions of his family adventures!

16:00 PM December 10, 2012

fun read!

17:48 PM February 15, 2013

Keep up Doc!

Muhammad Amin
06:32 AM February 18, 2013

very-very interesting. This blog encourages medical student to enjoy with their life even when they've become a doctor. Doc Gelo shows a good example of Doctor and lecturer. we will support you sir~~ may god bless you n your family :)

Patrick Catindig
08:28 AM April 23, 2013

I was really amazed and it felt like I was traveling already to other countries that I want to visit someday. Beyond Toxicity blog made a remarkable message that when you travel with your loved ones it will all be magical and memorable.

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